25 New Travel Blog Post Ideas

You’ve been traveling a lot and decided to put up your own blog but don’t know how or where to start. Maybe you already have your blog in place but can’t come up with topics to write about, and you find it difficult to determine the diversity and interests of your readers. Do you belong to any or both of these categories?

For most beginners in the blogging world, the most daunting task is developing and maintaining a blog that people will essentially read. It requires you to keep your brain working to produce good travel posts, which means your mind is continually seeking ideas about what to write. And one of the biggest problems that promising bloggers face is that they don’t have the time to write.

But can you just write a blog about something or anything under the sun? Not really. And that’s another challenging task. If there’s no substance in your post or the title itself doesn’t seem to convey any value, then chances are the intended audience may not even click on it.

And do you know what is even more mindboggling at this stage? Even the best travel blog post idea is entirely worthless if no one bothers to view it! Now you know that the expected role of today’s digital-dominated world is keeping an updated blog on your website.

Why is it necessary? Because it’s a crucial component for your online marketing and it’s conducive to get more traffic to your website as well as building an image that attracts more followers and even customers if your blog is for commercial purposes.

Settle down now! Seriously, there are hundreds of ideas out there in the internet world for blog contents. You probably just need to practice a little bit of creativity and learn the tactics in finding and coming up with the best travel blog post ideas.

What’s the core strategy then? You need to write a post which you obviously know will inspire your readers as it encourages you when reading other blogs. How can you make it inspiring? That blog post idea should be something that will get your readers to plan for that trip soon.

What if your expertise is into particular destinations? Great! You’ve got yourself an ideal way to strategize and plan your blogs. Go ahead and showcase the places you’ve been. You can make your readers enjoy those destinations as much as you did!

There’s so much for you to say. So which topic should you share first? Well then! The ideas for a travel blog are so diverse! Many expert travel bloggers have found a way to categorize their ideas to be able to diversify the countless number of topics. With foresight and planning, they can spread the articles/topics out and write for weeks or months ahead.

A travel blog post idea can be a universally favorite piece of writing. In this article, you will learn exactly how to look for and come up with travel blog ideas that will draw viewers to your blog.

Some of these ideas will take you about five minutes to write and post. But the rest of the ideas are for posts that will require your attention for days to complete and publish. Either way, they will give value to your blog, your website, and your audience as long as you are writing with passion and persuasion.

Here are 25 new travel blog post ideas that can prove to generate a higher rate of viewers’ attention. Are there example topics for each plan, too? Of course! Learn some proper topic construction in here and see why it was crucial to put these ideas into different classifications. Get ready to digest it now!


There is no doubt that thousands of people out there spend an enormous amount of time searching for inspiration for their next holiday destination. It doesn’t matter how short or extensive it can be as long as their hearts are touched by the post.

So, start by creating blogs that allow readers to capture a sharp impression of each location in their minds.

  1. Journey’s End Post

  • Staying in Budapest on a Tight Budget

  • Things Not to Miss in Havana

  • Value for Money Fine Dining Restaurants in Barbastro

  1. Enumeration Post

  • 5 Best Places to Surf in the Philippines

  • 10 Top Cities on the Mediterranean Coast

  • 35 Must-See Places in Latin America

  1. Picture Chronicle Post

  • Capture Bogota in 26 Photos

  • Around East Coast in 88 Photos

  • 49 Captivating Photos of Fiji


Your inspiration posts got several hits. Congratulations! Then your next step is to channel your readers through the trip. Guideposts are the most well-read especially if they demonstrate your expertise. Itinerary lists can ignite the desire to travel and gives travelers the useful preparation tools.

  1. Handbook Post

  • Finding the Best Cafes in Prague

  • The Ultimate Guide to the Pyramid of Egypt

  • The Essential Travel Etiquettes in Japan

  1. How-to Post

  • How to Travel by Train from China to Russia?

  • How to Learn Arabic on a 30-day tour in UAE?

  • How to See Niagara Falls on a String Budget?

