How To Write A Travel Blog Without Actually Traveling?

It’s hard to imagine writing a travel blog when you’re not actually traveling, but it’s not impossible to do.

Let’s take it from this one amazing travel blogger who apparently owns the top ranking blog called COFFEE WITH A SLICE OF LIFE by Sarah Richard. She shared many interesting points about WHY YOU SHOULDN’T TRAVEL LIKE A TRAVEL BLOGGER. She might just inspire you to grab that laptop of yours, or pen and paper for the more conventional writers, and begin to write an unstoppable travel blog.

But who doesn’t like traveling? For someone who yearns for the chance of traveling and blogging at the same time, it is a dream come true. However, can you realistically make a living out of traveling and writing full time? Most people find this a big challenge!

You may have to allow more time for travel and less time for blogging or vice versa. If you want to travel often, it may be difficult to find an ideal and inspiring time to write about all the escapades you’ve experienced.

What if you want to write travel blogs but can’t seem to find the time or money to travel? Can you do this? Of course, you can!

Some people start writing travel blogs even before the trip begins. It can be that you’ve just recently received your visa to study abroad, you’re about to take a long sabbatical, or going for an extended vacation or a long business trip abroad.

Travel blogging isn’t time enduring. Once you’ve written your travel blog in all its glory with all the many facets, stories, and shots, it just vanishes into extinction to many readers. Simply because there are no regular follow-up posts for reasons such as you may be traveling, in a remote area, had an equipment malfunction, etc., you don’t get any writing done, and your blog seems to fade. It shouldn’t be the case.

Does this mean that it would be better if you write travel blogs frequently and travel less? It would be best if you can do both. But you can actually write travel blogs even when you aren’t traveling as long as you have developed the know-how, established good networks, and have a sense of creativity with a lot of passion.
So how can you be part of the travel blogging scene if you’re stuck in your corner and don’t really travel for various reasons or you are working full time to save up for that next planned trip?

Start with writing about your past travels.

Even if it’s just across the street during your early years, writing about it can bring back a lot of good memories. It can also be a good turnout because there was spontaneity. You don’t necessarily need to be physically present to learn about the place.

Maybe you have traveled or lived in Egypt for some time, had a share of extraordinary memories, but you never got to write about it. And hey, remember that good old friend of yours who got married and you came all the way from Morocco to Istanbul just to attend his wedding?

Aren’t these simply the best things to write about while you’re in the middle of a mundane task? Go right now and make the most of your time and pen those great stories.
There are people, to say the least who go for several trips’ year after year. But time is their enemy; they have not written about any of their trips yet. Nothing is holding them or you back; nothing preventing you from starting today to write about past trips and experiences.

Building more connections is a must.

If you’re determined to write travel blogs, you’ve got to have the right networks, so you’ll have plenty of rooms to pitch your ideas. In case you’re caught in a momentary stationary mode, why not use it as an occasion to reach out to nomads, bloggers, travel companies, magazines, and travel media outlets. In this way, your exposure can be boundless, and you know who to approach for your latest stories.

Social media is a great platform to build your connections. Have you tried reaching out to travel writers on Instagram or Twitter and ask them for advice?

Write neighborhood guides in your local areas.

The ideal person to write about your own locality is YOU! Just because you know your hometown so well and can talk about it fully even when you’re asleep, it doesn’t mean everyone else does. Wouldn’t you find it a wonderful, fulfilling experience to write a guide about the charming attractions and activities in your area?

You are most likely to know the coolest hangouts, best cafes, famous shopping areas, exciting nightclubs, gorgeous beaches, trendiest biking or jogging lanes, trekking adventures, museums, and other interesting places that tourists might have missed or will look forward to going when visiting your town. Be imaginative and distinct. Use varied angles in translating your ideas into writing.

More often, we fail to see the things around our own environment that others may find very appealing. Maybe it’s time to move a little backward and make your own territory shine from a unique outlook. While you’re having fun writing about the usual things in your locality, then you can present a motivating travel blog in the eyes of someone who’s never been in your area before.

