9 Essentials You Need To Become A Travel Blogger

With the population of travel bloggers growing each day, there will surely be a lot of conflicting information about certain points on how to succeed as a travel blogger. Even those veterans in this business disapprove with what they sometimes read over the internet. Thankfully, because of that, there are now details that will counterbalance those misleading details about the blogging industry.

Travel blogging seemed to a cramped environment, and there seems to be a lot of people who want to join the crowd every single day. Besides, being paid by someone else just to travel the world is pretty much an incredible thing do, and there would be some travelers out there who would love to switch places with you. Not to mention that this might even be your dream job. Little did other people know that although traveling is a fun thing to do, blogging about it requires a lot of patience, hard work and a lot of determination.

You have invested a lot of persistence, hard work and time in building a blog, or any blog in any specific industry. Regularly updating your blog site with contents will not guarantee stable revenue. You seriously have to work extra hard for it, and you have to give it at least a year before you can see any promising income generating from your blog.

Remember that a travel blog is like managing a business: it takes a lot of dedication, patience, and time.

Here’s something from a Pro:
Just because there’s a lot of travel blogs in the market, it doesn’t mean that they’re all good and that you shouldn’t start one. You must have that “I can do better” attitude.

Most travel bloggers are terrible when it comes to writing content. So don’t mind about the number of blogs that they can produce out there, rather, focus on the quality. It’s what’s more important.


Yes, loving every jaunty experience is already a good sign that you can be a travel blogger, but the things you have to do don’t end there. The 9 points that you will be dealing with are the 9 things that you can do if you want to become a successful nomad writer. It applies to all kinds of blogger regardless of the niche they wanted to blog about.

  1. Be a Bookworm

It’s just sad to realize how some travel bloggers improve their skills without exposing themselves to books. They rarely read about strategy, marketing, business, or those self-improvement books. Again, having a blog is the same as having a business, and if you don’t go out there to learn constantly, then your business will fail. Most of the notable bloggers are bookworms too, and they never take for granted the old school way of learning things. You should always remain to be a student. You shouldn’t stop learning and improving your skills.

Learn from the experts, try what works, and put the pieces of learning into practice in your travel blog. Avoid the trial and error practice; instead, read the best way on how it should be done. Don’t just settle with books about traveling – explore more materials and subjects. You can read books about history, travel (could not agree more), business (this too) and a lot more. It pays to know a lot of things, especially everything related to traveling.

Here are some of the suggested books by Nomadic Matt:

  • Lonely Planet’s Guide to Travel Writing, by Don George
  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen R. Covey
  • Start With Why, by Simon Sinek
  • Deep Work, by Cal Newport
  • On Writing, by Stephen King
  1. Think Different – Like Apple

Regardless of what you are planning to write about on your blog, try introducing it differently or uniquely. Like if everyone’s blog is all text, post video content. If you find that most posts are so serious, create a post that is funny or shares something humorous. Be innovative. Try doing something different from the majority.

Make your travel blog look and function differently, which will make your audience come back to your site regularly. Add more details, add your contact information, and integrate more photos, videos, charts, maps, and whatnot. Since other travel blogs settle with light contents, try making your blog approach and present the topic in a much deeper way.

  1. Invest In Your Blog

Any amount spent wisely is considered an investment.

There are many areas that you will find it necessary to spend and invest in like blog designers, video and audio editors, copy editors, SEO auditors, conferences, and a lot more. By doing this, you will just be giving your audience a rewarding experience, since your travel blog is for them. Paying for certain services lifts some weight off your shoulders, and it gives you more room to work with other important things such as schedule your next trip, write contents, develop new and beneficial products, and prioritize other projects.

You don’t have to hire extra help too soon, especially if you are just starting. Focus on your key strengths first before you decide on hiring someone to do the rest. Spending a little amount for your business goes a long way, and you will never regret it.

  1. Be Niche

Back in the days when blogging was just booming, sticking to a specific blog budget was easy. You could discuss anything about traveling and face minimal competition. Consider them General Bloggers at that time as there was just a handful compared to this present era where everyone seems to be a blogger for their preferred niche. So to be able to rank despite the inevitable competition, try to narrow your topic and focus as much as possible. Narrowing makes it simple, and having a simple approach makes your search ranking increase. You can potentially reach millions of travel savvy people all over the world.

Besides focusing more on your niche helps you improve and eventually become an expert. Who knows? You might be someone who readers will always rely on for trusted information on a specific subject or destination. This will greatly benefit you by making your presence known online.

Remember, you don’t have to be everything. You just have to stay narrow, simple, and deep.

  1. Create Products 

What is a business without selling something? It could be a customized shirt, a book, travel package, gift checks, or could be other people’s items through affiliate marketing, allow your audience to participate and support your travel site. Once you sell a product that’s an indicator that can be independent of online sponsors, brand deals, and you no longer have to compete with other bloggers with the same niche as yours. This way, you can easily monitor your website and revenue. There are a handful of products that serves great value to your audience by being more comprehensive than regular blog content is.

If you pay close attention, you will notice that there are only several travel bloggers who create and sells products. Instead, they make a profit out of sponsored content and being paid just to travel. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the arrangement, but it also means that you have to keep working and invest more time on it, this can be very toxic, and you might easily get burned out.

