Finding The Travel Blog Names Suggestion That’s Right For You

You’ve decided to embark on the exciting journey of starting your very own travel blog. Your first order of business is to think of a blog name that is both fitting and memorable. Without clear directions to follow, it can be very easy to get sucked into a vortex of brainstorming and name searches. Here are several important points to keep in mind when looking for the perfect travel blog names suggestion.

Consider Your Niche

What is your travel blog’s niche? Travel is a very broad topic, so focusing in on a specific area, or niche, will help you to refine your name ideas. If you are still deciding on a niche, spend some time researching popular travel blogs to get some ideas. Chris and Danika’s No Destinations website follows a couple on their whirlwind trips to luxury accommodations and exotic locales. Thrifty Nomads, on the other hand, offers tips and resources that make amazing travel adventures affordable for the average person.

Most successful travel blogs have established themselves as the go-to source for one area of travel. Your blog title is one way to convey this uniqueness. Be specific, but not too limiting. If you don’t want to commit to backpacking through South America indefinitely, then may be too narrow a choice.

Consider Your Audience

What type of traveler are you ideally trying to reach? Will you produce content for seasoned adventurers who’ve already logged thousands of miles? Perhaps less-savvy homebodies are your people. Speak the language of your target audience with a name that is relatable and conveys your unique point of view. Backpackers will be looking for different content than, say, upscale foodies. Understanding your own passions and who you’d like to connect with will go a long way toward deciding on your blog title. Trying to appeal to too many different groups is a sure way to weaken your brand.

Add Some Personality

What is the personality of your travel blog? The style of your blog should be a factor in your name choice. Is the tone of your content playful and conversational, or more formal and serious? Make a list of words that invoke the right mood for your site, and incorporate them into your list of potential names. If your planned content will be whimsical or quirky, don’t be afraid to include it in your title. Using descriptive language in your name is one way to show visitors what to expect from your website.

Don’t be afraid to be the star of your own blog. There is only one you, and your blog name is a fantastic way to bring your one-of-a-kind brand to the forefront. Just ask Matthew Kepnes, founder of Nomadic Matt’s Travel Site. His travel advice website boasts over 1,000,000 users per month. Be authentic and make your personality part of your online presence.

Technical Considerations

There are many technical details to keep in mind when naming your blog. After narrowing your ideas down to a short list, visit a domain name registrar to see which dot-com names are available to register. You will also want to avoid confusing your visitors by eliminating names that are too similar to other travel blogs. Google your naming ideas and evaluate the search results for potential problems. Be sure to check your name availability on social media. Don’t be too upset if your first choice name is taken. After all, success is based on far more than just your blog title.

Once you’ve gone through these travel blog names suggestions and have locked in a title, it’s important to remember the keys to a successful travel blog: amazing storytelling and images. Once you’ve decided on your name, focus on making your blog as amazing and interesting as it can be.

What first inspired you to start a travel blog of your own? What are some the most unique travel blogs you’ve seen so far? Let us know!

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