15 Places to Get Logo Designs for A Travel Blog

Logos are not just for companies to promote branding. Even blog sites, especially travel blogs, need to have logos to introduce themselves to what their blog offers. The travel and tourism sector is massive and because there is so much to talk about and discover about the world, this industry derives large amounts of support from people all over the world. Blogging is one good way to reach an audience even internationally. Since having a logo is incredibly beneficial to travel blogs, it is best that you get the appropriate logo design that describes the kind of travel blogger you represent.

A logo is more than just a basic image. A logo is what the audience will see before and upon landing on your blog. It will serve as the face of your travel blog site and will also provide a representation of the blogger. Now, the question is: “Where can you have your travel blog logo made?” Well, you no longer have to look because this article will show you where you can have your logo designed and even suggest some logo-making apps if you prefer to DIY.

For travel bloggers, either by group or solo, as well as vloggers, tour guides, photographers and other people who are running an online business, you can easily promote your website and niche with a professional logo that people can instantly notice. A logo serves as the face of your industry, and it will also serve as your trademark that will distinguish you from your competitors. Creating a solid visual personality for your travel blog can help you be recognized in the travel blog industry.


A logo not only serves as a symbolism of your business but of your mission and vision, too. Technically, you do not have to become a logo expert or a design guru just to have a unique and cohesive logo that will catch the attention of the majority. You also do not have to shell out a lot of money or pay for any services. You can design your logo and ensure it’s done right representing you and your blog in the manner you prefer.

Now, there are tons of resources online that will allow you to create and design your logo free of charge. While there are people who are generous enough because they value your worth, there are also professional logo makers that render their services for a corresponding amount. But, why pay for something that you can acquire for free?


So before you go straight into making a logo for your blog, it’s wise to find out first how you can create one. Here are the steps:

  1. Research Your Competition

Before anything else, find out who you are competing against or who holds a similar niche and business like yours. Research your competition. You need to know first what to expect out there before using a logo maker. It’s also an advantage on your part to learn from competitors. Study carefully what will work and what will not because something that worked well for someone else means that it will work with you as well. Doing your research is always the first step in running a business and, so as with a travel blogging site, you have to find out ways on how you can stand out differently to be well recognized from the circle of your industry.

  1. Get Inspired

You can always find inspiration on the internet. Never stop researching; never limit yourself to all the possible things that you can do. You can check out how famous travel bloggers work around and survive the competition; you can always learn from the ‘big guys.’ Observe also how they have created their logo and blog branding. Check a bunch of logo templates for ideas to keep the inspiration flowing inside you. Check out the many logo makers online to get ideas about designs and styles.

  1. Build Your Message

When thinking and planning for a travel blog logo, think about the main reason why you are starting a travel blog or why you are building one in the first place despite the many rising travel bloggers on the internet. How do you want your points presented in your logo design? How will your logo design illustrate your objective, voice, and purpose?

  1. Collect Your Ideas

If you can sketch your design, do it. Never stop making revisions of your logo. Explore a handful of images, fonts, and color layouts. Don’t hesitate to look at different designs before you are set with one.

  1. Ask For Feedback

Asking your trusted sources for feedback about your logo design is a great way for you to know which areas need some tweaking. Ask only those that you know are completely honest and are straightforward with you.

  1. Finalize Your Design

Now, you know how crucial creating a logo can be, and you are sure about your final design, it’s time to bring your ideas to reality. Using the finest online logo maker, you will end up with an admirable and presentable travel blog logo.


With the tons of logo makers on the internet, you must be able to pick the one that will work for you and will be able to meet your needs and specifications. Here are some tips on how you can select the best:

  • Convenient to use – some logo makers do all the work for you, while some will ask you to design everything from nothing.
  • Price – most of the online logo builders are free, whereas others will charge you to be able to download the highest quality version of the logo.
  • Full customization access – expect to come across some logo creators that give you full access to its entire features and design options, while some programs will grant you only limited access.


  1. Oberlo Logo Maker

When at the verge of conceptualizing a business breakthrough, some creative elements can be too overwhelming to handle but are crucial to your business. Although designing a logo doesn’t have to be too inextricable, it’s better to add a little effort and work into it. Naturally you want to create a logo that matches the concept of your business and your blog, but it shouldn’t add pressure in preparing for this big venture.

Although it doesn’t have to be too inextricable, it’s better to add a little effort and work into it. That’s where the Oberlo free Logo Maker enters into the equation. It means that you no longer have to spend hours or days in dealing with professional logo designers. Aside from it being a free program, you can easily work around it even when on a tight budget. With just a few clicks, you can quickly design and create the logo you wanted. Just enter the name of your online business or blog site, and you can then enjoy a wide range of icons, hues, sizes, frames, balance, and positioning.

  1. Hatchful

Also a FREE online logo maker, Hatchful is the epitome in creating logos and other designs applicable for a travel blog. It’s very convenient to use, and it also allows you to personalize your logo depending on your tastes. Begin by indicating the type of business and industry of your website or company. After choosing that, you are now directed to pick a visual style where you can place your travel blog name. After that, you can then choose a logo that fits your blogs purpose and objective, which you can also edit later. You can also explore the many font styles, color, icon, and layout designs until you are satisfied with the output.

