14 Best Plugins and Functions for Travel Blogs

The blogging industry keeps on rising as the internet continues to grow. It is very evident how people respond and find interest in reading blogs and other posts from various industries. As the demand keeps on scaling up, a lot of people begin to discover their passion for blogging as well, making this entertaining industry bigger, which could cater to more and more people worldwide. A blogging website requires maintenance and design to look attractive as well as some plugins and special functions to easily customize your blog site, be able to enhance and feature the highlights of your travel blog.

Some plugins are highly essential to your blog, especially for WordPress websites. Depending on the kind of blog that will be created in WordPress, the plugins you select will purposely improve how your blog site will function. The lists that you will come across in this document are the best and highly recommended travel blog plugins used by the top-ranking travel blogs on the internet. These essential plugins will work best depending on the approach that you use on your travel blog sites. For the most part, travel blogs aim to reach as large of an audience as possible and engage with them through interesting content of various destinations – local and international.

There is a wide range of plugins available on the market, and you just have to pick what will work best with your WordPress website. Some plugins will perform differently than others, but again, their function will depend on how they will be used on your blogs.

Some plugins have been commonly used by blogs that deal with different areas or niches like Yoast SEO, Google Analytics, and WP Super Cache. The big blog players commonly use these famous plugins, so what you need is the plugins that are substantially useful for your travel blog site.

14 OF THE BEST PLUGINS FOR TRAVEL BLOGS (Segmented based on your websites’ priority)

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization

One of the fundamental priorities of all business sectors and, if your blog is not well designed for search optimization, you are definitely missing a large volume of traffic to your site that is potentially searching for a highly informative travel website.

Suggested plugin:

    • Redirection

This travel blog add-on allows you to monitor 404 errors, track 301 redirections, and enhance your blogs capacity without any Apache required.

It is one of the ‘not-so-famous’ plugins but is considered very useful to any travel blogger who has and is still using it. It can automatically include internal and external links by simply choosing the words you wanted to auto-link to your blog site. What travel bloggers love about this add-on is that you can easily add any specific keyword for every country, city, region, and continent that you will be featuring on your blog. Using the keywords you have entered, it can already auto-link the categories straight into your content.


Social media involvement enables you to build an online community for your website. The kind of network that you choose will be based on your target audience and which social media platform on which they hang out most of the time. Although Twitter and Facebook are the most traffic driven networks recorded to date.

    • Social Warfare

This amazing add-on is your ticket to having a greater number of shares through social media platforms. Aside from the appealing social buttons, it also has fascinating icons for all the leading social media pages, without compromising your blog site.

    • Social Counter

This plugin displays the number of your social account followers, subscribers, and readers, which can also invite more to visit your site.


Pictures are a vital element of a travel blog. The shots and images you’ve gathered from breathtaking views to spectacular locations can ultimately engage blog-savvy people to check your site. So you have to make sure that all your images are well optimized and properly compressed to avoid loading issues and SEO problems.

    • Gallery – Photo Gallery and Images Gallery

With this plugin, you can create a wide variety of different photo galleries that will build the visual experience for your audience. It has tons of customized designs over an array of modes, as well as photos, images, lightbox, Polaroid, and portfolio responsive.

Use this plugin to optimize better and compress all your image files, improve the performance of your blog, and increase your SEO ranking.


Having an organized list of emails for your blog site is highly essential. Every time you write content and publish them on your blog, you just don’t want to hope and wish that followers will come across the material. Of course, you want to have an established audience who will always check on your blog and will be expecting a notification of your new posts straight in their emails. They are your trusted supporters who will be sharing your amazing blog contents.

This plugin will help you improve your mailing list and enhance your newsletter writing via tons of writing methods and style. It also allows you to create and design attractive looking opt-in forms and even incorporate with the forms existing on your blog sites, such as your checkout form, comment, and contact.

Now, this add-on is the one responsible for scanning every comment and contact forms through a spam database to make sure that you are not publishing or submitting malicious content. You can view the items collected to ensure satisfaction before completely deleting them.


Links are the most effective way to connect and network your information. Be it that you are citing from internal or external information directly to your blog contents, links improve the overall experience of your audience.

You can shorten links using your personal domain name through this plugin, and you can avoid using bit.ly or tinyurl.com. It also gets to monitor the number of hits and the breakdown of information of its origin, host, browser, and operating system.

What this amazing plugin does is that it blocks search engines from targeting broken links. It is programmed to monitor your comments, posts, and blog posts for any broken links and look into any missing images, and eventually reports to you once it has found any.

  • MAPS

Maps are certainly one of the most important plugins every travel blog should have. They present a more visual animation and accurate location of the place that you are featuring on your blog.

Having an interactive map on your blog is one of the greatest plugins that was created. It clearly shows the countries where they have been and plan to travel next. It has clickable features where your audience can just click on the country or region that is featured on your site. While this plugin is free, you can opt for the paid Interactive Maps Plugin which has more features and options.

This virtual gizmo can upload any chosen map in just a few minutes, which also includes a lightbox and thumbnail. This plugin will be your best friend when you need something urgently done.

It could be the simplest plugin, but it allows you to create a customized Google map for your blog. You’ll have access to quality markers, including links, descriptions, images, and categories.


