How Often Should You Post On A Travel Blog?

If you think that travel blogging is as simple as taking a trip to one place, posting a photo, writing something about it and then hitting “publish” – you are completely wrong. Blogging is perplexing, baffling, and confusing, especially to those who are just starting their famous “online journal.”

There are many underlying questions and decisions that you have to make when you’re in the blogging business; especially those doing a travel blog. Not only do you have to come up with a new blog post topic, but you also have to decide how often you are going to publish the articles.

How should your blog look, and what are the latest plugins that you should have ?, Of course, deciding your next destination for your blog can be too overwhelming! But when it comes to your travels, it won’t be difficult to think of around ten blog titles which you can post at least once a week, or after a couple of weeks, or even once a month. Although, you might find a need to post regularly, depending on the demand and response of your readers, but still hold your horses, as there will be more tips that can make your travel blogging job a lot easier.

Here’s the thing, blogging should never be a chore, specifically because it’s something you love to do in the first place. But how can you assure yourself that what you are doing is well-appreciated and is reaching your target audience? Should an everyday blog post work for you? Or is it better to take it as a weekly or monthly basis? The decision is all up to you once you have gone through the following guidelines on how frequently you should be updating your website with new traveling blogs.


Ask Yourself First

So before you proceed in creating content, make it a habit to ask yourself some vital question that can help you weight your priorities to achieve a well-patronized, and visited travel blog website.

The frequency of your blog post strongly depends on the type of blog industry in which you are working. Remember that you need to acquire as much traffic as possible to your website for you to enjoy a lot of perks from being a successful blogger. Here are the important questions that every blog site writer should be asking themselves every once in a while.

  • What is my target audience, and what kind of information will appeal to them?
  • How often do they search for this type of information, and how does it interest them?
  • What will happen if I regularly do a blog posting?
  • How far can I write daily? Weekly? Monthly?

The moment you have answered these questions, you can finally come up with a better routine of how frequent you should be updating your blog because the techniques that work for other bloggers will not guarantee that it will work for you too and vice versa. It is very crucial that you set what works for you when it comes to managing the posts on your website all the more when it comes to blog schedules that will work best.

Make a List of Your Potential Blog Topics

It’s easy to brainstorm and pile up all your article ideas when you’re an expert nomad. Don’t get overwhelmed when you see your list reach up to more than ten blog topics when you are just staying in one country to explore. Well, that’s the key – You have COUNTRY to EXPLORE, which means there are a lot of interesting things to talk and share about that country. Besides, you don’t have to post all those contents in one day then suddenly realize that you ran out of topics in the following days. You can save them for your future blogs because your readers will be waiting for it. Just make sure that those are fascinating and well-thought-out materials.

Be Consistent

Regardless whether you are posting on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis, what matters is your consistency in your posts. For example, you’ve been posting every day for almost a week about your trip to Hawaii then suddenly you stopped posting until two weeks after, well, don’t expect to have consistent followers. Your search engine potential rate will also be compromised because it prefers a consistent and regular blog activity.

So, again, when it comes to how often you should update your blog contents, you have to be sure that you can keep up with the activity demands. It’s better to set your schedule, which you think will benefit your present and future blog postings. Try posting randomly twice or once a week instead of daily, at least if you suddenly ran out of ideas to post you won’t sacrifice your followers. This is also your way of testing yourself how many ideas you can come up with to maintain the consistency in your travel blog.

Consistency in blogging can do wonders. Fewer posts but with quality have greater value than posting too much. Sometimes your subscribers won’t appreciate the frequent notification they are getting and might even lead them to un-follow you. You must avoid that from happening by all means.

Better Post Something Short, But Frequent Rather Than A Long Post, But Seldom

Posting a long blog is one of the common habits some bloggers or even just online writers keep on doing. They would either post a long article or something about points to ponder or reflection. Sometimes it takes them a few days or weeks before they post again because of lack of time to come up with a topic. This is the wrong way of managing your post. Writing shorter but stuffed articles and posting them more often is way much better rather than wait for the moment when inspiration revisits you. Make use of your spare time to post something that could be useful to your readers like “quick tips” or “simple steps” and what not.

Having a lack of time to write a post for your travel blog is a lame excuse. You should never allow a considerable amount of time to slip by without any posts about anything related to “travel” because search engines and your blog followers would still want to see a shorter and more meaningful blog post about your awesome travels.


Travel bloggers do get stuck sometimes in one place during their trip, and there are times where no matter how hard they churn to keep quality posts weekly, bloggers also get moments where they run out of ideas. The only pressure about this career is that writers should keep on providing UP-TO-DATE and elucidative posts and not just an overview of the trip in general. It has to be written in a manner like how journalists roll.

So when the time comes that you are not traveling, you should shift your blogger brain to your journalist egghead to keep up with your blog schedule. But just a reminder, not all bloggers have the skill of a journalist – yet most notable bloggers out there have a brain of a journalist one way or another.

Cautionary note: It is not a demand that you’ve got to be a journalist to qualify to be a blogger – you merely ought to think LIKE ONE.

Why Do You Need a Journalist Brain?

Do you know that the journalistic brain never stops thinking, analyzing, investigating, and searching for fresh and new ideas? For bloggers, it means that they should never run out of multiple blog ideas on one particular subject or topic. This is a great habit to maintain the consistency of your blog posting preferences.

Being able to think like a journalist, you will be able to visualize every bit of a story, activity, and your travel destination has a lot of rich blog materials which leads to a whole lot of possibilities you can incorporate in your travel blog. It will then guarantee that you will not fall short of blog topics and postings.

The Blog Post Basics

  • The WHO
  • The WHAT
  • The WHERE
  • The WHEN
  • The WHY
  • The HOW


    • Where did I go?
    • How did I get there?
    • What did I do there?
    • Who was with me?
    • How will this benefit my readers and followers?
    • What did I learn from this trip?
    • How did this travel change me?
    • What are the pieces of advice that I can share on my blog?
    • How relevant is this trip?


By day’s end, only you can figure how frequent should you post on your travel blog site. A schedule that is convenient and appropriate for you. It will always depend on the industry you have chosen, the amount of time you can provide, and how you see yourself as an individual. The very moment you find what suits you, stay the course and promise yourself that you will enjoy every moment of it because, in the first place, that’s the main essence of blogging.

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