Should You Start A Travel Blog? 11 Things You Must Know First

With loads of pictures, experiences, and memories, it’s probably the right time to share all of them with the world via a travel blog. By being a travel blogger, you’ll get the chance to document everything that had happened during your trip, the places you have been to, the amazing experiences, and the wonderful people that you have met. Consider blogging as your online journal that can be seen and viewed by millions of people that regularly read different blogs about traveling. Who knows how many among those millions of blog-savvy people will notice your blog and will possibly become one of your regular readers, too.

Many would find travel blogging easy, but the reality is it’s not a walk in the park. It doesn’t simply start by writing it directly and posting it. Others may do it because they just wanted to share their feelings and experiences, but if you wanted to make travel blogging a lifetime career and profession, you should follow certain tips and rules to ensure that you are heading down the right track. So, if you got what it takes to be one of the sought-after bloggers on the internet, then YES, you can and should start your own travel blog. However, there are a few things that you must know before you get started on this new endeavor.

So you are preparing for a much-awaited jaunt to a new country, or perhaps you just returned from a weekend trip from Hawaii, and you cannot contain your overflowing excitement. You are dying to share it via a blogging post. However, before you leap into the writing, it is better to check out some things that every aspiring travel blogger like you should know.


Bloggers from various industries and most notably in the traveling sector wished that they had read this article before they jumped into blogging all ahead full. This only means you are lucky to come across this material early in your blogging career. By discovering these 11 pointers, you will find everything that you need to know as you enter the world of travel blogging.

  1. Identify Your Goal

A lot of people are addicted to blogging for a lot of reasons. Some would just like to use this platform to stay connected with family and friends and update them about whatever is happening in their lives. It is also their way of keeping track of their progress and be able to write almost anything just like a journal. Others make use of this virtual diary to show their talent in photography, to connect with other travel bloggers and adventurers, while others want to be famous and gain recognition. Regardless of what purpose you have in mind, see to it that you have a distinct objective before you start anything because your goals will help you shape your blog and maintain your vision as you write.

Expect that your goals will change over time. You might even realize that you are not only doing this for personal reasons but to help other bloggers who are struggling in this field as well. Therefore, if you feel that you can manage to blog for a long period, better establish your blog site with a touch of versatility.

  1. Define Your Audience

As you begin your blog, your primary audience would be your immediate family and close friends only to start with, but if you wanted to expand your influence and reach a much larger crowd, then maybe you have to reconsider your target viewers over time. With that being said, who would it be this time? Outdoor backpackers, solo/couple/group or family travelers and adventurers, silver surfers and wanderers or could be a lot more. It could be challenging but knowing your target viewers will make it easier for you to create a blog topic that will match their interests. By doing this, your blog will turn out to be a lot less about you and more about your followers, and you will be thinking more about how you can help them and what you can offer them.

  1. Think Of A Name For Your Blog

This is the more challenging part – naming your blog. Thinking of a name for your blog is not like naming your pet; you are naming a long-term online business. Now, if you wanted to blog under your real name and you’re confident that it’s not highly common, perhaps it won’t be a problem at all. Anyhow, if you opt to use an alias do a research first before deciding on it:

  • Could other bloggers be using that name?
  • Is the blog name you’re considering a common one? Is it already being used on social media in case you wanted to promote it on various platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.)?
  • In case you wanted to have your domain name, will that name have an available URL?

See how important a blog name is? This will serve as the core of your blog in terms of marketing and branding is a concern. And, if you think that all the ‘best blog names’ are already picked, well they are not because you do not have to always attach the word explorer, travel, or even adventurer in your potential name. Ask your family and friends to pitch in some great name ideas, and you will surely pick out the best and most unique one.

  1. Pick The Best Platform That Suits You

Another complicated factor that you need to think about is the kind of blogging platform that you should use. It’s a tough choice since there’s a large quantity of blogging programs available on the internet.

On that note, the million-dollar question will now be: How to choose the right platform?

But before you go straight into a list of platforms that are at your disposal, it’s best to find out ‘what’ you should be looking for in a blogging platform.

  • To all the newbies in the blogging world, you must choose a platform that is less intricate and tricky to set up, is easy to understand and very user-friendly, and also will not require you to crack some codes to make it work.
  • Consider also the kind of blog that you will be creating for your audience not just now, but for the years to come.
  • In the long run, as your site builds up, you will eventually have to modify the entire look of your blog site and add more useful features that will cater to the needs of your growing readers and followers. With that being said, you must choose a flexible platform that will help your site to thrive even more.
  • Perhaps you are not eyeing to earn a large amount from blogging now; it is still wise to prepare it as your fall back in the future.

Now, let us look at the best blogging platforms, especially picked for beginners like you.

  2. Wix
  3. Gator
  5. Blogger
  6. Tumblr
  7. Medium
  8. Squarespace
  9. Ghost
  10. Weebly

There you have it, 10 of the most recommended blogging platforms in the world to date, and you will be asking experts which platform they will highly recommend, the majority would opt for WordPress.

