Creating A Catchy Tagline For Your Travel Blog: Complete Guide

For bloggers, a great tagline is not just a “line”, it’s even more than that. These are words that give a totally different perspective and engagement to a topic and to the readers. It’s a fun way of presenting what a travel blog and its topic can do in their audiences’ minds. The greatest taglines are those that have a strong retaining ability and can represent itself on its own in the long run. This means that by coming across the tagline online, you already know what the blog content discusses.

Blog followers already know by heart what a tagline does to a content which pretty much summarizes what the blog is all about. A tagline is commonly placed next to the title of the blog. It’s the main element that provides vital information to the readers about the subject of the content and what to anticipate from the blog site. While taglines should catch the attention of the readers, there are tips to construct the most appealing travel blog tagline that will surely stand out.

A tagline is what describes a blog to its audience and what they will get from reading it. It soon turns into a slogan which can be used on social media platforms. The moment they could not understand the details of your blog, they will leave your blog and that means you have decreased your traffic potential to your website. The truth is there are blog names that have no relevance to what the website is all about, rather, it’s the tagline that makes the difference.


So, how do you create an interesting travel blog tagline? Here’s what your tagline should present:

  • Creative.

Think of interesting and unique terms that will make your blog noticeable.

  • Notable.

Make sure that your blog tagline can be easily recalled by keeping it brief and substantial.

  • Brand Distinguishable.

Create a tagline that will characterize the identity and niche of your blog.

  • Descriptive.

Explain what your blog is all about in a few words that are totally meaningful.


There are some questions that you have to ask yourself first before coming up with a travel blog tagline:

  • Who is your target audience?

Finding out about your target audience is highly essential. Paying attention to what they need and consider what will benefit them and indicate that on your travel blog tagline.

  • What are your mission and vision?

Identify your goals and work out a plan to accomplish them. Once you have established your objective, it will be easier for you to justify those goals on your blog.

  • What can your blog offer?

Think of your strengths: skills, knowledge, and resources, then use them all to your advantage to present something beneficial to your audience. Display your passion, commitment, and abilities to draw them to your travel blog site.

  • What is your blog’s personality?

When you know the character of a person or a website, it builds your trust in a positive way. Introduce your blog’s personality well and express your intent, like creativity, humor, adventures, and a lot more. Just be consistent about it and it will increase traffic to your website.

  • How can you separate yourself from your competitors?

Discover your strengths and unique traits, and then showcase them strongly to your audience. Present that one thing that other’s lack; where they fall short.


New visitors to your travel blog will first check into the header of your blog. First timers will find it unwieldy to discovering something new online and they’re expecting that coming across your blog and your tagline will help them cope with this new virtual place.

The tagline serves as the main key to understanding your blog and there are 6 ways on how to create a dominating tagline.


As much as possible, use a verb when starting a tagline. This will direct you to what you have to do and what you have guaranteed your readers.


List down the keywords that you want your blog site to rank for and choose one that will stand for your blog’s identity.


It’s best to keep your tagline short to make it more memorable and stick with your main idea.


Using powerful and convincing words like “professional” and “effective” will build confidence and faith in your travel blog.


Avoid using highfalutin words and stick with the rules in writing a tagline.


Remember that your tagline is the freeway sign to showcase your blog. So if you are blogging about travel and adventures, present the places you have been and the activities you have experienced. If it’s about fashion, then display some style and sophistication.


After knowing the 6 steps in making notable blog taglines, here are additional ways how your tagline can draw the audience to your blog site.

  • Rectify Your Topic

A tagline is a group of words that goes over and above the information, your blog name can provide. So if your blog name is a bit confusing the tagline will make it more understandable to your viewers. More often than not, it’s the tagline that elaborates the entire blog topic. For example, you have seen this title: “Tiny Campers Trails,” you may assume that it’s just about camping around campgrounds within short distances, but then next is the tagline that explains that the blog is about traveling with kids. See the difference? So it’s important that you create an informative tagline that will present your topic within a few words.

  • Include the Reader

Whenever there are new people in the blogging world, the first thing that they want to know is if your blog topic is intended for people like them or if you are writing primarily to inform everyone or just a few groups of guys having the same interests as yours. Because once they notice that your content does not include them, well they will instantly leave your page. See, there are many blog names and titles that will mislead the readers and only the tagline will clarify what they are to expect from your blog. Let your audience know that what you are writing about is something that they should be aware of. Let your tagline talk to your audience so they can feel the connection between them and your blog.

  • Show your Character

The tagline is also where your audiences get a feel about your blog. Like will they find humor in it, amusement or is it going to be like a serious FYI approach? What kind of tone would you like your readers and audience to feel? When writing a travel blog, you have to show your fun and spunky side. A great storyteller where your audience can easily get a grip of that specific travel experience you are blogging that very moment. You have to set a tone that will encourage people to travel and experience things without limits – as much as possible. It’s how you show your readers a piece of yourself where they be more excited to visit your blog and wait for your future exciting blogs.


How can a group of 10 words or less be highly important in your blog? Those powerful 10 words are called the Tagline and they can turn any kind of blog into a site worth visiting and reading.

  • A tagline is used to describe a blog content making it more understandable to the readers.
  • Not only is it important for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purposes but is also the first part your audience sees upon landing on your blog site.
  • No matter how short your tagline is, it should be clear enough to emphasize the message of your blog to everyone that will visit your travel blog site.
  • Keeping the description as catchy as possible will directly convey a message to your viewers what your blog content is all about and what they can take home with them after reading your post.