  1. Agenda Post

  • A Checklist for Every Place or Destination to See in Paris

  • The Fundamentals of Choosing the Right Travel Insurance

  • Travel Mistakes You Should Avoid while at the Taj Mahal

  1. Route Post

  • 7 Days in Santorini: A Dream Fulfilled

  • Check out the Best Melbourne Museums in One Day

  • 1 Week in Mongolia: The Perfect Discoveries


Travelers are always keen to know what they should be getting out of travel blog posts. Even if you cannot fully appreciate the destination until you visit it, travel blogs are primarily the best way to highlight both the great deals and difficulties of the customs of every place so that your readers are adequately prepared for the travel.

Will this post classification enable you to recruit new audiences, too? Absolutely! It puts your blog post in the limelight for a broader audience reach if you key in the right search engine optimization.

  1. Historical Post

  • Experience Traditional Craftsmanship and Folk Dances in Myanmar

  • Surprising Facts About the Aborigines in Australia

  • A Short Clip on the History of Iceland

  1. Culinary Post

  • 10 Delicacies you must Taste in Cape Town

  • Dining with the Chefs in Amsterdam

  • Street Foods You Must Try in Singapore

  1. Reality Post

  • 8 Crazy Things you can do on African Safaris

  • 22 Interesting Facts About the Maoris in New Zealand

  • 100 Surprising Facts About India

  1. Assessment Post

  • 10 Things I learned from my Trip to Seoul

  • Review of My Week in Sydney

  • What Not to Do While on a Tour in Dubai


Don’t you like to read some giggle-thought posts in between those serious travel blog post contents? With so much overloading of information in your daily reads, it’s always refreshing to encounter some funny or light-hearted topics to lighten your readers’ brains.

It would be great if you can also encourage readers to share views and comments. It can help to drive more traffic in your social media platforms and websites.

  1. Sequence Post

(You can separate the post into a series of multiple posts)

  • Traveling Through Europe in 30 Days – Part 1 – Day 1 to 10

  • Traveling Through Europe in 30 Days – Part 2 – Day 11 to 20

  • Traveling Through Europe in 30 Days – Part 3 – Day 21 to 30

  1. Activity Post

  • Celebrate the Wine Festival in Vienna this April

  • The Best Things to Do in Hong Kong Disneyland this December

  • 7 Events Not to Miss Out in Brazil this May


Are you dreaming of a thousand views and shares of your posts? Then it’s good to stir the hearts of readers. Writing emotive posts usually gets the most clicks. It can also encourage your audience to participate in that discussion you initiated. As many travel experts say, the more relevant the blog is, the more hits it takes.

  1. Motivating Post

  • The Time I traveled with only $10 in my pocket

  • This Blogger Travels for $50/day and Why You Can Do It Too

  • 10 Amazing Moments as a Solo Traveler


Travel blogging is an opportunity to speak your mind, to develop strong connections with your readers, and to share your useful and helpful experiences with them. The more personal and relating it gets, the more popular your travel blog post can become.

  1. Bucket List Post

  • Experience a Unique Fun and Adventure during Dog Sledding in Alaska

  • Catch the Thrill at the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clark, Philippines

  • 13 Best Destinations to Swim with the Dolphins

  1. About the Travel Blogger Post

  • Can travel bloggers make real friends on the road?

  • I got my First Travel Abroad for Free and You Can Too.

  • How do travel bloggers decide for the next destination?

  1. Lessons Learned Post

  • How to Survive in Bahrain after Losing your Passport?

