How to promote a travel website: 14 effective strategies for 2019

As a travel blogger, you understand how enjoyable it is to share your story and experiences. Photos. Learning. Realizations. But you also understand how tough it is to stand out. Pinterest is full of travel motivation, Instagram is a picture-perfect platform and there are about three billion probabilities when you Google ‘ travel blog. ‘

So you’ve composed an incredible travel blog something that’s changing lives and you want individuals to read it. It’s funny, deep and packed with excellent details. But no one seems to come to your blog for a visit. Real talk, most of us don’t write a blog for ourselves. We’d enjoy as an audience. But how can a blogger like you acquire a desirable population of viewers, particularly when you’re just starting a career in blogging? You’ve got to network your website. If people don’t realize that you’re out there, they’ll never reach you.

Marketing and creating a blog on any niche can be an overwhelming activity for unprepared bloggers. Even so, there is a multitude of efficient alternatives that they can use to achieve good outcomes. As you read through this article you will find out how you can savor the professional ideas you want to learn about blogging.


It’s not difficult to get your travel blog seen, but it needs you to focus on a few extremely effective strategies instead of shooting them all and hoping for the best to happen.

Make sure your basics are in the right place first to make you among the rare ones that remain:

  • You’re posting longer blog entries as they usually rank stronger in Google.
  • Your posts are abundant in details, as photos in blog posts typically get more than 94 percent overall results.
  • Your travel blog’s first impression is appealing and convenient to navigate otherwise your audience will leave.

With these essentials, you can now forward. It’s time to concentrate on the 14 ways your travel blog can reach its target audience.


Travel blogging has a lot of benefit over almost any other field when it comes to marketing — it is exceptionally visual.

  • Set Up A Collection Of Photos.
    • Sharp nature hues, lustrous streets, appetizing local cuisine … Travel photography is as awe-inspiring as it can be.

However, there are some bloggers who are not utilizing their travel photo well. Most bloggers advertise their content using a spin technique of a few pictures from their journey and only stick to the few graphics they initially designed.

You can take a distinct strategy and generate a library of all the pictures you take on a voyage. Create a framework in advance to make it simpler to add fresh pictures when you return from a jaunt:

      • Create a folder for every year of travel.
      • Then, assign a folder for every trip, labeled by month, country and name of the city.
      • Transfer all your appropriate photos to each folder.
      • Plus, you also have the option to make a folder labeled as “best”, so you can designate the best images, panoramas, portraits, etc., so you can always use them every time you need them.

With so much artistic environment, you can generate a varied social media posting scheme without ever-vexing your supporters with the same content — notwithstanding that you will clearly share the same blog contents over a period of time.

  • Support Your Imagery.
    • Here are ways to keep the inspiration flowing into the images that you will be using in your blog posts:
      • HOW TO Examples:
        • How To Improve (blank) So You’ll Feel Like A (blank)
        • How To (blank) For The (blank)
        • How To Create The Best (blank) In The World
        • How To Grow (blank) To Be A Successful (blank)
        • How To Run A Successful (blank) To (blank)
      • LIST Examples:
        • 20 Ways To Be (blank) When You Don’t Feel (blank)
        • 10 Rules For (blank) Your (blank) Will Love
        • 11 (blank) That Will Make You (blank)
        • 25 (blank) That Will Amplify Your (blank)
        • The Easy 5-Step Process To (blank) In Just 30 Days
      • QUESTION Examples:
        • How Can You (blank) To (blank)?
        • When Is The Best Time To (blank)?
        • Why Is (blank) Better Than (blank)?
        • What Can (blank) Teach You About (blank)?
        • Will (blank) Help You (blank)?
  • Turn Your Blog Posts Into Videos.
    • If you’re still worried about giving a travel vlogging or travel video a go, we won’t blame you for having second thoughts. Even if you don’t find it threatening, the task of taking videos while enjoying your journey can be a challenge.
    • You may want to modify your mind, though. Because by 2021, video is foreseen to cook up roughly 82 percent of internet traffic. If you don’t want to be ditched – pun intended it’s time take your next step into considering doing travel videos every time you travel.
    • Here’s something to excite you even more: you don’t have to suddenly become a pro when it comes to video creation, purchase a drone, and to fully commit your entire life and career to be a travel videographer just to make this craft work for you. Alternatively, you can make use of what you already presently have — even if it’s just pictures or a few videos — and readily transform them into videos for any channel you can creatively think of. You can try using to explore the many possibilities you can do with your images and videos.
    • As per YouTube information from Google, these are the categories of travel video with which travel bloggers are most likely to be interested:
      • Travelers are most likely to engage with:
        • Official travel brands
        • Official travel networks and publications
        • Travel vlogs
        • Travel tours and footage
        • Review, tips, and how-to content

This suggests that you can transform any blog entry into a video material: any town visit you have detoured, a tour you’ve taken, advice on preparation and packing, and travel blog equipment reviews are just a trickle of the many thoughts you can put to life with video making.

