5 Best FREE WordPress Themes For Travel Blogs

Blogging has been deemed to play a crucial part in the industry of online business and marketing. Howbeit, a blog is more than creating an impression by the content you included on your website. It also concerns the visual style that makes the information powerful and interactive. Together, these are the essential elements that your readers will love about your blog. This and more is possible if you incorporate your blog with an elegant and attractive-looking blog theme that will give it defining and memorable personality.

Throughout the years, websites being built through WordPress continue to increase and thrive. Even supposing that WordPress offers a lot of ways to create a blog site effortlessly, there’s a multitude of unique and varying traveling blog themes that are all available at your disposal. But before you get too involved in making your blog site, you should also be aware of the importance of picking the appropriate WordPress theme for your travel blog.

Embedding the right blog theme into your site demonstrates your influence and brings to light your truest nature and character. A reputable-looking blog theme gives the audience and readers a lasting impression and grants your blog a certain prerogative that will invite more viewers to visit your site. An unprofessional looking blog site will definitely make the audience think that the content of that blog is not accurate, and they would be less inclined to visit your site again anytime soon. So, to avoid this kind of scenario happening, you must know the factors of why you should be wise in choosing the right WordPress theme for your thriving travel blog site.


Whether you opt for the free theme or the premium theme packages, there are heaps of elements that can turn a WordPress theme into something remarkable. Instead of just looking into the designs and artistry of the WordPress themes, it’s much advisable that you consider the fundamental factors that will greatly benefit your travel blog site.

  • Visual Impact

Although blog themes come in various designs, which also match the many special occasions and seasons, you have to consider the theme that fits the nature of your travel blog. It’s absurd to have a theme that doesn’t go with the objective your blog topic, or the product you wanted to feature or the kind of service that your business is offering. Regardless of your niche, if you are uncertain about what theme you should choose, ask the people or the experts who know the ins and outs of this platform. In that way, they can give you better tips and suggest better options to improve your decision-making about blog themes.

  • Widgets

To provide you with full access and control over WordPress, it uses widgets that are automatically situated at the side of your WP screen. The problem here is that not all themes associated with WordPress supports widgets, so always check the theme for this capability before you finally decide on using it.

  • Newsletter

All the notable WP themes include Newsletter features. It means that there is an option on your WP main page that allows your audience to receive a regular newsletter from your site and join in. If you have chosen a great theme, it can take care of the entire process – from the moment they sign up and until the notification and delivery of the newsletter.

  • Browsers

Certain WP themes are not compatible with all internet browsers, like Safari and Opera; they may encounter technical difficulties in reading your Word format if you pick a mediocre WP blog theme. Never choose a blog theme that will only limit the volume of the audience that your blog receives. It won’t benefit your business.

  • Search

If you think that all blogs have a search tool, they do not. There are still some that don’t have that option. Therefore, if you are in the process of tweaking your blog site, see to it that the theme you have chosen has a search tool feature so that your readers can easily find the blog content they’re interested in on your travel site.

  • Video

There are blog sites that have embedded video clips from YouTube, which most blog-savvy people prefer. This, however, is quite different from a built-in video feature. Sadly, there are quite a few WP blog themes that integrate video as one of their features. However, with the free WordPress Video Theme, you can enjoy a professional video option like other premium themes offer.

Guess that settles the technical factors, it’s time to ponder the other criteria that are as equally important as the technical functions.


Because travel blogs are one of the most talked about topics on the blogging world today, there is no doubt how easy it is to make a blog post go viral or be highly favored by jaunt-savvy people all over the world. And while you are busy concentrating on building your travel website, here are the other areas that you should never miss when choosing the right WP theme for your travel website.

  • Being Responsive Is Extremely Necessary

A responsive website is no longer a thing of the past because nowadays it is highly expected of every website to be as interactive and as sensitive as possible. It is a huge factor that needs to be re-emphasized and carefully looked into if you want to have a successful travel blog fly out the entire web. The main point here is that you should vouch for the WordPress themes that will assure your website to look professional on all gadgets and devices – smartphones, desktops, tablets, and laptops.

  • Large-Scale Plugin Support

The plugins in WordPress are one of the essential factors in that platform, which makes every blog functional and efficient. And when it comes to the volume of plugins available, there’s a grand of it for basically anything a blogger would ever need for his website. In accordance with your travel blogs’ scope and size, several plugins might come in handy – purposely to clear out cache volume, optimize your website speed, ratings, forms, viewers’ forum, SEO standing, and a lot more. This is why choosing a theme that can support an extensive number of plugins will assure you of flexibility in your travel industry and is definitely essential to your business.

  • Multilingual and Translation Ready

If you are targeting a global audience, then it is imperative that your travel blog should be multilingual or have the functionality to translate your blog content into any language preferred by your readers. Therefore, you should choose a WordPress theme which supports any multilingual plugins available and is translation ready. Some topics have built-in translation features, which will be very useful on your end.

  • Page Builders

If this is your first time coming across this concept, these are WordPress plugins that assist users and bloggers alike to create their own WordPress site and personalize it using the ‘drag-and-drop’ feature. Although some WP themes are easy to use, the idea of having an intuitive page builder that is also user-friendly should never be disregarded. But you have to be very careful because not all page builders that come along with blog themes are good choices. ALWAYS consider a builder that has been used by many and has proven its credibility.