Indulge in reading more about travel writing as possible.

If you love fiction or detective stories, don’t you want to try reading travel writing books as well? You can even start putting-up a library of books particularly collecting more of the “how to write travel articles.”

You can get inspirations from the stories, findings, descriptions, and information from well-renowned travel writers. In this case, it’s about time you also restore your love for traveling, too!

Unfold that consulting skill in you. Why not share your travel commentaries and tips?

Are vivid and exciting travel stories enough to make an interesting read? It’s not always the case. Many people love to read tips, commentaries, and recommendations from fellow travelers. The typical topics like how to pack light, the best times to go to a certain place, where to find the ideal hotels, how to navigate the train stations, how many kilometers from the airport to your hotel, local customs, and other local tips are very helpful to fellow travelers.

You thought that everyone had already mastered the art of traveling? Not at all. Even if someone is well-traveled, there will always be important tidbits he may not have yet encountered and may encounter in his next trip. So, it doesn’t follow that frequent travelers have that know-how.

If you think your own travel experiences seemed dull to you, others may find it helpful. Who knows, your own travel tips can turn out to be the most sought after? As they say, there’s no harm in trying. It can open the path to breakthroughs for your passion in travel blogging.

What if you don’t have adequate information to share? Not a problem at all. Get the right knowledge from the right resources. Feel proud that you can get someone out of a confusing situation with your valuable travel tips. Wow, you could be very influential here!

Haven’t tried writing about interesting outdoor topics? Now is the time.

After going through several points now in this article and it still doesn’t store in you the idea of telling travel stories as one of the examples, still, don’t let it stop you from writing travel blogs.

How does writing about other things that interest you sounds? For example, try writing about culture and arts, music, popular local food, and drinks, or other outdoor activities you enjoy, which are somewhat related to travel, too. It will not only enhance your writing skills, but it will also make you competent in illustrating those luscious street foods, the hiking ventures, or that fantastic live band with its encouraging music.

Create a topic from your old photos.

Are you the type of traveler who takes that candid shot here, there, and everywhere the moment you get off the plane, train, or bus? You look around you, and you just can’t stop from pressing on that click button of your camera. And you do this for the entire trip.

Wow, thanks to this digital era. Technology paves the way to embrace your cameras or cellphones that are super overloaded with photos. Why don’t you show your readers a photo collage of your trip?

It could be very tactical to put your old photos into good use. You can come up with fresh content out of it where people would take time to stay longer in your blog and get a glimpse of your photos with such remarkable captions.

Get inspirations from other blogs. Copy pasting is a crime!

What do you think is the most favorite reading materials of many people nowadays? Well, it’s a travel blog. Surprised? Not really. Because most people in this generation will do everything to the moon and stars just to be able to travel.

Reading travel blogs allows you to spend your time more valuably. Don’t you think it’s also a good opportunity to start a connection with other blogs by leaving your rational comments or reviews?

If you can be a bit more creative, why not write an article about what you’ve read from a famous travel blog rather than following the same thing that was written.

Pencil your travel bucket lists. You can write an article about it.

Still couldn’t get any inspiration yet. Can’t write a blog post when you already had the time and the chance? Or there are no good quality photos to show? There’s always a solution to every problem. Pen down a bucket list of the places you would like to visit and start writing about it. Didn’t you notice that lists are so popular to readers? That’s why it’s good to write about it. In fact, it is the kind of topic that generates high traffic to travel blogs.

Maybe there’s one place you’ve been fantasizing of visiting since you were 12. Or somewhere you’ve never thought you’d want to go and now you’re dragged into it. Then go ahead and write about it. It doesn’t only feel the good yearning to be out there, but you are also giving others the chance to weigh things after reading your post even if they have already been to those places.

