How To Start A Travel Blog And Make Money

Here’s the reality vs. the expectations of a travel blogger. Expectation: Most people think that a travel bloggers lifestyle is all glamorous and enchanting because of how they can see them through their videos and stunning photos. Reality: It’s unglamorous and highly exhausting. Thinking that you will get paid after all your efforts and hard work is pretty much a great deal. Besides, no matter how tiring and unpleasant blogging can sometimes be, as long as you are passionate about the job, then there’s nothing unpleasant about it.

Starting a blog and getting paid for it does not happen hand in hand. You start your blog first, and earnings will follow. But do not expect revenues to swim by just yet because you can try out the many opportunities and possibilities that the online world can do for you. There are tips that you can follow to have a successful travel blog site that is going to be a great source of revenue.

No doubt blogging your travels can be really exciting and is such a rewarding experience, but you can just live with experience alone without gaining anything from your efforts. So, if you wanted to become like the many notable travel bloggers who are earning well, try the following tips and be smarter in doing what you love.


A big YES! You can earn from almost anything and earning from something that you love doing; something you are passionate about is the best reward ever. Which is why travel blogging is also a great craft you can make money from, especially if it is something you really love doing and are good at.

It is important that in building a travel website, it should have a foundation, a product or service, a brand, and more importantly, an audience.

The essential foundations are the following:

  • Your blog brand and messaging
  • Quality of the content
  • Subscribers email list
  • A professional and functional website
  • Social media communities
  • Tools and resources
  • Network of contacts
  • Your USP (unique selling proposition)
  • Media kit
  • Testimonials

It’s like, how can you build a high-rise building without a foundation, right? So build one!


A big NO to this question, but it could be a lot easier once you learn the art of how to create this business, make money, and let it thrive.

There’s no expressway to learning this business, and all you have to do is invest your time and commitment, just like what you have to do in any business. There are also the right people for you to ask for help and advice. Mistakes and failures are inevitable. It’s part of every startup. They’re also important because you learn from them and will eventually discover the best and right way to handle your business model. It will also depend on your goals, skills, location, time commitment, demographic, and travel experience.

Again, this profession is never easy, but there’s a lot of opportunities that will open whether you are a solo blogger, group, family travel blogger, or couple blogger. Regardless where you are based whether, in Asia, Europe, Australia, Canada, and North America or elsewhere and whether your forte is in writing, video or photography, there’s a huge playground out there for you to explore. Never stop growing, innovating, and finding ways that work well with your niche. Evaluate your data and keep learning how you can earn from your travel blogging.

Having the right mentors and experience are like two faces of the same coin.

Once again, travel blogging and starting one is like rocket science, and it takes a great deal of energy, time, and learning your niche in providing you better revenue. Of course, monetary investment is not an exemption.

Remember this, if you see blogging as a business instead of a hobby, expect that you will get paid – no doubt. But your ROI (return of investment) will depend totally on the number of tools, education, and resources in which you have invested.


Put yourself in the shoes of an entrepreneur and not as an employee. It’s a huge mindset jump, but if you are not ready to put yourself in that situation, then it will take time before you get the hang of everything.

You are not just trading your TIME for money, but the VALUE of what you are doing for money.

Work out how you can best thrive until you reach the point where you have immense value to trade. It’s guaranteed to be the best way to earn revenue from your travel blogging.

Blogging, in general, is not a walk to fame or popularity. You do not expect brands to partner with you to get paid on ads or get complimentary trips if you are just a rookie in this field. You have to prove yourself. It’s a race and not a walk in the park.

Build up your credibility, your value, and a community. If you can’t or if you won’t, you can’t join the club and see the fruits of all your efforts.

It took other professional and reputable travel bloggers years of hard work before they harvested the product of their hard labor. It’s how you use your skills and your strength to your advantage.


The big travel blog players do not just settle with one income stream because it’s more beneficial and secured to have multiple income streams.

Blogging can give you a free pass to a wide range of opportunity, you just have to pick what works well for you, but if you think that you can do more then perhaps you can expect multiple digits to enter your bank account.

Caveat: There are a lot of free press trips that will only appear to be the worst travel experience. So if you just wanted to explore the world for free and you do not have a concrete reason for building a travel blog – JUST STOP AND FORGET IT! You will just be wasting your time and resources.

If you wanted to earn a profit from travel blogging, you must establish a LONG-TERM business structure and not a plan that is only good for a short run.

Let’s begin.


The majority of top-notch bloggers of various niches are also working as freelance writers, and most of them are getting the majority of their income from content creation. It won’t pay well at first, but it will eventually become a great source of revenue, and many businesses offer a great deal for great material, you can even demand the desired rate. It’s a great SEO opportunity, too!

