10 Best Premium/Paid WordPress Themes for Travel Blogs

With the hundreds of thousands of WordPress themes available on the internet, there are a lot of options from which you can choose. It will take days for you to finish your entire search for this subject, but it will be worth it. It will be to your gain when you have decided to shift to a full-time travel blogger. However, expect that this transition won’t be easy. Not only will you have to be a pro in photography and writing quality blogs, but you will also need to have an attractive blog website that will lure more audience in and become your regular readers.

Although setting up an average looking WordPress theme will give you a pat on the back, especially for rookie bloggers, having an impacting website theme will draw audiences more and will keep them looking forward and check your site regularly. This will not only improve your SEO standing but will also increase your search ranking in Google. Various Premium Custom WordPress themes are loaded with lots of features, making it the best blogging platform; it includes sticky posts, threaded comments, custom backgrounds, and multiple columns. Right after you have established your theme, your blog site can rise and join the travel blogging hood.

Before you go straight into choosing the best premium WordPress themes, be reminded of a couple of Do’s and Don’ts in choosing the right WordPress theme for your travel blog. Remember that incorporating the appropriate theme will keep your website responsive and will receive a whole lot more benefits.


With tons of captivating themes out there in the field, it can be both overwhelming and somewhat intimidating to choose the appropriate paid theme for your travel blog site. So until you have picked a theme to purchase and customize, see to it that you have fully understood the basic rules as regards to opting for the ideal Premium WordPress theme.

DO Prepare A List Of WordPress Features You Wanted

  • When it comes down to picking the right theme for your travel blog, it is crucial that you specify the features that are important to you and the least ones.
  • The WordPress Feature Filter is responsible for modifying for search results for free and paid themes according to the particular features that you wanted like translation options and a flexible header. It is also essential that you have an archetype in mind before making your final choice as to if you just wanted one or multiple columns on your page, the design is completely up to you.
  • Choose the theme that will only provide you with the features that will help you with your ideas and blog plans. Avoid picking the ones that will only add mess into your blog theme. See, WordPress themes don’t settle with anything else, so it always aims to provide everything that you will need to join the parade. Therefore, it is necessary that you settle with what is important and what matters to your travel website.

DON’T Pick A Distended Theme

  • Who wants a cluttered theme anyway? Of course, you don’t want to have a theme that has features you won’t need in the long run. Sure it is nice to have a theme which has all the features WordPress can offer, but doing this will only affect the performance of your website, and you do not want that to happen. So make sure that you control yourself from installing every feature that you find attractive or stylish.
  • Are you a music lover or a gaming expert? Yes, their features can be fascinating, but again, it can only compromise your website’s optimization. Also, codes being used for these features are commonly found on the internet, which creates security threats to your blog site because they don’t have enough security features. Wherefore, you seriously have to be very careful and reasonable about the theme that you will be choosing.

DO Pick And Choose A Flexible Theme

  • A flexible theme sees to it that your blog site can be easily used on multiple devices and not just on the computer or laptop. It’s important that your website is compatible with all mobile systems with a menu and other widgets options that are super simple to navigate. Search for features that have a flawless grid and adaptable images that can easily work on hand-held gadgets. One example is a theme that can impeccably interpret functions on mobile devices without any delays.
  • If the theme you have chosen is not responsive enough, you can easily tweak it a little to have a flexible WordPress theme, and here’s how you can do it.

DO Keep An Ideal Color

  • You should be aware by now that online marketing and business is all based on viewable appearance, and amazing hues greatly contribute to enabling your branding to be easily promoted and recognized. Like for a logo, your theme color should match with that of your logo, so your logo is filled with colors, then your theme should blend with it. Now, if you prefer neutral shades, a little color artistically scattered within your theme can make it look more alluring. With WordPress, you can easily change the total look of your theme, as well as its colors by going through its file or manually accessing the CSS of your WordPress theme.
  • If you are torn between light and dark shades, ideally, audiences prefer lighter shades which are more pleasing to the eye. Although darker schemes are not significantly a big no, just remember that considering a darker scheme can reduce the readability of your blog and the chance to incorporate other designs in your theme.

DO Purchase A Premium Theme

  • Free themes are awesome, especially for those travel bloggers who are on a budget, but of course, issues are inevitable. Free themes’ coding quality is not always updated, and with a lack of developer’s support, there are chances that even the author may leave the theme for good.
  • While with the Premium (paid) themes, your experiences will truly be dynamic and will get to experience more exciting features that free themes do. You will only experience the best of what WordPress gets to offer, but you can even stand-alone competitively among the rest.

DON’T Pick A Theme Which Font Is Difficult To Understand

  • This part is again about grabbing your audiences’ attention consistently, so you don’t have to worry about them leaving your site too soon. You should always consider the convenience of your visitors when navigating your travel website. Keep your blog theme fonts simple, stylish, yet readable. Try using the most prominent fonts on the internet and see if it matches your taste.
  • If you prefer tweaking the CSS mainframe, you most likely get the ease of adjusting the font and other settings, compared to free themes that can be limited to customization. Guess that point is something that you should also reconsider.

DO Analyze Your Theme Meticulously

  • One way to test your theme’s performance is by using the Theme Checker plugin. This system can check whether your WordPress theme is complete with all the necessary features and if it meets the quality standards.
  • Once you are satisfied with all the fine-tuning and have finally uploaded your travel blog content, do a review, and check your website before letting it fly out all over the internet. Review and read your composition again to check the valuable details you have stated. Check your site how it looks on your mobile and other devices and sees to it that all your photos are loaded correctly. Check all your plugins and features if they are all working together perfectly.