Whether it’s splurging in Bali Beach, an exploration to Mongolia, or taking a pilgrimage in Italy, go ahead and write about wherever you want to go.

Tell stories. We’re all good at it. Even if it’s just about a crazy road trip downtown or suburban, go ahead and write it.

You see, people love stories. You love stories, too. Imagine if you can have fun in telling stories by way of a travel blog; no doubt, people will also love your stories. If you’re puzzled in coming up with a post idea, why not flashback and think of something you’ve experienced in your travels before where you find yourself telling people about it quite often.

It could also be something you did out of context, something exotic you’ve learned, or even someone influential you’ve met. Just write a simple story about it. And if you are so committed, write a long one. Just do it no matter how dreary it may seem, go on and write it! Make this a habit, and it will yield fruits. Experience is the best teacher.

Dreaming of that place, you’ve always thought as just a ‘wish upon a star’ thing? Plan an imaginary trip and write the itinerary. Resources are ample anyway.

Whether it’s a real or make-believe trip, planning for it can ignite that craving in you and find the joy to write about it. How would you feel planning for a real trip you will have in six months? No matter the time, people will always get excited planning for it way ahead.

Isn’t it more interesting if you can tell your readers about your own planned trip to here and there, and give them useful tips as you plan to visit it yourself? Get a heads up by writing about a winter skiing trip to Iceland for example. You’ll never know it can come out to be the most read post.

Whatever the kind of travel planner you are, detailed or holistic, you will always find readers who can echo the kind of ideas you have suggested. So, start planning for that imaginary trip and write about it most sensibly.

Look for guest blogging opportunities.

What a better way to hone your writing skills than through guest blogging. Find opportunities to blog and add value to other blogs with your travel writing ideas. Guest blogging is also a tremendous idea to keep your love for travel writing going.

You’ll never run out of travel readers. Everyone travels everywhere. So, chances are you will always encounter opportunities and expert bloggers who are willing to engage your travel blogging offers.

Do you wish to explore partnerships in writing travel blogs? Then you shouldn’t miss the chance to experience becoming a guest blogger. Start browsing online for websites that are open to guest posts. There are a lot of them.

Broaden your horizons. Write, write, and write in your wee hours.

How sad if there comes a time when you’re caught without topics to write? It does happen especially if you ignored the passing of time without anything meaningful done.
Do you have many hours on your hands, but you’re like a zombie unconscious of what to do or where to go? Then write as many articles as you can. Wouldn’t that be a great feeling to be ahead in your writing? You only have to publish them one at a time.

It gives you the leverage to post your travel blogs at ideal intervals, particularly for those times you could have possibly run out of time to write new travel blogs. You are also giving ways for more readers to return to your blogs.

So how do you keep writing travel blogs even if you aren’t traveling?

Many travel bloggers are so captivated about sharing personal stories and photos. Your travel blog may not have that very personal touch, but there’s always a lot more you could share. You can write about a good number of tips for traveling to a specific destination with family, friends, or colleagues. Why not also share tips on how to travel on a budget, tips for honeymooners, or write about your recommendations as to the best time to visit a specific place.

And hey, your creativity and researching ability needs to be honed here, too – not just the writing. If you want to write about travel photos, find images that permit you to reuse it legally. Take note, it’s critical to look for images and use the ones that are ‘licensed for commercial or non-commercial reuse’ under the “tools” section.

Same goes for blogging about the places you haven’t been yet, and you referred to a specific blog where you intended to get ideas from. Remember always to give credit to references.

Work on the basic thing here – that is to focus on writing about a variety of things. Take it slowly in the beginning and experience fun in writing your travel blog. If you do this without any pressure, you’ll begin to see the constancy and spontaneity in writing an essential travel blog even without actually traveling.

Finding out what works on your blog and for your audience is half the fun. And, while you’re doing all this travel writing thing, you’ll realize that you’re in fact doing it best without traveling at all.

Guess what? Once it happens, no one will even notice. Keep trailblazing!

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