Your blog security is also a priority to avoid getting hacked, unlike other sites. Even the biggest social media platforms have been hacked like Facebook, Instagram, and Google Drive! So don’t think that your blog site is insusceptible to threats such as hackers, malware, and viruses. Besides, it’s better safe than sorry.

This security plugin can help protect your website against the viral damage of hacking. This add-on is supported by Threat Defense Feed and Web Application Firewall which guarantee that your site is safe from any hacking threats.

The abovementioned plugins are deemed the best and highly recommended by the top travel bloggers who are dominating this industry’s mainstream. There are other plugins that many travel bloggers suggest that you should have, especially to those who are just starting their travel blog site. Here are the other powerful travel blog plugins that you should check out.

  • WordPress Editorial Calendar

Every blog site follows a strict schedule when publishing articles because their audience is expecting a post from them, and so should you. This calendar plugin is a great tool to organize your blog posting schedule and other important agendas in your business. It is a drag and drop calendar, and you can choose when to publish a post directly from this plugin.

  • Shortcodes Ultimate

This plugin consists of different bits of codes for specific blog site contents like buttons, tables, styled boxes, drop downs, galleries, and many more.

  • WP Hide Post

This is one of the free WordPress plugins that every travel blog should also have. This program is specifically designed to hide contents that should not be seen by your followers and audiences. This is sometimes used like, for example, an advertiser had paid you to post something for them on your blog site, but you don’t want your audience to see it. By using this plugin, you can simply hide the post to prevent your followers from seeing it and, at the same time, you are also earning extra revenue from that paid post.

  • TinyMCE Spellcheck

A definite must-have for every blog site. A built-in spell and grammar check plugin are very important, especially for travel bloggers. It may not perfectly correct everything, but it will give your site a professional touch. With a 90% correction result, your readers will be pleased to read your contents with less spelling and grammatical errors. Remember that your blog can be read by people from different walks of life across the globe and the moment they realize that there is something off about your content, they will instantly leave and your credibility will be compromised. So just in case, you don’t have this plugin yet, then maybe it’s time for you to reconsider.

  • W3 Total Cache

Having a caching plugin can secure the speed of your website. But what is it really? Picture this; web browsers like Google Chrome, for instance, keep the data information from websites that are frequently visited by people. So if you visit a specific site, the browser that you are using will save or cache some of the website’s videos, page layout, and images to avoid latency the next time you visit the page again. Meaning your browser already had secured access to the websites’ content. This is what W3 does and is a recommended cache plugin, plus, it is easy to install and use.

Although it is highly advisable to install all the relevant plugins on your blog site, loading, it will potentially slow your site down. To avoid that, this plugin analyzes your travel site and MySQL queries and runs a full diagnostic to check errors and also to make sure that the speed and compatibility between your plugins are working well.

  • StopBadBots

If you have a growing website and noticed that your dead time is increasing due to excessive use, there is also a higher chance that bad bots are creeping inside your website. There are ways to fix the problem, but it will cost you a hefty amount. With this plugin, it will crack codes into your file and update every code the moment it has detected bad bots on website.

  • Evergreen Timer

This is an effective plugin that can level up your sales and website audience. It’s a free plugin that is also instinctive and very website efficient. This is the best plugin to boost conversions to your site. This is also your tool in taking advantages of giving expiring offers and flash sales to targeted users.

This WP plugin right here is your best option to speed up-loading, lead generation, and pop-ups. So if you are still not capturing any emails and starting an email conversation with your travel blog followers and audience, you are running out of time. This plugin will not slow down your site, and instead, it will optimize it even more. However, this add-on is not free.

  • Jetpack

To avoid unwanted technical breaches such as spam emails, malware, and other threats, this is the best plugin for you. If you have to manage several blog sites and need some real-time notification, along with monitoring your sites’ data and statistics, this is the tool you should incorporate in your website/s. It also can customize your site and offer a much faster mobile experience when loading images. It has a savvy way to protect and filter spam and other threats.

Expect that there will be readers and followers that would want to get in touch with you regarding some questions about your content. Therefore, you need to have contact forms for situations like this, and this plugin is the one that can do the job. It holds a user-friendly and easy way to manage interface which allows you to modify your forms however you want easily. This add-on can hold an unlimited number of forms that has multiple column support. It also works on all mobile devices, desktops, laptops, and tablets. It has language translation features and an array of form templates.


There you have it, a wide selection of the best and most suggested travel blog plugins that you will need based on each category. These amazing plugins are all available at your disposal, but you still have to choose the right and appropriate add-on combinations that will work well with you and your blog needs. It is fun to incorporate all the plugins that you will find necessary and will help you a lot to create your travel blog, however, too many plugins can compromise your blog speed which will give a negative impact to your SEO standing.

The goal of these plugins is to make your blogging platform easy to work around and gives you full access to customize your site based on your travel blog theme and topic. Because travel blogging could be really fun, but not easy to maintain, plugins or add-ons, are here with the full capacity and functions to deal with the things and points that you could not handle or visualize. So while you are busy exploring the world to provide meaningful and substantial blog content to your target audience and unwavering followers, plugins are just here to make your travel blogging life a lot easier, a lot less stressful, and more importantly to attract more viewers and readers to your wonderful travel blog.

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