How Do Travel Bloggers Take Pictures Of Themselves?

Do you ever wonder how a travel blogger takes a good picture of themselves while on a trip? Especially solo travelers, how do they get to have Instagrammable photos when they are alone exploring the world? When you come across their blogs, you will notice just how perfect those shots were executed showcasing the different places, and breathtaking views that travel bloggers have been to. Plus, their genuine joy and excitement then will reflect on their photos. Now, do you want to know their secret?

In this era of vast technology and advancement of machines and gadgets, one of the main purposes of those hand-held devices is to take pictures of our family and friends, events, occasions, the things you have purchased, venue, your travels and, of course, yourself – which is famously known as “selfie.” Now, this article will show you how these adventure-seeking bloggers get to have that perfect shot even though they are traveling on their own. Also, you’ll get to acquire some tips on how you can properly get a photo that will impress your audience.

Who’s taking the picture?” is automatically one of the questions whenever you see a great picture of someone with a stunning view as their background. Believe it or not, solo travelers do not rely on anyone to take their shots. But, how is it possible that they get to produce great pictures when they are on their own, solo jaunts? Basically, it turns out that they only have patience and unconsciously thinking about whether they look great or crazy. What’s important to them is to provide their audience with content that will answer the questions and curiosity of the many travel aficionados out there.


  • Set Aside What Other’s think.
    • Taking a selfie can make you feel awkward most of the time because people can’t help but stare or watch you. But not incorporating any pictures on your travel blog will only make your site less interesting and worthless of their time. So if you don’t care about how other people judge and stare at your messy hair or your general state of disarray, you can easily project in front of a timed mobile device or camera. Also, you can freely think of other amazing poses and perfect ways to frame your shot. Besides, you might never see those random people again.
  • Be an early bird.
    • Another great way to avoid photo bombers on your target site is to be there when there is not a single soul milling around. Being early can permit you to choose your preferred location, and you can take unlimited shots to your hearts’ desire. Famous tourist’s spots can be empty, too, so arriving at the place at sunrise is a great way for you to enjoy the wonderful view and collect amazing snaps for your blog.
  • Use your phone as a timer or as a remote.
    • Acting natural and being natural in front of the camera is not always easy, especially when someone else is taking a photo of you. This is why many prefer doing a selfie regardless of whether there are people behind them. Nowadays, you can just balance the camera on any surface, set the timer, and go to your position before it snaps. While in a much modern way, since there are WiFi-enabled cameras, you can easily connect it to your mobile device and let them talk to each other. Your phone then acts like a remote as it can also show you your subject perfectly. Just imagine how it suddenly made that one important thing so easy.

PRO TIP: If your camera does not have this function, you can just purchase a cheap remote and let it do its job. They’re easy to hide because of their small pocket sizes and easy to set up, too.

  • Politely Ask Someone Else To Take Your Picture.
    • If your destination is too crowded or is too unstable to set up a tripod, you can always ask even a complete stranger to help you. Just take note of some tips to ensure that you still get to have an Instagrammable-blog-worthy shot no matter who’s controlling the camera:
      • Ask someone who owns a camera to take a photo of you. If you think that they are using an expensive brand of camera, it means that they know how to use it like a pro. Also, that person won’t run away with your camera if they already own one. The best approach is trying to offer your service to take a photo of them and ask the same favor in return, or maybe they’ll even proactively offer it without you asking for it.
      • Request that stranger to hold the camera in an exact angle before taking your picture. Explain to them the idea of the shot and how they should take it exactly, this way you are assured that their artistic output is directed by you and not by them.
      • Ask some random person to take your shot if you are not satisfied with the first one. Make sure that that stranger had walked enough distance before you ask another stranger to retake the shot for you. It may feel like you are starting from scratch, but it’s worth it to get that perfect shot.
  • Use A Tripod.
    • A tripod can always help your capture incredible shots no matter the location. It would be best to shop around for a lightweight tripod that will be easy for you to carry and set up when the time comes to catch those great moments.
    • It holds your camera still so that you will no longer balance it on any flat surfaces. Make sure that your camera is also light enough for your tripod to work compatibly with it and secure its balance and hold it perfectly.
  • You Should Know How to Strike A Pose.
    • It’s easy to fall in love with candid shots, which is obviously not the same result when taking a selfie. But you can take a selfie shot by acting like it’s candid, where the result will just be the same as the candid manual shot. The technique is basically on how your pose for a specific shot, either you hold a prop, stay at the side of the frame, or laugh or dance in front of the camera. You may find it weird, yet it is what expert solo travelers do.


You can still capture a lot of mesmerizing photos even when you are travel blogging alone. You can either use an ever-reliable selfie stick or, by just being a photography expert, you can equally get a drop-dead-gorgeous shot that is sure to fly out your travel blog and other social media platforms.