  • Expand Your Scope With Mentions And Hashtags.
    • Since you’ve nailed down your blog posting approach and transformed your blog contents into videos, it’s time to take advantage of what almost all social media platforms ‘ can do and the two most popular characteristics: mentions and hashtags.
      • Mentions make it easy for you to get on the radar of hotels, towns, and sights that you’ve visited and talked about in your blog contents.

Even though you haven’t talked about venues that would commonly have a social media account, you can mention formal tourism boards and comparable reports that seek to spread the word about the town or nation you’ve traveled.

You can freely do this strategy on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, where marketers and brands you mention are informed about it and are likely to assist you to spread the word.

      • Hashtags, on the other hand, are another way to get the attention of those who aren’t already following you but are curious about what they can scoop out from your post. Specifically, the best thing about travel hashtags is that you can use particular travel blogging hashtags, such as hashtags regarding wanderlust, individual destinations you’ve visited, items in your pictures and videos.

In a nutshell, you will likely never use two exactly similar sets of hashtags. Here are a few types and hashtags to encourage you:

        • Travel blogging: #travelwriting, #travelbloggerlife
        • General travel hashtags: #wanderlust, #ttot, #wanderluster, #travelfriday, #travelskills
        • Specific locations: #japantravel, #instadublin, #londondiaries, #topariswithlove #maltaphotography
      • Golden rule: Target hashtags that will not bury your Instagram post or tweet in thousands of other hashtags in a matter of seconds. You can look this up by opening the hashtag and searching in reverse-chronological order at posts.
      • Bonus tip for Instagram: Once you click on one of the hashtags, the app will recommend other comparable hashtags that you can use which will enable you to rapidly come up with dozens of associated thoughts.
  • Take Full Advantage Of Travel Communities.
    • Please bear in mind that while other individuals are deeply committed to becoming a travel blogger and creator, some are primarily focused on traveling and helping each other out all over the planet, so just consider taking your time getting to know the group or the forum, its rules and most especially, the people that are part of it before you disclose any of your blog content.

And for something that is as potent as travel, there are online communities such as Facebook groups and forums that can evolve to even beyond tens of thousands of members infected by the travel blogging epidemic.

    • The most rewarding thing about being a blogger in any specific sector is the people behind the creation of such a wonderful community. Be that as it may, share contents only when it is appropriate and is according to the regulations set by the community’s founder or an administrator. Set a good example and share the greatest value of it before anything else.
    • Some of the most preferred social media communities:

Across all social networking sites, a good travel blog marketing strategy feels just about the same, but we want to draw your attention to some of the specifics.

      • Facebook
        • Deemed to be the most famous social networks is Facebook. Therefore, in the marketing drive, it should be one of the platforms that you must use. This involves the following to improve your integral traffic on Facebook.
        • When it comes to Facebook groups, they are not only good at getting to understand other nomads but also easily learn about the various cultures they encounter whenever they travel and get motivated in future adventures and images you wanted to capture.

What’s even better, some of these organizations support and encourage real-life relationships and assist their members to get assistance if they find themselves in difficulty offshore and in unknown turf. Again: be fully cognizant of your behavior and don’t just participate in any promotional purposes!

