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Wedding shows and trading events are the best avenues for your travel agency to get noticed along with your creative ideas and your goal to be an attractive and well-visited booth destination in the fair. In relation to indulging with leads, you will also be able to communicate effectively with other suppliers at the show. You never understand who will need the services of a travel agent.

If your business’ forte is in travel and wedding-related products or services, a bridal fair and trade show is a feasible place to get your business in front of prospective clients. Your booth set-up should express the branding of your enterprise, and the individuals who operate your booth should be competent, friendly representatives of your company.

Trade fairs and bridal shows are a powerful way to make the brand of your travel agency known to the globe — or at least within your area. Do your utmost effort to demonstrate pleasure and vitality, but remember that the fruits of your labor may have to wait a while longer.

5 Things Travel Agents Need To Know When Engaging In Trade Shows

Stick to these five things when planning, working, and doing follow-ups from a trade show and bridal fair, and make sure you get the most for your effort and resources.


Each and every trade and the bridal show is different. Some really attract big crowds, while others are rather more private, group-centered events. There are some who are more particular with design and luxury, while some targets those who are seeking a more budget-friendly environment. Assess which exhibit has the most benefits in terms of your target client and travel niche. Then, set your goal from there – be it collecting a certain percentage of phone numbers from visitors and potential clients or spending more time interacting with a certain number of potential customers. That will show you direction when preparing and when communicating with your target leads at the event.


Expect a little overwhelming avenue when working trade show and bridal fairs. With advertising costs, exhibit fees, booth giveaways, marketing materials, and décor, the expenses can be really unmanageable most of the time. Find out what is rational for your business to invest, and bear in mind the objectives you have set in advance. Prior to signing an exhibit agreement, read the show agreement carefully so that you understand what’s included and what extras you may have to pay for.


Send invites and promote the event to your regular clients and prospective clients, as well as on all social media platforms. If the event has a website or sponsors marketing in support of the show, check options on how your agency can be part of the parade. Create a checklist and collect in advance everything that you need for the exhibit. Make sure you have enough time to set up everything. You don’t want to find yourself still fixing your displays and collecting your brochures by the time people start walking around and approaching your booth, it’s very unprofessional and will compromise your leads.


At first, it may feel uncomfortable to approach individuals, but remind yourself: you are a travel professional and you are the authority in your field! You have a great offer that they should know about, so you have to be confident enough to show them what it is. Your job is to introduce your business and build rapport to your visitors. Ask them what made them come to the fair? Do they have a dream destination to travel? Would they want to travel solo or with someone? For starters, these questions are like appetizers that will eventually help you discover how your services can help them and how you can make them sign up.


Collect all the details you have gathered from the trade event and enter them in a spreadsheet to keep everything organized. Call your leads or send them a customized email to follow up and take note of every information that you get. This includes their preferred travel style, where have they traveled before, do they have any plans of traveling for an upcoming occasion, and so much more.


Make the most out of your moment and area by making your booth a pleasant spot to visit during the wedding and trade show. Wedding or bridal fairs serve a perfect avenue of great possibilities for your travel agency to share resources and outreach to eligible brides and grooms searching for a honeymoon getaway. Here are some booth ideas for your travel agency when participating in a trade fair or bridal/wedding show.


  • Color is one of the best elements that can help you attract people to your business fair. When designing your travel agency show booth, choosing the best shades for your booth is a very crucial job. All the more, having the right shades can promote your branding and emphasize you’re fair presence. This is simple for some travel agencies; stick to the colors of your travel business and use them in your entire booth fair. Imagine an emotion or mood that you wanted honeymooners to feel or experiences, such as silver and some relaxing hues for ski resorts or vibrant greens and majestic blues for a tropical island feel. Once you have finally picked and settled with a color, use them religiously from your business cards, flyers, table covers, brochures, and even giveaways during the entire fair.


  • Trade fairs and bridal show conferees do get thirsty and hungry sometimes during their event tour. Having some bite-sized chocolates or refreshment will never be an epic trick. You can even prepare a sample of a tropical honeymoon drink like pineapple, lemon, lime, mango, or orange. Whilst you can also go the extra mile with a sample of an island fruit candy or any citrus-flavored zesty drink. Make sure to make a lot of them because definitely, guests will be flooding into your booth for a free taste too.


  • Make a statement by giving away a free honeymoon package. Attendees of such fair and show love taking home something from the event and entering and winning prizes. With a grand all-expense-paid honeymoon package is just a big hit, so if you are to offer this kind of raffle or giveaway will sure make your booth the most visited one.


  • Grab the attention of attendees with a specially made graphic table cover. These distinguishable covers use a special dye sublimation printing process that always leaves an impression by imprinting stretchy table coverings with vibrant images of breath-taking places that excite honeymooners to check out what else your travel agency can offer.


  • Almost everyone on the planet love to have a picture of them taken and you seldom see someone not using a smartphone with state-of-the-art camera specifications. The more is it important for couples to have their stunning pictures taken because it serves as a priceless symbol of their love and relationship. You can feature a custom made photo op cutout of a couple with a romantic backdrop of one of your honeymoon travel destination offer. You will soon have exhibit attendees tweeting, posting, posing and snapping instantly. This is going to be extremely the best entertaining way for your wedding or event fair attendees to pass on the message about how amazing your travel agency booth is at the fair.