  • SEO Mainstream

The one thing that can really make or break a blog site or any kind of website is the SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Simply put it this way, if you wanted your travel blog to be one of the top-ranking sites in your industry, you have to pay attention to your SEO. This is a very complicated and sometimes, an overwhelming area in this business, which cannot be mastered overnight. Good thing WordPress can indicate whether your blog is SEO-friendly or not. It is particular with your responsive design, social media coordination, and clean code, as well as professional website structure, and many other underlying factors. Luckily, there are SEO-friendly themes which basically take care of almost everything. This helpful element alone can take a huge weight off your shoulders.

On that note, it is very important to consider the impact that you will be providing your audience. Since your travel blog is for them, they should also be your inspiration when choosing the right WordPress theme. The success of your blog will depend on how much time you have spent in designing and conceptualizing it, and your viewers will know and feel that.

Additional Points To Think About (In choosing the best WordPress theme)

  • Browser Support and Responsive Design

When designing a blog, you sometimes focus on how your blog site will look on the current browser that you are using. Be that as it may, you have to anticipate that your audience is not using the browser or have the same gadget screen size. Remember during this day and age; more people spend their time browsing the internet through their mobile devices than on laptop or desktop computers. For that reason, every blogger should pick a WordPress theme that is more flexible and has an adaptive web design and structure.

Tip: Make it a habit to preview your WP theme and your site on another browser other than what you are using so you can see the difference and be able to do the necessary tweaking,

  • Page Loading Time and Program Code Overload

With the vast shift to mobile device usage, it is much more preferable to have a website that loads promptly and with no loading delays on every device. There’s a ton of free downloadable and online speed test apps which can help you measure and monitor how quickly your site loads. After initiating the speed test, try checking on the themes’ source codes and scan through the HTML of your WP theme. If you find a lot of varying links to other external codes and program, this indicates that the WordPress theme you are eyeing will not load that quickly.

  • Customization

This section could not stress enough how crucial it is to consider the device and browser factors, together with how important it is your page should load quickly as part of your audiences’ end-user experience. But there is one more element to look into, and that is customization. Every WordPress setting should give you the freedom to change and adjust the font and its size, the background color or image, the sidebars, and other layout design functions.

What still matters is that the blog theme should perfectly match your website and your preferences. While the factors mentioned above are all vital, you also have to decide on a WordPress theme that will make you satisfied and happy.

So, without further ado, here are the most recommended FREE WordPress Themes a travel blogger should be using.


It is an all-out flexible travel blog WordPress theme which is free and is an outstanding theme in building a great-looking travel site. It has a detailed documentation feature which makes the installation and usage of the theme flawless. It has a sleek, simple, and faultless design that can represent a professional-looking website in any industry. It is well optimized and guarantees that your website will load faster, securing engagement with your audience and consistent followers.

    • Features:
      • Easy integration
      • Featured sliders
      • Drag and drop page builder
      • WooCommerce compatibility
      • Optimized performance

Designed to be fully responsive, this WordPress theme captivatingly designed and developed purposely for companies, agencies, and travel-enthusiasts that focuses on tour, travel, and adventure. It is incorporated with a WooCommerce plugin allowing you to easily put up an online store, as well as a WordPress Live Customizer which lets you preview your blog settings and is inclusive with social media links creating a secured connection between your audience.

    • Features :
      • Advance Logo Options
      • Custom Widgets
      • Unlimited Slider
      • Page Builder Feature
      • WordPress Live Customizer

Created under the Bootstrap framework, this astonishing free WordPress theme is incredibly fitting for travel agencies, bloggers, airlines, hotels, photographic agencies, and any blogging industry. You can effortlessly showcase your posts using a highly responsive slider. You can also install a demo data and turn your travel site on demo mode. With the embedded social media icons, you can instantly reach your audience anywhere in the world.

    • Features:
      • Demo data importer
      • Footer widget
      • Featured post slider
      • Built-in customizer
      • Responsive layout

Considered to be one of the best designed free WordPress themes for travel blogs, this theme is fully responsive, and it looks amazing on all screen sizes, regardless of the device. It is packed with features that will turn your blog into a unique and interesting one. It has customizing tools that enable you to personalize your website just the way you prefer it. It does not require any coding function, which makes this theme certified user-friendly.

    • Features:
      • Responsive layout
      • Favicon
      • SEO optimized
      • Fast loading
      • Cross browser compatible

Another fully responsive free WordPress theme, this too, is recommended for traveling blog, tour operator or organizer, travel agencies, travel agent, and many others. It comes with a handful of dominating and advanced functions which can create an amazing website in just a few clicks. It is also SEO optimized guaranteeing your site will be one of the top-ranking websites on Google. This theme is also translation ready, which makes your site highly preferable by other non-English speaking countries.

    • Features:
      • Child theme support
      • Powerful admin panel
      • Built-in page navigator
      • Custom post format
      • Built-in homepage builder


When it comes to choosing the best theme for your WordPress travel blog, you have to be informed and knowledgeable enough to avoid making the wrong choices and decisions. Remember that you are creating a travel blog specifically for those travel-enthusiasts who will benefit the most from your blog and even for those who just want to be aware of what’s happening within the traveling industry. WordPress themes play a vital role in executing your plans and the ideas in your blog. This means creating a professional and well-thought-out blog site that will secure more visitors and will likely rank in the SEO mainstream. With the free WordPress travel blog themes presented above, you can create a website that is loaded enough for your audience to potentially stick to your blog site and could even invite more attention and visitors to your website. Choosing the free sought-after WordPress themes can transport your travel website to a whole new level that will thrive and, at the same time, will boost your confidence to improve your blog. Even more, entice you to face your doubts, and think out of the box. Bear in mind that nothing will go wrong once you put your heart into what you do.

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