        • Although your blog site is not really a large deal yet, do not saturate your Facebook page guests with just an average content. Don’t be scared to post as many times a week — that would be enough for fairly small product lines. Boost your stature as your credibility increases.
      • Twitter
        • Twitter also provides many useful resources, including tweet scheduling, Twitter chats, and paid Twitter Ads service. Twitter Ads could assist you to reach as much wider crowd as possible and evaluate your outcomes. Twitter can indeed assist you to quickly link the latest blog sites on your travel website.
        • Twitter is an ideal social media venue to promote any WordPress blog site. Its key point is that your marketing campaign should be very succinct. To do this, create your own cheery and unambiguous style that will lure the audience.
      • Instagram
        • The czar of graphic content, Instagram requires a strong visual statement. It has also been known to garner more attention due to its funded marketing activity. There are countless options for increasing organic traffic, including Instagram stories and accessible links in the content of a specific brand.
        • Launching your own marketing faction on Instagram is much more efficient. Endorsing posts on this platform is very identical with how Facebook works, with affiliate links appearing in target audience feed.
      • Snapchat
        • With an increasing percentage of subscribers, Snapchat has become a favorite amongst the younger generation. Here, it is always the caliber of your material that counts because all your posts have a very brief life. You will need to remain accessible 24/7 to secure organic traffic and try to make your profile as interactive as possible. Collaboration with advertisers, short-term gifts, and live streaming can greatly affect your blog sites’ standing. There are paid strategies which include creating a structured impression with geo-filters and purchasing ads. Be cautious because they’re not relatively cheap.
      • Telegram Channels
        • In some measure, the emerging social media that continually stirs media promotion is precisely what you need to produce particular information. Telegram can become a cornerstone of your blog from which you can express any information you like; it is the only social media platform that will not simply assume any comments from the viewer. There are also several opportunities on the service for partnership and marketing.
        • Continue to promote your blog in multiple conceptual catalogs, share the connection to JoinChat, and generate your own bots and sticker packs. It won’t perform rapidly, though, because there are no funded networks on Telegram. You can only win this match by posting interesting articles.
      • YouTube
        • You should either purchase an endorsement for your channel or blog (which is reasonably cheap) or use impressive styles, efficient keywords, and multi-posting to thrive on YouTube. Owning a travel blog site on YouTube and generating income from it isn’t as hard as it may seem. Read this case study from our affiliate who makes cash on YouTube as conclusive proof.
        • Due to its quick-to-remember structure, the video is amongst the most revered entertainment elements. YouTube grants bloggers a convenient way to upload as many videos to a channel as they want and presents them with a direction to get immediate feedback from the audience. You can share even more travel posts and tutorials with YouTube Live and OnAir Webinars.
  • Travel Forums
    • Similar to how Facebook groups work, make sure you follow the forum guidelines for the travel industry. This is specifically vital for Reddit threads as Reddit subscribers are renowned for calling out (and ‘ punishing ‘) conspicuous marketing and policy-breaking.
    • A themed forum is an optimal way to encourage your blog. You can imagine that the people out there are engaging in the data you have to deliver. On most kinds of forums, it is the intrinsic traffic that counts because marketing opportunities are not rampant. Travellerspoint, Lonely Planet, and TripAdvisor are the most influential travel portals.
  • SEO
    • SEO is hugely vital in any blog marketing strategy, so you’ll have to pay a lot more attention to all of it. Here are some techniques to optimize your SEO:
      • Pay close attention to both SEO on-page and off-page;
      • Make use of guest posting and link-baiting opportunities;
      • Study the history of the domain;
      • Streamline permalinks;
      • Acquire the expertise of webmasters;
      • See to it that the blog site loads promptly to lessen the risk of losing your audience;
      • Evaluate common search queries and include variants;
      • Use the core of HTML;
      • Create inviting content descriptions;
    • It is essential to internally link previous posts that are highly relevant.
      • Here, it is very indispensable to pay more attention to a website advertisement. Pick a trendy topic of interest to compose about, explore exciting raw niches, and simply try to generate long-reads to improve your blog in Google searches. We also suggest a number of SEO components for your improvement.
  • Google Ads
    • Google Ads provides the means to reach an even broader audience via a PPC bidding system. It utilizes the Google Search Network and the Google Display Network. The former shows your blog advertisements to the viewers who are seeking for an associated service. While the latter which is, the Display Network promotes your blog on the websites you want to address. It performs successfully to retain and re-engage your prior audiences.
  • Outreach, Partnerships, And Guest Blogging