  1. Logaster

You can easily create your own logo with Logaster in just 4 ways. First, input the name of your blog site or brand. Immediately following that Logaster shows you an example of their logo concept which you are free to choose. After you have picked a concept for your logo, just sign up and save it so you can edit it anytime you want. You can make use of a lot of options from changing color, icons as well as text. They offer affordable plan rates for you to be able to download the logo file; otherwise, they will give you a small logo for free until you have picked a plan.

  1. Canva

Canva is one of the most used tools in social media. It is one of the best when it comes to making a logo. It has a drag-and-drop feature which makes it easy to use by those who are not a design expert. Logo making is made simple with over 100 different templates from which you can choose. Just enter the name of your brand or travel blog to begin designing and answer a few easy questions that allows the software to customize your Canva experience. Next you, choose the industry of your blog business. This permits you to access the style you prefer from a wide spectrum of various designs and templates according to the industry you have picked. What’s more interesting is that your logo design can be downloaded in high resolution without extra charges – absolutely FREE. You get to use one of the best logo makers in the whole cyberspace for free even without any designing or styling background. How cool is that?

  1. Ucraft

This website builder company opens its doors to the public to create logos for FREE! Design your travel blog logo using a broad selection of shapes, icons, and fonts. This user-friendly logo maker lets you design and exports your logo in just 10 minutes or less! You will be asked to register so you can download your awesome looking logo for free! It will be a sleek .PNG file in high resolution.

  1. LogoMakr

If you’re a first-time user of LogoMakr, you will be presented with a video that will help you understand how to use their free logo making tool. They also use a drag-and-drop interface making this logo creator convenient to use though it is limited to some features, unlike other online logo creator platforms. You can download the logo in low resolution for free while there is a corresponding charge for the high-resolution file.

  1. Online Logo Maker

This online logo designer will give you the freedom to add symbols and text on your design. What differentiates them from the other logo makers online is that you can make use of your images, too. This logo maker also allows you to incorporate your designed logo to your business cards and will also present you with various templates for that purpose. You can download the logo for free, but, if you want the high-resolution file, you have to pay for it.

  1. Hipster Logo Generator

This logo generator helps you create your logo in 5 steps. Just a reminder, this platform only offers a few icons and images, so if you prefer a logo that has more text, then this is the right logo maker for you. While you can download the logo for free, you have to pay for the high-resolution file.

  1. MarkMaker

Despite being a prototype, this appears to be the best one. Once you have entered the name of your blog, the MarkMaker program will present you with significant logo choices. You can mark the logo that you like with a “heart” and select the appropriate industry where you belong. After choosing the design that you liked, hover your mouse/cursor over the logo and use the pencil icon to personalize the logo. After editing, you can directly download the logo.

  1. Free Logo Design

When getting started with this logo maker, it will ask you to enter your blog name and the industry to which you belong. The program will supply you with choices that you can use, or you can just start creating one for your blog. The template lists will be very helpful if you don’t know how to design a logo. You can add icons, shapes, and text if you wanted to start from scratch. There would be a charge if you wanted to download the high resolution, while the low resolution is FREE.

  1. Vectr

With this software, you do not need to be experienced in logo designing, although this software is slightly more advanced than the other platforms. What’s amazing about this program is that you can work on your logo online or download the software free of charge. It has live editing features where you can share and work on your logo with a team. Again, this logo maker is free.

  1. Design Free Logo

This is a 3D logo maker that makes your logo livelier on screen. It has a couple of logo samples from which you can choose. Logotypes are from puzzle pieces to earth-like logos which you can choose from that best fit your travel niche. Because it’s not a common logo pattern, this 3D logo maker will make your logo more noticeable than the rest. Most logos are free, while other 3D logo designs have corresponding prices.

  1. Envato Elements

This free platform offers an unlimited download feature. With the collaboration with other independent designers, the Envato Elements supply a handful of logo designs that is creatively designed by various individuals. They have an easy to use interface that assures you to be very satisfied with your logo design every time you use this platform.

  1. Creative Market

If you are having a hard time finding the best logo maker tool online that meets your needs, it’s best that you use Photoshop through their pre-made designs. This platform will also provide you with a broad range of designs which you can personalize anytime. Have Photoshop on your desktop to easily modify the designs you have chosen. You are guaranteed that this logo maker will provide you with a great-looking logo that your audience will notice.

  1. Designhill

This is another logo maker that gives you the leverage to create your travel blog logo for FREE. Many bloggers, graphic artists, and business owners make use of this platform because of its wide range of logo designs from which they can choose. It gives you the advantage to pick your design and edit fonts, texts, and colors based on your desired preference.


There are additional logo making apps that you download and install on your mobile devices such as Logo Maker, Logo Maker Shop, Watercolor Logo Maker, ICONA, Makr, and Logo Foundry. Building and designing your logo is a very important element in making your travel blog noticeable to blog-savvy people. With the handful of blog logo making tools out there, you have to make the best decision in choosing what works well with you. Utilizing logo making software is your best option when starting an online business or blog site. They can easily make your brand catchy, especially to those who are into traveling, and will surely find your blog site helpful and worth reading.

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