  1. BECOME A VA (Virtual Assistant) FOR OTHER BLOGS

Consider this as an internship. Being an assistant to any distinguished blogger will train you on the ins and outs of this profession and also will help you understand the workings on how to become great in your blog. If you think you are an effective VA, then you can offer your service and assistance to any blogger that you look up to or will be meeting when attending seminars or blogging events. Do not be afraid to market your skills and abilities so opportunities can come to you.


You can always start with affiliate marketing anytime, but the results are not instant. It may take a year or two, and surely the wait is all worth it.

The vital thing to do is to promote the products that you trust and love. Prioritize building the trust of your audience to market your products successfully.


The revenue you get from ads is based on traffic. You won’t realize the significance at first, but you will soon appreciate what it can do to your blog business. In the beginning, you may find it annoying seeing ads on your site, but since most of your audience won’t mind it, you’ll eventually get used to it and just enjoy the earnings.


Photography is one of the vital elements of travel blogging and is, in fact, a priority every time you travel. You have been made aware of how important it is to have an appealing and engaging travel blog site, and while social media platforms serve as a great marketing tool, better use it to get paid.

You can sell your amazing photos online; it’s a great source of passive income, too. There are a lot of people out there who are willing to pay for a great piece of photography.


Some bloggers fail to see the advantage of blogs and YouTube working together, side by side. They tend to focus on just one of each and not both.

If you have a great volume of YouTube followers and you are a pro when it comes to video making and editing, just add ads, and you will be surprised just how profitable this combo is. It may take a while, of course, but if you have a consistent and supportive audience, then you just got yourself another source of passive income.


Having a great audience and social media influence and channels, you just opened yourself to paid opportunities. It could be a product partnership or destinations where you are to meet a certain amount of output in exchange for either cash or an all-expense paid trip.

It will only be beneficial if the campaign and destination will match and work well with your brand, and if you are consistent with the agreed deliverables.

Opportunities like these will not come directly to you unless you have an established audience, a great portfolio showing that you are worth spending on and producing wonderful content. You will be surprised at the volume of opportunities that will come your way. So just keep improving and exploring.


Most of the famed entrepreneurs in this kind of industry have their own products to sell. It could be a book, collectible items, online course, travel, and tours.

Be creative and think outside the box.

It’s crucial that you establish first an audience before creating a product because you will just be wasting time on a product that no one will support and buy. It’s better to be in a stable position with your audience before marketing your products to them. It’s hard to sell products which you do not have full control of that is why it is important to think of a product you can confidently call your own.


There are only several travel bloggers who manage a podcast which appears to be a great source of income, too. Also, being able to contribute something sensible is a great move to invite people into your site. This is also a great opportunity, especially if you have an interesting topic that everyone can learn and relate, too.


Public speaking is not only a great income generator but is also a great tool to spread your advocacy and awareness about traveling and blogging. You can also establish yourself as someone with authority and knowledge in this field and will mold the credibility of your brand.


Sponsored posts are an advertisement that is written by you or sometimes is like a sponsored social media update. This happens when a brand wants you to feature their product or highlight the experiences you had with that product. You and the brand owner will come up with an agreement to showcase a product that you believe in, understand, something that you are willing to use and willing to share. Study the product well before signing up for it to avoid losing your credibility.


This is one can be considered as an affiliate stream of income. It’s one way of sharing tips and insights to a group either personal or through social media platforms. It is like an open group forum where your audience will ask questions or for advice, and you will answer them. It’s a way to support and guide them. This offers mentoring bonus instead of just a commission.



If you have the skills and enough learning about blogging and how to be a successful blogger, you can share that with those aspiring ones either through a group or via social media platforms. You can greatly help in empowering other businesses and improve their visibility as well.


This is another efficient way to generate income as a travel blogger and be an instrument to other groups who want to become a travel blogger, too. It will not only help you to manage brand campaigns but establish a great relationship with various travel blog groups.


Aside from online travel agencies, there are travel bloggers who are also venturing into mobile travel agencies. They offer various packages, unique travel experiences, and one of a kind tours around the world. How cool is that, right?


Why not become a tour guide? Some travel bloggers have built their own tour companies that offer group tours anywhere in the world. Others have ventured into hosted tours, making the people experience what it’s like to become a traveler and a blogger at the same time.


Guaranteed that you have a consistent and growing community, you would like the idea of having your travel or tour show. You will get to have your team and crew following you around and taking great shots of you and your travel experiences.

With the many ways mentioned above, are you ready to start earning from your travel blogging passion?


There is some blogger who has been making six figures earning, but they have been doing this for ages and when travel blogging was very fresh in this industry with so much less competition.

