Authorship in Travel and the Importance of Being an Authority

Over the years, authorship has gained popularity as a tool that has helped businesses to grow and make their presence known on the web. Authorship combines both online and offline marketing tools to ensure that a product or brand appears across the internet, making it be a holistic approach. Ideally, authorship serves as an integrated approach because it allows online users to see the brand interacting in various fields. The concept also allows for the development of valuable content that promotes both quality and content for a brand. Essentially, the language school industry can greatly benefit from this concept as the links created can help in making these schools known to the online community. Learning foreign languages is in tandem with the global demands for people to be fluent in more than one language to make them job worthy.
On the contrary, authorship can help a brand to become an authority because it influences the viewing of a brand’s content. Therefore, this makes the chances of online users to utilize the information to be high. The language school industry in Spain can make use of this online tool supported by search engines such as Google to their advantage. The benefit that the Google search engine presence is that it allows brands to stamp their content, an indication of ownership. If the language school industry is able to create a lot of content that online users feel attached to, then they are likely to look up other contents associated with the brand in the same manner. Through the Google authorship markup, the stamping of a private school that provides language courses and accommodation is possible through the provision of an image next to the search result.
Statistics indicate that having an image alongside the search results next to the brand’s content enhances the chances of attracting traffic from search engines such as Google. For these private language schools, a photo next to the search results makes it highly likely for potential students to click on them as compared to having a blue link directing them to the content. The other advantage that the schools are likely to attract is that the users can add them to their Google+ circles. In essence, this will help in commanding a social media presence and following that, the schools can use to pass on future contents to their followers. For the private language schools in Spain, using the authorship platform made possible by Google will make their content to be trustworthy hence becoming an authority.

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