Have a Travel Site? 10 Affiliate Programs You Can Earn $ From

Traveling gives the feeling of freedom to most travelers. Being a digital nomad is a tough career – blogging while traveling, plus the process of monetizing a travel blog is sometimes a chore, too. But again, never treat blogging as an added baggage to your everyday activity, especially if you take this as a full-time profession. There are a lot of professional travel bloggers who get to travel using sponsorship like an all-expense paid trip, but not everyone is privileged at the beginning of their blogging business.

It’s been proven worldwide how travel blogging can be a famous and contributive niche that can help you earn a great deal of revenue through various monetization procedures like Viglink, GoogleAdSense, and Media.net just to name a few. But another great way to earn a profit through travel blogging is via affiliated programs using posting links and whatnot. And as you read through this material, you will learn about the different travel blog affiliated programs and the types of affiliated sites that you should be aware of.


But before you start with the travel affiliated programs, take a moment to check out the various kinds of affiliated sites that you can benefit from.

  • Coupon Websites
    • When your audiences are searching for a great deal on coupons, freebies, and rewards, they will likely find a coupon website. These kinds of websites offer their loyal audience and readers special perks and discounts which in exchange for their purchases, rewards is what coupon websites get in return. Such websites can stick to one specific genre like coupons related to traveling (hotel accommodation discounts, flight tickets, and others.)
  • Content-focused Websites
    • A content-focused website can just focus on one specific, or they can transform into an online magazine with a handful of interesting topics. They present a standard content and can earn from incorporating affiliated ads and banners on their website pages. Furthermore, they also provide some sponsored content pages that focus on affiliated services and products or links to particular text on the blog itself. You can also provide a link that contains a list of specific topics like “10 Coffee Shops in L.A” or any content that is similar to it.
  • Blogs
    • Blogs are also considered as content-focused websites only that they may need a different kind of attention. This is because this type embraces one specific niche. Travel bloggers, in particular, can add banners on their blog posts or insert links through their entire blog content. Bloggers are free to write about their travel tips, construct a post about a specific travel destination, or surprise their avid followers with discount coupons or freebies. One good example is when you have a travel blog, you can construct content about how your readers can travel while saving big time on accommodation and share with them an affiliate link or discount coupons for their hotel bookings.
  • Cashback website
    • Websites that offer Cashback gives back a particular amount of money to their customers who followed the affiliated links on a specific website and paid for a certain item or service. This works well by coordinating with partners that are willing to participate by putting their links on the website. This kind of website focuses only on a specific niche.
  • DataFeed Website
    • DataFeed websites are like comparison shopping website where users are given a chance to compare various items or products that hold a specific characteristic or function. Once customers come up with a decision, they will simply follow the affiliate link on the website. In essence, certain affiliate programs offer datafeed websites with links and other prefab tools such as product image and description instead of paying an agreed on the reward for every purchase or subscription made through the affiliate link.


It is no surprise that the travel industry is one of the world’s leading largest and dominating industries classified during the previous years. Trends may change now and then, but the percentage of people who always find their need and desire to travel, whether for work or pleasure will keep on rising. They don’t care how much they spend on travel purchases because what’s important is the experience and satisfaction.

Do you know that the travel industry alone provides a fair share of more than $7 trillion to the economy worldwide? With this much spending, the competition within the travel affiliate trade is becoming more complex.

Now, is it still really necessary to promote affiliate programs related to airline and travel? If so, how much profit will you gain from supporting the first-rated affiliate programs in the business?

The Travel Industry Paradigm

The number of directions you can take a travel blog website makes a certain niche quite fascinating.

It is highly feasible for huge travel websites to discuss the easy way to travel and find the cheapest flights or even more feasible that a travel blog emphasizes the best destination for retirees to visit in Canada, just as an example.

The market is divided into the following:

  • Continent
  • Country
  • Region
  • City
  • Classification of tourist attraction: bungee jumping, rock climbing, glamping, scuba diving, etc.
  • Age group: retirees, students, families, etc.
  • Interests and Budget: golf – cheap, mid-range, luxury
  • Events: business conference, team building, wedding, etc.

By presenting the combination of various programs available and the wide range demographics of people to offer those to in different destinations and locations, you get to have limitless options of combinations that you can come up with for your website to manage the rising competition.

How Much Can You Actually Gain From Travel Affiliate Programs?

Just to give you an idea, it could be hundreds of millions.

See, travel was just one of the very first industry sectors to adopt online commerce or e-commerce fully and Expedia is deemed to be the pioneer among the verticals.

Let’s try to look into how Kayak does it. Kayak is one of the advanced meta-search engine travel affiliate websites. It filters data from multiple related travel sites every time a user chooses a flight destination or hotel accommodation. Now during the process, Kayak receives a commission from those specific booking portals.

That is why it is no longer a surprise that Kayak had made a whopping $292M back in 2012.
An average affiliate marketer cannot just build a site like Kayak because it would be far beyond his scope.

On the other hand, there are even small city/region/country-centered travel blog websites that are substantially thriving with affiliate marketing programs.

Another scenario with just a quick query through Flippa reveals that several affiliate sites in the travel niche alone get to earn thousands of dollars monthly and again, it is through affiliate programs.
So roughly, you can expect a few hundred dollars to a million each month if you embrace affiliate programs in this niche to do wonders for your travel blog site. Plus, your marketing strategy, content, and the size of your niche are also the contributing factors to your business profit.


  1. Booking.com

A prevailing name in the travel sector, Booking.com has an affiliate partner program that entertains all blogs and websites, app or even a travel agency. Guaranteed that you can offer the best selections of accommodations to your customers, then this affiliate program is perfect for you.