  • Be Sure Of What You Want
    • It’s easy just simply to take a shot. But if you wanted to have photos that you will deeply fall in love with, you must know what kind of shots you want and how it should look.
    • Think like you are doing a compilation album of your personal travels. Determine your style and what message you wanted to convey out of your pictures. Knowing what you really want will help guide you take photos without a subject.
  • Find Your Inspiration
    • If you wanted to get more ideas and inspiration, Instagram and Pinterest are the best platforms to check. They seem to have an unlimited collection of fabulous shots from various travel destinations every single day, which you will definitely love browsing. There are just so many amazing images out there that can ignite that inspiration in you; you just have to make sure that you are truly passionate about what you are doing.
  • The Selfie Stick Is Your Travel Buddy
    • If you find a selfie stick as a symbol that someone is a tourist, why bother? You are, in fact, a tourist after all. Being able to travel and discover a lot of things about the world are the priceless luxury that this life can offer. So why feel embarrassed using one? Flaunt your selfie stick and snap those amazing shots your travel blog audiences will find astounding. Don’t forget that contraption if you don’t want to miss a single moment of your priceless travel.
  • Make Use Of The Rapid-Fire Setting
    • In any rate, whether a stranger took your shot or you took advantage of using your selfie stick or a tripod with a timer mode on, your other best option is to set up the rapid-fire setting on your camera to capture those wonderful moments during your travel. It will offer you with tons of shots that you can choose from which will then present you with a lot of enthralling pictures.
  • Do Check Your Camera’s Interval Shooting Settings
    • There are great camera brands that have the timer and sequences of shot functions. You can set up your own shooting interval and be able to take photos without worrying about anything.
  • Never Forget Your GoPro
    • The way a GoPro takes pictures is just amazing, especially when it comes to solo shots. You can set up your own shooting setting, time-lapse feature, and a whole lot of display options.
  • Try The Video Screenshots
    • Set your GoPro or mobile phone on video mode and start doing your thing or something which will prevent you from holding your mobile device while doing the action. Review the video after and take a screenshot of anything that will make a great photo to be featured on your travel blog.
  • The SloMo Effect
    • Do you find SloMo videos amusing? Guess everybody does. It gives you more chances of getting a better screenshot than what a normal video can. It’s being done on a waterfall, a running dog, or merely any actions; then you study where you can include yourself in that frame.
    • Although you can also hold your phone or camera while doing a SloMo shot, it is still best to mount or angle your phone on something stable so you can do a lot of actions or even jump in front of the camera.
  • The Classic Selfie
    • Even though not all the time you find yourself in the mood to do a selfie, there are ways to still give justice to it. Look for the best angle of the background, then deem where to put your pretty face in the frame. Holding your device a bit higher can capture a wider view of your backdrop, and it can even give you a different perspective of the entire spot. It can even make you look even better. You can also make use of filters to add more drama into your images.
  • The Incognito Selfie
    • If you don’t want to be branded as a selfie addict or a vain tourist, an incognito selfie is your best option. It’s an effortless way to act as if you are taking a picture of something that is right in front of you, while discreetly snapping a selfie with a subject behind you. You can use any prop to make it look like that thing is your main photo subject.
  • Try the Burst Option
    • This option is best used in action or figuring out the best angle for you. It can take a lot of pictures in just a few seconds which you can scroll back and forth until you filter the best shots you would want to showcase on your travel blog.
  • The Panoramic Shot
    • Using the panoramic shot may require a lot of practice, but the moment you get the hang of it, you will love the wonders of using it every time you travel or blog about something. You must steadily grip your phone as you gently move it in the red line direction your camera instructs you to follow to create that panoramic shot.
  • The Alternate Angle Pictures
    • If you are done seeing your face in full view with your selfies or other shots, you can try different angles, which eventually can make a pretty good image. You can do the “half of your face,” “the back of the head,” or “the side of your face” selfies.

It’s not enough to know how travelers get to have an amazing photo of themselves while being a solo nomad. When running a travel blog, you should also know the proper gear and tools that you should always have with you whenever you go out there and seek new adventures.


There are certain photography equipment and essentials that a travel blogger like you should know and should have if you are decided to embrace this kind of career.

  1. Photographers Bag

When traveling with your gadgets, you have to place them all in a bag that is durable, waterproof, or water resistant and easy to handle and access no matter what destination you are heading to.

  1. Shooter Bag

It’s a bag that is padded enough to secure not just the camera but other essentials such as your laptop, flashes, charger, extra lens, memory cards, and other important gear or even your passport, wallet and a map can perfectly fit.

  1. Card Case

Secure all your cards in a protective case that can be tucked into even larger bags.

  1. Cleaning Tools

You must have a lens cloth that can remove the dirt, sand, and dust on your lenses as well as a “puffer” to maintain your sensor and mirrors flawless.

  1. Card Reader
  2. 120 or 500 Gig External Hard drive

Needless to say, this is highly essential for all your travel photos and videos.

  1. Ziplock bags

It can come in handy during wet and rainy scenarios.

  1. LED light
  2. Heavy-duty flashlight
  3. Bloggers note pad

It’s important that you always have a writing tool with you to easily take note of important details and information during your trip.

  1. Tripod


It’s a wrap! With these tons of solo travel photo taking tips that you have been provided with, you can confidently supply your travel blog posts and gallery with shots that you can truly be proud of. You can take pride in every shot you have taken because you know that what you have invested in is not just the money in buying those gadgets, but as well as your time, effort, dignity (if that’s what you feel), and passion. And because your audience matters to you, then you can find yourself limitless to the many travel opportunities that may come your way. Besides, that’s your goal of being a travel blogger.

Now as for the photography gear that you should bring with you every time you travel, for as long as you know how to use those things and make the most out of your goal to produce quality pictures that will highlight the wonders and beauty of the world, you will soon see yourself at the position and blog ranking that you truly deserve.

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