    • External sharing can significantly benefit you in just the Google SERP. One of the simplest ways to do this is through guest blogging and collaborations. When composing for or in partnership with other centers, you optimize your probability of getting the exposure that you need through word of mouth and suggestions from third parties. When gained with the perfect placement and targeting, it can even give you access to several other niche areas.
    • The secret is to concentrate on blogs and websites that harmonize with your own travel blogging genre. If you are really relying on having to travel on a budget, pitching a luxury travel publication doesn’t make any logical sense since it won’t assist you to introduce an exceptional viewer to your blog post.
    • Be sure to highlight what you’re attempting to convey when applying for guest posts and why you’re posting will suit with the standard structure of the publication.
  • Leaving A Comment On Other Relative Blog Sites
    • Posting comments can function as successfully as blog posts and partner composing. It encourages you to connect with some other amenities and develop a friendship with groups of people who can become your distributors. It also reminds countless individuals about your internet presence using social media sites or visiting blogs.
  • Content Is The Basis For Successful Advertising
    • Before each travel, people seek details and pay attention to the travel websites. Once you get a lot of audiences to your blog site, believe about promotional travel blog content.
    • Here are ways to enable your posts to become more evident:
      • Think of an outstanding brand name. You can simply use a blog name generator, draw inspiration from books or other blog sites, or use wordplay, pun, or rhymes;
      • Interact with your audiences. Use easy hashtags, run surveys, share honest views, encourage reader reactions, and post several other pictures and videos;
      • Generate a sophisticated blog guide to share your entire adventure;
      • Pick the best courses. Observe the powerhouses in this profession and gain knowledge from them;
      • Keep updating consistently. Giving unrestricted information can lead readers to unfollow or leave negative responses;
      • Cope properly with adverse comments and actions. The review sites indicate that an appropriate response to criticism instantaneously helps improve the assumption.
      • Another brilliant idea is to assess your blog material. It will enable you to see your viewer’s tastes. Continue writing several content versions with a distinguishable layout, initiate Facebook and Instagram marketing in distinct mediums, and find out which one is the most profitable.
  • Promote Your Travel Blog Through Email Marketing
    • Travel is a sector with an annual income of more than one trillion dollars. There is, of course, serious competition in this industry. Email marketing is among the most optimal components to gain a position in this business
    • An effective email marketing promotion should include, other than email lists, the following:
      • Knowledge acquired from leading travel bloggers;
      • Utilizing common resources such as MailChimp, Getresponse, SendPulse, and others;
      • A robust mobile utilization tactic. In 2018, 76 percent of nomads called the smartphone their favorite travel partner, so do your best in continuing to work on your blog’s mobile version;
      • Excellent quality email content. Keep your viewers engrossed in everything you do. Be sure to inform them of all the new features and show them all the interesting stuff you’ve encountered in descriptive emails;
      • Deceptive blog titles that will invite your followers to read your emails;
      • Excellently-thought-out placement. The highest intensity to send an email to your subscribers is once a week;
      • Bright videos. People often react positively to the visuals, whether info graphics, images, or videos. Videos are highly recommended because they present a lot of data in a very logical fashion.
  • Offer An Option To Sign Up For Your Newsletter
    • Your faithful adherents will want to hear from you consistently. Give them an opportunity to sign up for a newsletter and then frequently submit it straight to their inbox. It doesn’t have to go in there regularly, but just ensure you’re serious in updating your followers.
    • Whether you are sending out updates weekly, monthly or quarterly, stick to a newsletter sending schedule. Offer insider tips, discounts, and giveaways in your newsletter. Give the incentive to those who will be signing up. This is a great way to remind the audience, especially those who signed up for your newsletter to check out your blog again.
  • Persevere
    • There are some blog sites that pop overnight, but consistency is the key for the most part. It requires a significant amount of time to blog. You need to build an audience, and sometimes it takes much longer than the others.
    • Continue posting, keep writing, maintain leaving remarks, work on making connections and contact details on your social media pages, work on how to become a better blogger or photographer, and remain faithful to yourself and your perspective. Eventually, it’s going to compensate well.


We have expressed our thoughts on all the aspects that can add to the promotion and growth of your travel blog. SMM and SEO techniques have been covered by this article as well as creating a partnership, email marketing, and other blog content career tricks and tips. This clearly aims to guide you through this thriving world of blogging competitiveness and industry-driven motivational insights, specifically to the travel industry.

With the many ways for you to promote your travel blog site, never forget the power of your family and friends who are your first line of supports, audience, subscribers, and defenders. Their connection and influence to people beyond your circle will help you expand your market and will give you more room to network your great jaunt experience and share the knowledge you have gained from it.

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