15 Essentials Every Travel Site Should Have

When it comes down to your online travel blog business and career, you opt to pick what’s best for the former since you are improving your contents and doing your very best in your travels because it’s what your audience is after in the first place. But without a consistent online presence, your service becomes inaccessible and will soon be unrecognizable by the online community. And because you are running an online travel blog, you aim to get as many readers as possible and adding some travel website features will benefit your blog.

Updating your travel website or creating a new one is a great move to make your presence known and visible online. By incorporating travel blog essentials on your website, you don’t have to pay for expensive tweaks. Instead, with the assistance of WordPress’ amazing templates and plugins, you can quickly come up with a splendid and optimized travel blog website, your audience will truly love.

Like humans, systems and websites have their essentials to keep them optimized to continue to provide quality service your viewers will certainly appreciate. Travel blogs, most especially, needs to provide the best customer experience to every visitor because they are the ‘make or break’ factor of every website.

Let’s have a tour of the basic factors a travel website should have.


The following travel website essentials aim to avoid content overload and to filter the important and necessary content beneficial to everyone and not just the travelers.

  1. Keep it easy to navigate. Once visitors find your website complicated, they will leave instantly.
  2. Make your travel website load faster, or you will lose your readers quickly. Think twice before using whopping sized images or Flash page that may cause your website to become sluggish. If this happens, there is absolutely no point in waiting for an attractive website that takes forever to load.
  3. Use a friendly and benevolent communication style candidly. Avoid using rules and restriction like what your audiences should do and what not.
  4. If you prefer putting images on your blog, use a couple of great photos dauntlessly instead of vague images. If you don’t have some dominating shots to put on the site and you are unable to take these yourself, you can always acquire the services of a professional photographer. This will give you more solid and distinctive pictures which will show your audience the kind of experience you wanted to share with them.
  5. As much as possible, keep your blog info updated and links up-to-date.
  6. Improve your travel blog as often as you like for search engine optimization. You can update your post at least twice a month and share blog links through your social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms.
  7. Daringly feature social media links on your blog and home page for marketing strategy purposes.
  8. Incorporate Google maps or other location plugins to highlight where you are from.
  9. Optimize your travel website to be compatible with various mobile screens, such as mobile phones and tablets. Mind you; there are more travelers with just their mobile phones with them.
  10. Consider linking your query page to your mailing list to send newsletters and updates to your subscribers easily. It’s also a great marketing strategy.
  11. If you have expressive images, let them do the talking and avoid providing too much detail about each shot as much as possible.
  12. Keep the clicks minimal. Design your website to be accessed in just one or two clicks upon landing on your WordPress mainframe. It’s better to be direct to the point because not all people have the patience to wait and click links just to get what they wanted from your blog site.
  13. Including videos on your blog can make your site more engaging and worth visiting.
  14. You can also include your contact details if you wanted your audience to get in touch with you directly. This will also give you the chance to mingle and engage with your avid viewers.
  15. Fill your website gallery with captivating, high-quality images of your travels, which can also be accessed by your audience.

With the fundamentals introduced to you on this section, you also have to understand that these fundamentals are divided into 3 parts: essential components, core components, and niche content


  • Core Components
    • Website and Work-related activities
      • In the beginning, when blogging first began, all a blogger needed was a Tumblr account to lure their audience into their blog, now you have to have a stable domain that can host your travel blog site.
      • It’s automatic that once you are a travel blogger, you would need huge and reliable storage to secure all of your videos and photos.
        • Cloud Storage – for your massive contents.
        • Hosting – WordPress is just one of the many hosting platforms.
        • CDN – Content Delivery Network; your page should load fast; otherwise, your potential audience and followers will lose interest in your site.
        • SEO – your travel blog should easily be accessed, navigated, and searched.
    • Reviews, Videos, and Images
      • You just show your travel photos without any details about it. At least the basic and important information about the picture will do because that is what your readers want to know.
  • Essential Components
    • Community
      • What kind of traveling are you most comfortable with? What type of traveler are you?

Some might be a classy traveler, while others are good with just backpacking. There are group travels like family jaunts, anniversaries, vacation, soul searching, and a lot more.

You are being encouraged to join the community, or you can simply create your own turf depending on your social influence. For the most part, those who have engaged themselves within a certain community are finding help there.

    • Solid Social Network Interaction

What you are doing or have done should be known by your audience. It is crucial to make your blog engaging and allow people to get in touch with you. It builds, even more, knowing that you are open to interacting with your readers.

    • Mindset
      • The VALUE of what you offer vs. how they see YOU as a blogger.

No one will ever find it exciting to read content that only talks about themselves. Your goal for creating a travel blog is to inspire people and to step out of their comfort zones. Make everyone know what they will get from your services and travel tips.

      • CONTENT is never ending; people are not.

You must seriously build a relationship with your audience. You genuinely want to share a lot of things that you find it necessary for them to know. You can offer premium services which your followers will not feel that you are incorporating business and whatnot. Once they feel that you are connected with them, they won’t mind what you actually offer outside your blogging purposes.

      • There is a STORY in everything.

You can shamelessly impart even the tiniest information or random things like expectations, changes, and so forth. Tell the story about your experience at the airport, train or bus. Let your audience know about the expected and unexpected events during your jaunt. Extend your love.