Selling products can work things out for you even while you are sightseeing, sleeping, or just basically having a great cup of coffee by the Eiffel Tower. They simply give you the leverage of owning your profits and for your audiences to be able to purchase anything from your site and return it.

You just have to realize that your audience wanted to support your hard work and you just have to give them a sign.

  1. Work Independently

Sure working with sponsors can somehow make you do the things that you love through their connections and they likewise pay you for doing them a favor, but it will also limit your target number of audiences and readers. Although some of your followers won’t care and will still visit your site and still be excited with your travels and adventures, there is still a number of people that will feel that you are not entirely connected to them and will eventually find answers to their inquiries somewhere else.

Travel enthusiasts prefer a more relevant and self-reliant travel blog content purposely because they want to learn how they can make it happen for themselves. Like if you’re blogging about fashion, you will have to highlight all the brands of makeup that you use mostly because one of your followers can check on it and say “Well, I can purchase them, too!” then off to the mall, she goes. In the travel industry, it’s completely different because your audience cannot see the specifics of your free, all-expense paid trip to the Maldives – which anyone will know how expensive it could be – and will just casually say “That’s doable, I can do that! I’ll book now via Expedia.”

Seriously, how will you feel or think when you spotted someone enjoying $ 20,000-holiday getaway? Will you be happy with that person? Or will you be challenged by it?

Yes, brand deals and sponsored trips can help you travel to your dream destinations without paying so much and even provide great content for your audience, but it is something that will prevent them from coming back and visiting your blog site again. Most prominent travel bloggers avoid partnership agreements and sponsored blogs because they feel like their originality will be compromised.

Avoid collaborating with people who pay for your trips; it’s better to write something about your experiences and use them for you to thrive more.

  1. The Network Beyond Travel

Connecting with another travel blogger can help your marketing strategy by making your name known in the travel industry. While connecting ‘outside’ this industry, you can be someone who can provide advice, interviews, and quotes.

Explore further your other hidden talents, interests, or expertise and use it to your advantage. You can even meet someone who has no idea about how to travel but will rather have you as their travel expert.

  1. A blog is not all about yourself

You should know this by heart that blogging is not all about you; it’s about your followers’ travel needs while waiting. It’s okay to drive by memory lane once in a while and write anything about.

  1. Be Consistent

Of course, blogs cannot just build and thrive, but will eventually have someone to share with me, especially those who have invested a lot of patience with you. Do not expect too much at the end of a belt bag search because fame will not be able to save you.

Remember that changes don’t happen overnight. The reason why some travel bloggers leave is not completely about certain issues, but because they wanted to buy clothes.

Here are 10 additional tips on how to become a travel blogger.

  1. Start your travel blog immediately.

Putting up your blog site is a great move, but doing it the right way is seriously important.

  1. Choose a niche you are most interested in

As blogging continues to spike up, you have to focus on what niche you wanted to feature or work with – a travel blog will make you feel that you need more.

Here are some examples of travel blog topics:

  • Traveling with pet
  • Travel in Europe
  • Glamping
  • Traveling luxuriously
  • Traveling with disability

Try to keep a wide range of your topics where everyone can easily relate and learn to keep your connection with your audience.

  1. Create Practical content.

Try to come up with a topic that will essentially become educational for your audience. To become a popular blogger means that you should be creating an epic, practical, and useful content to keep your audience interested and hooked to your site.

  1. Always be confident and always wear your best self.

Aside from introducing your various travel experiences to your audience, it also means that you are sharing a part of YOU. One of the reasons why they love your website is because of your writing style, sharing your personal story, or how you project when in front of the camera.

  1. Become well-known or noticed.

Four ways:

  • Doing something unique
  • Being a niche
  • Market yourself
  • Being knowledgeable about SEO
  1. Embrace Social Media

Social media is a global platform that will forever stay, and if you wanted to become a successful blogger, utilizing them is your best option.

  • Facebook: Share anything on this platform, and your audience will love the idea. You can choose what you will be sharing. Therefore, it generates interest and intrigue at the same time.
  • Instagram: Make sure that your images are truly Instagrammable. This platform is very particular with how images visually look like and the impact it can give to the audience.
  • Pinterest: Generates a lot of traffic to any website. Therefore, you should never miss pinning interesting images. Learn how to work within this platform, and it can surely be a great game changer.
  • YouTube: Whether you are a blogger or a YouTuber, both platforms are huge and offer limitless learning. With this program, you can do editing, networking, marketing, and content creation.
  1. Learn how SEO works
  2. Collect and read emails.
  3. Invest, Invest, And Invest.
  4. Diversify Your Income Streams.


In learning the ins and outs of becoming a travel blogger, you might have thought of just giving up because you are already finding it overwhelming and overly challenging. In the beginning, it could be, and the progress may be slow, but if you continue to work with it, learn it and enjoy it, together with a positive attitude and a goal fixed in mind, you will become a successful travel blogger in no time.

With the internet and its loads of information that you can utilize and make great use of, you can earn enough or even more granted that you know how to work things around it and that you enjoy what you are doing.

Keep yourself learning and never stop being a student. Continue to research and explore the many possibilities and chances that you can have for being a travel blogger. Remember this career should not only focus on you but your loyal audience. They are your main key, your make or break moment, and the group of people who will support you all the way. Yes, you may need a lot of information regarding the profession but together with it is the privilege to travel the whole world and you’re your audience visualize what you have seen through your amazing travel blog.

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