These veteran travel bloggers are considered to be the pioneers of this business as they were the privileged ones to write about a lot of things to discover about the world. Like ‘traveling Iceland’ or ‘Placed to visit in Europe,’ this means that they were able to travel a lot of countries and was able to create heaps of articles and contents that are comfortably situated on the front page of Google and keep on generating traffic, and as well as income. Not to mention that all you had before was to create new, digitally designed products to offer and sell to their followers and audience.

At present, you can also generate as much traffic and lure the audience into your travel blog if you produce longer quality contents, well structured, and impressively optimized.

Here’s what you and other bloggers need to know:


  • Passive Income
    • Passive income can be attainable if you have a reliable volume of traffic. For the most part, you have to have around 50,000 amazing visitors monthly to your travel blog site before you can get a promising amount close to $1000 passive income.
    • Passive income consists of the following:
      • Affiliate schemes: offering booking services, selling Amazon products, or travel insurance through your blog site.
      • Digital Products: selling eBook courses and other educational materials related to this industry, like ‘How to Start a Successful Blog’ or ‘How to Become a Promising Travel Blogger’ e-courses.
      • Mediavine: a platform that will pay just to place ads on your travel blog site and payouts are based on the number of impressions per page. Ads, especially the good ones, can give you great income monthly from Mediavine. But some prefer limiting ads for their viewers’ convenience.
  • Hustle
      • Advertisers: To those who want to start their travel blog pay attention to this. Some companies would offer you a payment for posting an advertisement for their product or service on your blog site. This can be a very tricky game, and Google is less interested in blogs that do this kind of set up. Sponsored content is quite the easiest way to earn a profit out of travel blog sites and a lot of bloggers, even the famous and notable ones, are also into this strategy.
      • Brand Partnership: The key value of the majority of travel bloggers; brand partnerships comprise an adventure or travel related company that will ask you to use and promote their product or service. Most bloggers have scored a great amount from brand partnerships, and they are legitimately worth promoting. Although, many bloggers aim to get press trips which are deemed to be the real and solid window of opportunity
      • Selling your soul: Some products are somewhat annoying or awkward to promote, especially on your blog, therefore, don’t promote them if you are not comfortable with it. But for some bloggers who don’t care much about their reputation and audience, they do this and have eventually gained a great deal.


If you have a deep love and desire for inspiring people to travel through storytelling, the travel blogging career is the perfect profession for you.

Just a reminder, though, if you have decided to start a travel blog as a career, you will be facing an uphill battle of monetizing your blog within an immensely competitive industry. It is definitely doable to create and start a thriving and profitable travel blog site, but if you wanted to do it to earn and treat is as a great source of revenue, you have a wide range of options on the Internet, just choose wisely.

For many travel bloggers, starting this venture was a blind shot thing. It became an incredible and promising journey because they learned so much from the very basic skills to the most dominating means of thriving in this online business. Though the pay can be more or less, travel blogging is a silent competition which you should never be scared of being ahead of the game.

If you have the passion for traveling, ask yourself: ‘Do I want to use this to start a blogging career?’ or ‘Should I travel more so I can blog something?’

Having an engaging and exciting travel adventure and then finding the right time to construct content for your blog is quite a challenging part. There are still some travel bloggers who want to squeeze their way into fame with a lot of expectation of fortune as well as being able to travel for free and getting a lot of travel perks. Then, suddenly your perspective changes when challenges pop up like when you have to post pictures on your social media platforms, answer emails and phone calls and even some technical issue when you are at the middle of the Bahamas.

If your will is as deep as your passion when it comes to travel blogging, then maybe you’ll be answering the above question with a solid YES.


Travel blogging is such an incredible and rewarding journey, and it can be a dream job for many. If you are seriously passionate about photography, travel, and learning new skills and practices, travel blogging could be the appropriate career for you.

The former are the best ways to earn a great deal of profit from travel blogging. Although it will not instantly make you rich within a few months, for as long as it’s stable and sustainable and what you are providing your audience is an honest and quality-loaded content and story, then you can gradually receive the amount you desire from all your efforts and hard work. Plus, it is a promising business that will surely stand the test of time.

But remember, despite all the wonderful and fancy experiences of travel blogging the world, this business is a race. That’s pretty much a heads up to those who are aspiring to be one. Stick to producing niche-rich and quality-loaded contents and keep feeding your audience with topics that they will learn and love, soon; you will just be surprised that you are exactly where you dreamed.

Most of all, do not be scared of exploring and innovating. Try to stay in the game, work out your very best, and always think outside the box for brand new ideas. Put your heart and energy into the areas that you can execute better than anyone else in your field; eventually, the earnings will follow smoothly.

So, good luck with your new travel blogging venture.

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