Now that you have been oriented about the basic do’s and don’ts in choosing the best and most applicable Premium WordPress themes, you are now set to find out the list of the most recommended paid WordPress themes that your website will thank you for.


Since doing travel blogging as a hobby is much too far from doing travel blogging as a profession or career, switching is like totally cleaning the slate. But because you have been aware of the many principles in taking your photography and writing into a whole new level, choosing the best premium blog theme will get you somewhere you won’t even be expecting.

Below are 10 of the leading WordPress themes every travel blogger should have been using. Each theme is packed with incredible features that will directly take your travel blog site into the search rank of Google and other social media sites.


Rate: $75

This WordPress theme should be one of your choices if you wanted to experience a one-of-a-kind blog theme for your travel site. A receptive, Retina-ready theme which builds your images to look more attractive on any mobile devices and, at the same time, its Google Fonts library provides you access to a wide range of style and design preferences for your every travel posts. The Bon Voyage WordPress theme uses the MotoPress editor tool making your customizing experience hassle-free with its drag-and-drop function with no coding needed to experience what this theme can do for your blog fully. Compared to other WordPress themes, this amazing element can compile your photo gallery together with 24/7 customer support assistance.


Rate: $45

It’s a nightmare to every travel blogger to see his travel website crash all because of a simple tweak, and with the Travelop WP theme, this scenario will be far off to happen. It has a live preview option that allows you to view the changes you have applied on your website before it completely goes live. This great option gives you more room to filter any possible problems that may occur. And since you will eventually be doing a lot of editing, you will surely love the preview panel available on this theme. You can also take advantages of a lot of other great features such as its drop-down menu, Google Font integration, and social media association.


Rate: $45

If you are the type of blogger who loves making adjustments to his travel website, then you will appreciate the customization features this Premium blog theme has to offer. The TripTastic does not only have a great variety of absolutely FREE premium widgets, but it also has Google Fonts and social media integration. This amazing theme was created to work on all major internet browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox. So, if you happen to own several travel blog sites, this is the best premium theme for you since it has the option for you to use this program on any websites.


Rate: $75

If your goal is to bring your travel blog website to be one of the top ranking search results among the leading search engines on the web, what you need is the Travel Guide theme. This premium theme brags about being an SEO- ready program in which by using the appropriate keywords and fascinating content, you will be surprised at how your audience continues to increase and becomes your consistent readers. This theme will also give your viewers reasons to stick to your website because of incorporating some of the best features like custom widgets, multiple color options, and filterable portfolio. Plus, it also proposes free updates that will last a lifetime.


Rate: $14

You might think that this premium theme is only applicable for travel agents, whereas persistent travel bloggers will also acquire a lot of mileage from this theme, too. This theme allows WordPress to showcase large images on your blog, where your audience can take advantages of getting into your travel gallery and browse multiple pictures all at the same time. On top of that, you can also tweak in a slideshow with your special blog site logo. It also includes an integral contact form providing your avid readers and consistent followers to contact you when necessary easily.


Rate: $75

This premium WordPress theme is designed to please your audience. First off, this theme is incredibly responsive where your blog site will surely look wonderful on any device. Next, it has a multilingual feature that supports more than 10 global languages, which includes French, German, and Russian. Its 80 shortcodes can support custom post types as well as parallax scrolling. Its built-in theme customization option, on the other hand, will make this 6th Continent WordPress theme like your own because of its personalization feature freeway from top to bottom.


Rate: $75

The moment your audience lands on your website, they will be welcomed by a large welcoming slider which this theme offers with a high-resolution version with your wonderful pictures. After they have viewed your entire gallery, they will still stick around because of its flexible, minimalist design with parallax effects. This premium WordPress theme takes pride in its swift loading ability as compared to other premium WordPress themes available, where even on older gadgets loading time will just take a few seconds.


Rate: $75

If you’re a typical outdoor lover kind of a travel blogger, then this premium theme will fit yours perfectly. The Camping WordPress theme highlights your photos more than your written content, which will be greatly patronized by travel bloggers who would rather fill their website with captivating pictures of their jaunts. Whether you are a photographer or a writer, the custom post options will give you the full access to transform this theme into anything that you desire, where post type options range from simple gallery optimization to video and audio clip recordings. This amazing theme also gives you less time in tweaking the theme and more time in blogging about your travel experiences.

  1. MAGXP

Rate: $69

This, you will surely find amusing because of its magazine-style theme design and is also very easy to use. It’s completely accessible with its drag-and-drop system that even the noob ones can easily create their own travel blog in just a few hours with this MagXP theme. It offers 15 useful widgets and 630 amazing blog fonts that will wonderfully show your website.


Rate: $69

Now, this platform brags of two things: its fast loading ability and its SEO-friendly feature. Every area of this premium is composed of an SEO function, from its snippet to instructing searching engines to recognize your website as a blog. Therefore, this is the best premium travel blog theme that you should consider if you really wanted to pursue travel blogging as a career and not just a hobby.


If you truly wanted to make your travel blog site stand out amongst the rising blogging competition on the web, you have to equip it with a quality premium WordPress travel blog theme that will not only make your website look attractive, but is also loaded with SEO and search engine potential. Remember that choosing the best premium theme is for your audiences’ convenience because they are the key to your much-awaited success in the travel blogging industry.

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