Never get used to the practice of posting like 5 to 10 blog contents in one hit and just suddenly go MIA for a couple of weeks and pop back after a month or so then vanish again after doing a bulk post. POSTING TWICE A WEEK IS GOOD. If you have a lot of blog topics to share, it’s best to cut them into tiny posts so you can always have something to share if you run out of travel blog ideas or when you are not traveling at all. Surprises are the classic best.

  • Niche Content
    • What sets you apart from the other experienced travel bloggers? What makes you stand out? What sets your content to thrive? Are you a budget traveler who scavenges on cheap fares and seat sales? Or are you sometimes after luxury just for the sake of your blog?

It’s finding your passion – your heart. It’s discerning what you wanted to talk about on your blog vs. what is needed to be talked about.


At present, travel blogs need to set an impression. Users now spend limited time online, which means you have a very narrow chance to catch the attention of your target audience and make them stick to your website.

For travel blog websites features like photos and the usual booking system are not enough to make a travel website known. Throughout the years, the web culture has dramatically changed, and to establish that connection with your audience; you have to start with something fetching and mind-blowing.

Here are the ‘must-haves’ travel blog features.

  1. Augmented Reality or AR

Ages ago, the AR has made its name famous in the world of travel and tourism.

It provides a virtual tour using a 3D graphics view of real-time weather updates, WiFi spots, nearby location, landmark reviews, and a lot more.

What made it more popular is that it gives hotels and other business stature to improve the physical environment of their field like their hotel rooms, local tourist spots, and famous food joints which will push potential customers to visit their establishment when they get to travel that city or country.

  1. Virtual Reality or VR

Another exciting attraction that is well-known within the travel industry is Virtual Reality. It provides a realistic feel during guided tours wherever you are in the world. This gives more opportunities for travelers to explore and discover a lot of other unfamiliar and less popular places around the globe. Its 360-degree viewing feature lets you find various places, travel agents and travel companies that your potential customers can get to explore the actual location before they proceed with the booking and invites other people to trust your site even more.

  1. Blockchain

In the world of travel and tourism, blockchain is an awesome feature where technology can present more protection and explicitness. It applies to the process where the travel agency submits customer information to transportation companies and hotels. The details shared by both parties will then be tracked. This is where blockchain makes its move to secure all the information by barring any possible threats of fraud and data interfering.

  1. Big Data

Big data is responsible for establishing a forecast regarding purchase behavior according to previous trends, patterns, and organizations. It serves as the active force of big companies and networks like Uber, Amazon, Netflix, and Facebook because these big players can already establish what you wanted to experience before you even know it. This is why cruise companies and travel agencies can impressively enhance their services and customer experience all because of big data. Through its analytics, this traveling industry can modify their pricing strategy, user experience; get feedback about what their audience really needs, refine loyalty programs, and offers, and come up with better marketing strategies.

  1. Progressive Web Apps or PWAs

This is a collection of modern web pages that also functions as mobile applications. This technology appears to be something new in the travel world, and yet it catches up to the change quite rapidly. These apps also provide the advantages that native apps get to offer although when access using a browser, it will not ask you to download any apps which such a great gesture is when it’s about conversion and usage ratio. When a user books a flight or a hotel using PWA, they can easily access their travel information through any browser even when they are not connected to the internet or are offline.

  1. Search Filters

This feature is highly beneficial since various parameters can influence a particular journey.

  1. Photo Gallery

In this era, where visual technology and images are just two of the most effective ways to motivate and transfer messages, they create a reliable statement that will boast its greatest contribution to your blogging website. It is also because almost everyone gets to interact more in social media where there is a wide collection of engaging posts.

  1. Reviews

The voice of every customer through customer reviews, testimonials, and recommendations keeps on piling up simply because users want to know other customer’s experiences right before they come up with a great decision. Whether it’s a travel review or not, you have to increase their conversation rate, while, an additional hour bonus

  1. Easy Booking Procedure

To actively have a current update, make sure that your travel blog site is properly linked to a PMS or Property Management System that although it is out of your league can process important information about your traveling details and whatnot.

  1. Predictive Search

It’s just simply a drop-down collection of anything that suddenly pops up while you are typing. This saves you from the search hassles when looking for some matching queries. This is the best way to avoid providing a huge list of results, displaying unique questions, and so much more.


It is evident how the travel industry adopts the changes that are introduced by the digital era. And while the business is taking another step further into a new dimension, the travel blogging industry is willing to cope and embrace every change. Travelers get to learn the usage of an online travel portal and its benefits as well as its amazing way of meeting the needs of the growing population of nomads. This is why it is very important that a travel blogger like you incorporate the essential elements into your website to be able to take leverage of every advantage and gain this digital industry can offer.

See to it that your travel blog site theme and design can work with and cooperate with the important factors every travel website must have. To be able to strengthen your travel website, you must be open to change, and these travel website essentials are the key for you to achieve your goals and at the same time provide the needs of your audience. Essentials are created to improve the performance and the ability of a travel blog site. It enhances all the possibilities to give your blog site a “blog-changing” experience which even you, a travel blogger, will be thankful for. Remember that you are not doing all of this just for your personal fame and popularity, but because you wanted to share what you have learned about traveling with everyone whose goal is to travel when the right moment comes. Your role is to inspire and provide them with everything that you think they should know and what will help them the most.

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