  • Seven Lessons I Learned while Traveling Alone in Madrid

  • Five Attractions I Shouldn’t Have Missed in Beijing

  1. Packing Post

  • First Aid Kits You Need to Bring on your Travel

  • Top 15 Things to Pack for a Long Trip Abroad

  • Avoid these Five things in your Luggage

  1. Health Travel Post

  • What You Should Do If You Fall Sick while on Vacation Abroad

  • What Medicines Are Allowed for Travel Abroad

  • Reasons Why You Should Get Travel and Medical Insurance Before Your Trip

  1. Secret Post

  • 6 Sites to Get Cheaper Flights You Won’t Find Anywhere on Top Web Searches

  • 8 Night Shopping Hubs in Hanoi You Won’t Find in a Guidebook

  • Where to Get the Best Hotel Deals in Guam that Only Locals Know

  1. Humor Post

  • The Funny Things You Will Discover in Madagascar

  • 10 Hilarious Facts You Will Experience When Traveling with Your Dogs

  • 3 Unbelievable Facts About Pamuk kale in Turkey

  1. Accommodations Post

  • 8 Great Reasons to Stay in the Conrad Hotel

  • Get Paid to Write a Hotel Review and why it’s worth it 

  • 3 Best Places to Stay in Downtown Chicago

  1. The Exchange Program Post

  • Studying Language Abroad: The Pathway to Secure a Job

  • The Benefits of Studying Abroad

  • Why Volunteering Abroad Creates many Opportunities for a Traveler

  1. The Social Post

  • These Kid-Friendly Adventures Allow you to Mingle with Influencers

  • How to Make New Friends by Playing Beach Volleyball

  • 12 Ideal Locations to Visit for Big Groups

  1. Pet and Family Post

  • Tips for Traveling with Infants on a Long Flight

  • How to Travel Safely with your Pets

  • Managing a Weekend Road Trip with your Kids


Compiling the opinions and posts of famous travel writers and influencers can also increase the interests of your readers. It can also develop excellent and extensive reading habits on your part. Try to research the most inspiring travel blog posts and create a superb commentary about it through your travel blog post ideas and contents.

  1. Outsourcing Post

  • Top Hoteliers shared the 5 Magical Places to View Aurora Borealis

  • 15 Travel Experts Speak About the Most Livable City in the World

  • 18 Pointers from the World’s Most Experienced Travel Photographers

  1. Round-Up Post

  • Thrive Global names the 12 Best Travel Blog Posts in 2018

  • My Favorite 20 Tweets About Where to Travel for Health and Wellness

  • The Top 15 Eco-Friendly International Airlines

There you have it! Your 25 New Travel Blog Post Ideas. Start writing your first or next travel article now!

Do you need to know which idea you should write first? Not necessarily. The crucial step now is to take action! These ideas will be lifeless if you don’t make it a habit to write consistently. Why not come up with an editorial calendar? You stick to it faithfully and publish it!

As a bonus tip – try to get more insights from these 25 TRAVEL BLOG IDEAS AND 20 INSPIRATIONAL TRAVEL BLOGGERS.

Take note – QUALITY is absolutely necessary! Even you create fantastic blog titles but fail to deliver great content as soon as the reader clicks on your page, then you’ll have a non-returning reader – guaranteed!

So, come up with a realistic schedule which you can stick to while keeping the quality high. This prevents you from being tempted to try and write too much too often. So how do you get your viewers excited and looking forward to your next travel blog posts? Be quality conscious of the content and provide relevance based on your appealing title.

Then go ahead and make sure you promote your posts consistently. Do this, and you’ll be safely and smoothly on your way to a successful travel blog post that will position you expertly for a specific topic and will make the audience come back to it from repeatedly.

Remember, the secret of how travel bloggers can get serious blog mileage out of their trips is by knowing the frequency and break down of topics for posting their travel blogs. How often do you write travel blog posts for each of your trips? Once, thrice, five times, or is it more?

The danger here is after returning from a travel holiday; there is an overflowing of travel blog post ideas going around in your mind. It isn’t challenging to come up with more than ten different titles after that week-long trip, but don’t you think your audience might get bored of reading about the same destination every other day, if not daily, in your post? 

The trick is you don’t need to post the ten articles all at the same time instantly. Do yourself a favor – save some of the topics to write about and post at a later date. This strategy will make your readers absorb your post one at a time, and they will surely look forward to reading more from you in the interim.

Another good point is – decide on the ideas as soon as possible after each trip while they are still fresh in your mind. You’ll have good travel blog post ideas added to your stockpile and can send one out once the river is silent again.

Familiar now with the reality of travel blogging and any other blogging per se? You always need to continue coming up and providing relevant, topical, educational, or entertaining posts. 

But it’s always a challenge to keep your post interesting and structure the content in such a way that readers can find value in it. You see, it’s never enough just simply to write an overview of your trip. For example, we read posts which go something like: “we did this, then we did that, and finally we went to do this” kind of writing.

With such stiff competition going on in terms of volume of traffic on the internet from the existence of many different travel blogs, your post won’t last a day won’t last a day written in that style and with the content so uninspiring.

Rather than writing the synopsis of every detail of your daily itinerary, why not think about adding value, useful tips, or entertaining activities within each post? At this point, think about storytelling. How will you tell the story about your surfing adventures in Mexico? And so, it goes for the next topics at different periods of posting.

Keep the fire burning. Good luck!

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