    • Offers search box, banner integration options, and deep linking.
    • Free and easy sign-up process.
    • They have an offer-based, commission split model.
    • They use PayPal as their partner payout mode.
    • You can incorporate Booking.com’s search box into your WordPress blog site by using an official plugin.
  1. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is commonly visited for reviews, recommendations, and bookings when a nomad is eyeing a trip.

Choosing this affiliate program will bring you great benefits as you can access content directly from their website and direct your audience back to the original page via tracking link.


    • 50% commission.
    • Deep linking and access to over 500,000 country destinations and hotels.
    • Tiered commission structure.
    • Monthly Payout.
  1. Agoda

With over a million properties worldwide, Agoda, by all means, should definitely be on this enormous list of travel blog affiliate programs.

Their affiliate program is basically open for everyone on the condition or as much as possible should have an operational blog or website.

Screening and approval usually take around 48-72 hours, manually.


    • Up to 60% commission.
    • Provides search box, data feeds, and text links.
    • It uses hotel power ads to triple your profit.
    • Uses a direct bank transfer as payout mode.
  1. Skyscanner

If you wanted to check flight rates, Skyscanner is the right website to visit. They also have a mobile app for travel-savvy people and bloggers. And they offer travel blogs with a lot of options such as the Travel Widget, to begin with.

This widget can be used by either on your sidebar or within your blog content where your audiences are more likely to engage in doing an action. It will eventually direct them straight to the Skyscanner website.


    • Offers white-label solutions and recommendations for flight search results on your blog site.
    • One of the most notable travel affiliate programs.
    • Flight booking widget for your blog’s sidebar.
    • Considered to be one of the most detailed reference systems for beginners.
    • Supports hotel and flight bookings as well as car rental services.
  1. AirBnB

AirB&B works both as an affiliate program and a referral program.

For referral programs, instead of earning cash, you gain points which you can make use of to purchase the product within the network. It also helps you to earn a really good deal by referring to other people. You can roughly earn around $72 per successful referral and a ceiling of $5,000 travel credit for every account.


    • Every user who shares the referral link gets to receive AirB&B credits.
    • Good for travel income
    • A popular name and reliable partner.
  1. ShareASale

If you are looking for the top affiliate programs in any niche, ShareASale is considered to be the affiliate marketplace.

Most of the notable travel airlines, hotels, and other travel services are accessible via ShareASale.


    • Payment through direct bank deposit.
    • Simpler to achieve a minimum payout.
    • Get the view of every top performing affiliate program per niche.
  1. Amazon Associates

The list of the most trusted affiliate program won’t be complete without Amazon.

Deemed to be the superior online buying destination, Amazon has a well-established reputation and will surely help you gain the right profit that you deserve across the entire website. And when you have decided to join the Amazon Associate program, you can legitimately link to any Amazon products, and that alone can also add up to your profit.

What’s more amazing about the Amazon affiliate program is that you get to earn an amount every time a referred customer/user shops any item from the main website.


    • Top ranking network.
    • You can start easily through tons of video guides.
    • A wide selection of items and products related to traveling and nomads.
    • The more users you refer to the higher the commission.

And to complete the 10 BEST TRAVEL AFFILIATE PROGRAMS are:

  1. World Nomads
  2. Lonely Planet
  3. Momondo

There you have it! The list of highly recommended travel affiliate programs which would help you earn profit and gain the reputation you desire, for as long as you are seriously and honestly doing your best to achieve it.

As you move forward, here’s a peak of the two well-known travel blogs who are doing so well with their travel affiliate programs.

Regarded as the giant of the travel blog world, Nomadic Matt is a product of humble beginnings that even Matthew Kepnes, the website owner, who is also a New York Time bestselling author, could not fathom the journey his blog had been through.

The site is currently having around 7,000 referring domains and is entertaining no less than 270,000 audiences per month!

A more general niche travel blog that creates unique, quality posts who believes that it’s their only chance to get a good ranking in Google – and they prevailed.

Y Travel is now catering around 5,000 audiences a month. And while they made it big just because of their post about “11 of the best suitcases for easy travel”, it also presents that you can concentrate on any products within the travel niche and become successful at it.


Every venture and sector has its pros and cons and to travel affiliate programs.

  • The Pros
    • You get better- and high-quality offers.
    • Flawless and engaging blog content creation.
    • You get to have more room for surprises and unexpected opportunities.
    • Growing numbers of those who are interested in travel blogging and content creation.
    • Satisfying payouts.
    • Tons of travel bloggers.
    • Minimal competition for local offers and keywords.
  • The Cons
    • You need to have highly targeted traffic.
    • Expect a tough and complex competition in the SERPs.
    • The audience does not stay long enough.
    • Blog quality can decrease, especially if you lack experience or expertise.
  • Now, is it still advisable to use Affiliate Programs?

Yes, for as long as you execute the following:

      • Niche and keyword choices – keep it simple and straightforward.
      • Content creation – not only should it be beefy in details but should also be visually pleasing.
      • Link building – it could be the biggest challenge but utilizing social media can work wonders.


Travel is an immensely immeasurable niche. It holds a lot of interesting things to talk about, and being a blogger in this field can have you excited and exhausted in the long run. Why? Because of the enormous competition, but the opportunities present equally the same. So it is safe to say that travel blog competition and opportunity are two sides of the same coin. Yes, it may send you a silent message that you have to spend a hefty amount just to get the significant volume of traffic to your website but doesn’t always have to be that way.

To make a reliable and stable profit, you need to create content that will go around within programs that will increase your rate or will generate high commission per sale. This is why there are travel affiliate programs to make everything possible, just like what it made other thriving travel blogs and bloggers at this present time. One of the easiest ways to earn great revenue through affiliate programs is by recommending products/items/means/ways that you know that your audience already need and want, as well providing them with information about something that they least think about and will turn out that is essentially important, too.

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