With the booth ideas presented to you, the entire set up of your travel agency booth should connect to your target audience and attendees of the fair in general. Because that is the most effective way for you to bring home a lot of potential client and customer information.

  • Conceptualize an attractive and engaging travel agency booth. As a supplier at a bridal fair, you will compete with a lot of companies that exhibit wedding decor, bridal services, and specialty wedding supplies. Although you are not directly related to the entire bridal or wedding concept, what you can offer as a travel agency is still part of what every wedding couple is looking for and that is a honeymoon package or themed getaway. With that being said, you have to create a show booth that will stand out and highlight your offers and services. Like you can set up backdrops of famous travel destinations married couples love to go to, or pictures of couples with their amazing experiences with your travel agency, or small freebies just to make the attendees remember you.
  • Create promotional materials purposely for the fair alone. You might want to come up with amazing colorful items that will catch the attention of brides-to-be and will make them keep and consider your offers and services. Produce straightforward, easy-to-understand kind of marketing materials that will present every bits and piece of your services, products, and offers which will separate you from your business adversaries. Create something that will be beneficial to the bride like pre-wedding checklist tips, some wedding shower themes, a wedding calendar countdown pieces and a lot of things that you can come up with. Using this approach will guarantee that your potential customers will appreciate what you can offer and will keep the marketing materials you have conceptualized.
  • Make sure to have a lot of promotional materials to give out to booth visitors. If you have a limited budget, wrapped candies with your agencies name and logo on it is a great give away. Or you can give out couple shirts, maid of honor and best man shirts too if you have enough budget for it. While you can also giveaway items with your company’s name on it, like small keychain globes with your logo on it, or travel organizer, travel pillows, and a lot of useful things.
  • Hold a Raffle. Hoping to win a prize get to bring in more customers into the business because they are after the prize that your freebies. In fact, it serves a dual purpose, why? Because you can make your attendees register to be eligible for the raffle, their contact information and their target date of the wedding. And at the same time, that information that you have collected can be used for your email marketing technique and advertising approach. Offer a prize that that is related to your business, of course, so if you are running a travel agency, you can offer wedding-themed hotel accommodation, personalized wine glasses for the bride and groom, or a honeymoon travel package.
  • Choose a prime location for your booth. Regardless whether you pay a premium fee to get a nice location in the fair it’s going to serve your business well. Preferably choose a location near the food and beverage suppliers because they can effortlessly draw attention and customers. Never settle in corners or aisles at the last areas – IT’S A BIG NO, NO.
  • Set up a table of finger foods and wedding snacks. Serve a menu of wedding snacks together with your honeymoon travel promo and offers. You can have like homemade chips and salsa, mini burritos and you can also serve refreshments.
  • Place props at your table to attract visitors and attendees. You can either raffle some travel souvenirs like pens, cardholders, passport jackets and anything that is related to traveling.
  • Hand out brochures with “special travel package” or “promo”. Give it to everyone that visits and spend time knowing your travel services and offers. Give the brides time to talk to their groom before they settle to book a trip with you. You can even present them with a promo period so they can still make a reservation.
  • Collaborate with other businesses in the event. For example, call a florist or bridal gown designer and suggest that you each help market the products and services of each other to expected brides after the exhibit.


  • Food is still the best bait that you can put in your travel booth to lure more customers to find out and book travel-related packages and services. But make sure that as they enjoy the little snacks that you have prepared for them for free, see to it that you get to talk to them about your travel offers and packages for any occasions.
  • Do a follow up with your attendees after the show. Send them a thank you note or email saying that you appreciate their inquiry or booking services. You can also inform them about the latest travel packages that you are only on “special travel package”.
  • Let’s face it, trade and bridal shows are really pricey. Therefore it’s better that you set a budget and a plan for your audiences and travelers ahead of time to avoid shocking some people who are not fully aware of your profession and business services.


Trade shows, wedding fairs, and showcases provide knowledge when it comes to planning for a wedding and the expectations right after the wedding ceremony. Not because you are managing a travel agency means that you cannot join any showroom events and fairs. This is basically the reason why this kind of profession takes a lot of time, effort, resources and connections to provide satisfaction to your customers. Building a booth that will reflect your objective a travel agent is a great way to do proper promotion and marketing. Make it as attractive as possible so you can catch more attention. Present travel offers that your prospective clients cannot just say no. You can also outsource your products that will eventually make your travel experience twice as exciting as before.

Just always remember the following when you are taking your travel business to trade fairs:

  • Always know your goal by heart.
  • Stick to your budget and always read the contract before you sight up for the event.
  • Consider other shows that will help you set up and execute your goals. You can always consult your family and friends about the things that you should incorporate in your promotion.
  • Create a booth that will highlight your travel agencies’ designs, candid and non-candid visits from your audience and make them feel that matters the most.
  • Let your booth carry your travel agencies logo, color scheme, mission, and vision.
  • Think of other game plans aside from attending trade event and bridal shows. Utilize the enormous influence and reach of almost all social media platforms. Make use of your blog sites and travel website as your marketing tool regardless of the competition that you will be encountering if you are fully decided to enter the world of travel.
  • If you must take your travel agency promotion to the next level, never fear of stepping out of your comfort zone in order to widen your scope and be able to reach more prospective clients.

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