Different blogs make use of different tagline approach depending on the industry that they will be focusing on. So, if you are blogging about traveling, choose the best strategy that will match your blog style for you to know how you are going to nail your topic.

  • Strictly Business Tagline
  • Bragging and Personal Brand Tagline
  • Minimalistic Tagline
  • Catchy and Funny Tagline
  • Brand and No Tagline
  • Keyword Rich Tagline
  • Informative Tagline


With everything that had been discussed, what do you think are the best characteristics of an awesome blog tagline? Technically, your blog tagline should have these to be worth searching and worth visiting.

Remember that your tagline is going to be your trademark message. So with an awesome tagline, you are guaranteed that your blog will definitely stand out.

  • A great tagline is:
    • Informative
    • Memorable
    • Catchy
    • Short
    • Clear
  • Your tagline should convey the message of:
    • Your brand
    • Your mission
    • Your vision
    • Your promise
    • Your blog

Now, here are the other questions that will come in handy as you conceptualize a perfect tagline for your travel blog:

  • What can your readers bring home with them after reading your blog?
  • What is the subject of your blog?
  • What “call to action” are you trying to ask from your readers?
  • How does your travel blog differ from the other travel blogs out there?
  • Do you have any words of wisdom or key phrases that you want your audience to recall from your blog?
  • How can you make your tagline stand out and personal at the same time?


To be able to get audiences to visit and even get hooked to your travel blog, it’s best to create a branding sign – which works like a road sign – giving your followers a hint that your blog content is for them and will greatly benefit their present and future travels. This is precisely the goal of a tagline. See, what people want from you is a SIGN. An indication that once they have reached your blog, they will instantly get that feeling of “Hey, this blog is what I need” or “This is exactly what I wanted to know.” Imagine that feeling when your long wait is over? That could be the same exact feeling your readers will be getting upon reaching your blog site.

As exciting as other blog industries may seem, traveling appears to be one of the most searched topics on the internet primarily because a lot of people are, have been, and will be traveling. Regardless of what country, means of transportation or destination your audience is after, what they want is to read a content they can immediately relate to or a content that will surprisingly answer their questions. Jaunt-savvy people are also after your experiences and recommendations. What would you suggest them to do and to go, especially for those who are just about to travel the world for the first time? Aspiring travel bloggers are also after tips and advice from experienced bloggers in that industry and with a straightforward tagline. These travel blogger-wannabes will automatically get that “finally” feeling simply because your blog is the answer to their mind-boggling questions.


True, not all popular blogs have taglines. This is simply because they are already ‘popular’, ‘big’, and ‘famous.’ But this doesn’t mean they have never used a tagline. The problem with the newbie bloggers out there is that they get so inspired from the experienced ones and they end up imitating them. It’s not wrong but again, these big blogs have their own ways and techniques which a noob like you can’t do – and taglines are one of them.

What perhaps confuses you is why these blog-famous people seemed to flawlessly survive this great big deal of the blogging business without any taglines and just simply their blog names. It is because their name alone explains what their blog is all about; sometimes a one-liner is all it takes for everybody to get it.

Want to see how the big guys do it with their taglines? Check this out.

10 of the Most Popular Travel Bloggers on the Web Today (with their taglines)

Nomadic Matt’s Travel Site: Life untethered.

Nomadic Chick: Cubicle dweller to traveling gypsy.

Wanderlust & Lipstick: Your destination for women’s travel.

Almost Fearless: Travel, mishap, and adventure in a beautiful and bizarre world.

Fox Nomad: Travel Smarter.

Backpacking Matt: Life’s a journey

Travelling Savage: Exploring Scotland.

Expert Vagabond: Explore the world with me

The Road Forks: Where food and travel intersect.

The Poor Traveler: Iceland on a budget.

They are just some of the many famous travel bloggers that use taglines as their invitation to keep the viewers and audience coming. Therefore, if you are looking for convincing “taglines-are-important” examples, these blogs are just perfect.


Keeping and following the above tips and ideas could be a daunting chore, but will surely help you a lot in finding the perfect ‘on-point’ travel blog tagline. But if you still need an additional push, answering the following questions might help, too:

  • What is the specific travel niche of my blog?
  • What is my readers’ travel interest?
  • What travel experience should I share?
  • Are there any unique travel benefits that my audience need?

Once you have answered these questions, you can easily create an effective travel blog tagline that will make you proud.

Although many travel blogs don’t stick with taglines, having an interesting and catchy blog tagline can churn a lot of benefits onto your site, especially if you are just a rookie in this craft. Remember to produce a tagline that will explain briefly how important your content is, specifically to the jaunt-savvy audiences. Think of about your target viewers and you will be fine. A travel blog’s tagline serves as their passport to becoming an SEO-potential and getting an increase in the number of visits or traffic. Once your target readers feel how well-thought out your content is and they are able to relate to it, you already got yourself a promising loyal follower and reader.

Show your audience that you feel them, and you know what they need, excite them into your topic and give them a hint that your blog is actually for them. Make use of a powerful tagline to lure them even more. Incorporating it with the other effective techniques will help you get the attention of the readers and followers you’ve always wanted.

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