  1. Invest In The Right And Appropriate Gadgets

Travel bloggers need to invest not only incomplete travel gear but most importantly, travel gadgets that will be the most vital tools in travel blogging. Without these tech gears, your blog will become irrelevant. Now, here are five of the travel ‘must-have’ gadgets:

  • Laptop
  • Portable hard drive
  • Smartphone
  • Portable charger (heavy-duty)
  • Camera

Note: You don’t need to invest in expensive gadgets because there are much cheaper brands that can provide you with durability and reliability that is enough for you to be able to capture and document every piece of experience and memory that you will include in your blog.

  1. Prepare Yourself For A Great Deal Of Work

The hard truth is – travel blogging demands a large amount of time and effort. Especially if you are personally doing all the posts, you will soon realize how piled up your contents are. See, when traveling takes you over, it won’t be easy to post and share everything. You will have to seriously invest a lot of time to collect all the information that should be in your blog. A blogging expert once shared that he had to spend two days to keep up for a whole month of posts.

No matter how fast you are in coming up with awesome blog ideas and letting them fly out on the internet, it will still require hours of work to send out a live post. If you get used to posting a couple of blogs about your travel experiences weekly, it’ll be easier for you to see the picture that what you are doing can potentially become a full-time career. And when that time comes, you have to learn how to balance everything together with your travels.

  1. Maintain Consistency

In case you are not – yet considering your blogging as a full-time job, it’s best for you to set proper scheduling for your blogs. For example, instead of posting two blogs weekly, but your time is split between your real job and your trips, better yet, post a longer content once a week until you get settled with work that also needs your full attention.

Maybe you can try creating your contents while on your way to your destination, and then do your sightseeing and exploring in the afternoon. You can also use your hotel room or a coffee shop as your ‘office’ where you can either continue your blog draft or respond to emails.

The most important point here is to provide your readers with a consistent ‘fully-loaded’ content. Let the schedule be your best friend at this point, because the moment you have discovered what works with you best, you will soon be providing a more consistent and flawless post that will excite your readers.

  1. Market Yourself

If you see your blog as a personal ‘virtual’ diary, just make sure that you have properly set up your privacy settings where all your personal stuff will remain safe and secured. However, your goal is to generate more audiences to your blog and let them read your amazing posts where other travel bloggers and bloggers from different niche will also find them interesting and will eventually leave a positive reaction in the comment section.

But as a ‘newbie’ in this field, don’t expect that much traffic to your site. This means that you’re unlikely to be part of Google’s top search results when someone is in search of ‘the best travel blog site.’ This part is on you now, to inform people about your travel blog site and how ‘meaty’ your contents are. Use social media as your marketing specialist, do as many shares as you can, and traffic will soon come to you. With the vast change in technology, social media platforms will soon be overused, so you might as well research other options that can help you in marketing your blog.

  1. Be A Tech-Savvy Person

If you think that blogging and setting up a blog site is that simple because there are not much of technical terms that are being mentioned, you have to think again. The mere fact that you need domain names, blog hosts, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Google search, and analytics already means that you must be knowledgeable about tech stuff. But if you can monetize your blog, which means you are already earning something, you might want to hire an I.T expert that will do the entire tech works for you.

There’s no doubt that blogging is, by far, the most wonderful hobby, activity, career, and maybe something else, but the truth is, having a blog means you are dealing with a website and you should know how to manage one – by heart. It’s also a fact that not all bloggers are computer genius, yet the way you control your website will depend on how far your computer and internet knowledge is. Just keep researching, practicing, and discovering around, and you will just soon find yourself enjoying the many things you now know about running your website. Also, make use of your techie friends; they can either learn from you on how to start a blog or even find inspiration to travel because of your posts.

  1. Don’t Fear Of Losing Wi-Fi Connection

You have to face the truth that not all places have an Internet connection or Wi-Fi. Or sometimes in between your travels, there will be moments where power outages will happen. But what do you expect, you are traveling the world and you wanted to get off the grid to unwind from long hours of hard work. This is the beautiful side of traveling; you get to climb mountains and volcanoes, discover mesmerizing valleys and camp within nature-rich campgrounds and even explore remote places.

These moments are worth blogging about and will really get your audiences’ attention. But why worry if you don’t have an internet connection from where you are staying, you’ve got a pen and paper with you which can be your effective writing tool in times when your computer cannot work with you. Then just write to them once you’re connected or when you’re back in the city.

Note: Just because you will be traveling to a place where technology is scarce. It doesn’t mean that you should put your plans on hold. Do not let those minor setbacks control your trips.

  1. Your Blog Is Not Responsible For Your Travel Expenses

You are probably wondering how successful bloggers finance all their travel expenses, well it’s because they are already earning something out of their blogging. Remember this: these things do not happen instantly. It takes a lot of time, effort and hard work and these nomad experts are not expecting too much either, they are just merely enjoying the moment and the opportunity to get to travel the world, something that not all people can do.

Some people write in exchange for payment, services, or to get something extra to sustain your basic needs. Blogging cannot just do all these for you. So if you wanted to pursue your blog, learn to contain your expectations, and it’s better to have a mindset that you will shoulder all the expenses every time you travel.


With all this of information, you should still move forward and continue blogging. Why stop doing what you love if this is where your heart is in the first place? Showing what you love through blogging is a practical way of showing the world the great places you’ve visited and, at the same time, inviting people to travel, too. And the above-mentioned things are the essential points addressed to every blogger, like you, that will not only make you a great blogger but a knowledgeable and responsible one.

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