The Travel Blog Post Format (A template for better conversions)

You are probably one of the many bloggers who just sit in front of their computers staring at a blank screen. Not because they have no topic in mind or there’s nothing to write, but because it is hard to begin writing. As a matter of fact, professional and non-professional bloggers and writers share the same point of issue. The real struggle that bloggers of any niche is not about the topic or idea that they will be discussing on their blogs, but the entire structure of it – the format. It’s finding the best way to construct your thoughts to be able to make it as readable and as engaging as possible. This article will somehow expound and elucidate the proper and appropriate structure or template that your blog should have.

Perhaps compared to when writing a blog and its platform are just starting online templates and format are sparse, but now, there’s a wealth of blog formats that can be used by these online writers to create a compelling and likable topic. Whether it’s about a review or interview, a how-to blog post, a top list blog, or just to discuss a specific topic about traveling, you can always find a template that suits your taste. And as this article progresses, you can find also the different ways to frame your own format based on what your topic needs.

Let’s face it, the moment you wanted to start your travel blog whether you are at home or you’re working out –traveling, of course, do you instantly start? And how many hours do you spend just thinking of the kind of format you will use for your blog?

This time around you will no longer spend so much time thinking about these things; there is a much easier way now: instituting an overview and a set of blog writing standards that will be your guide on every content that you will be writing.

Beginning a blog requires focus and a lot of inspiration, and this time with an established outline, you will no longer waste so much time thinking about presentation and mechanics. This article will serve as your primer for you to learn everything from the best ways in formatting to where all your blog elements should be placed. In the end, you will be able to pick a lot of tips that will surely help your contents to improve that will also make your readers and followers look forward to your posts even more.


  1. 5 Steps in writing an impressive blog content

The following steps and format will serve as your guide in writing a blog content post, points to research, and publish it for your followers to read.

  • Introduction
    • Paragraph(s) that will explain what the post is about
  • Section 1 – Planning your Post
    • What bloggers should be doing before drafting, researching, etc.
  • Section 2 – Start writing your blog content
    • Your advice in writing a blog post
  • Section 3 – Revising a blog post
    • Editing the techniques and common errors

This guide can generally help you to construct a blog post, especially those who are assigned to write a topic you may find baffling, or one with which you are unfamiliar.

  1. A template in Writing a Solid blog content


In the event that you are in search of ______________, the most effective method to make sure that you will get something that allows you __________________ is by checking at the following items:

    1. See to it that ______________ grants you to ______________. Because if it won’t, it will only cause you _____________.
    2. Make sure that your ______________ has a ____________ to make it easy for you to ____________.
    3. Everything that is good to_________________ should grant you____________. This is crucial since ________________.

Although it is not required, there are bonus features that will _______________, ____________, _________, and will eventually _____________.

The above fill-in-the-blank style template is a great guide, especially for new bloggers in creating a post that discusses a specific topic based on your industry and subject of interest.

It’s short but concise. This simple article can already discuss various topics and address certain problems your readers should know.

  1. A direct to the point blog post format

Post title

Give your readers an idea of how your post will be beneficial to them.

Enter your First Sentence

Your aim here is to catch your readers’ attention. Throw in a question. Begin your argument with a controversial topic or something that is widely interesting to everyone as well as your followers that will trigger their curiosity even more.

Keep it as simple as possible: one pointer, one argument per blog post.

Next paragraph

This is the part where you answer the questions.

Bullets or Number lists

Create your own key points list and items.

Add an Image

A travel blog without an image is nothing. In travel blogging, pictures are cherries on the cake! It’s what makes your blog more interesting, and it shows its personality and what your post is all about.

Close your article with a question

End your post with something that will invite your readers to interact in the comment section at the bottom of your blog. What’s even more inviting is to engage your readers to share something about themselves through their travel experiences.

This template approach will scare the thought that you might not be able to come up with something. It will gently, yet directly guide every blog writer to create a vital travel post, from the title to the conclusion part.

  1. A Word Format blog post Template

Start with your Blog Post Topic (In a much bigger font)

Start opening up your argument and objective

Your Target Audience:

Your call to action to your readers after they have read your posts such as click the link to subscribe to a newsletter, sign up for free, or sign up to access free trial and others.

This Word Format can help you create a great SEO-friendly, SEO-potential, and captivating blog content.

  1. Blog post Formats you can use every day

There are basic blog post formats that you can easily use on your blog content:

  • The “How-to” post.
  • The “List” post.
  • The “Review” post.

These types of blog templates focus on the common blog topic styles that every blogger uses daily.

  1. A 5-technique template to create an engaging travel blog

This template lets you begin with a personal story related to the blog that you are writing.

  1. Tell a personal story about your travel post.
  2. State the possible problem in your story.
  3. Re-define the problem in a manner that your readers can relate.
  4. Present your solutions to the problems.
  5. End your post with a conclusion.

It’s obvious that blog posts don’t and cannot write on their own. So if you want to construct a travel blog post that will consistently generate more followers and excite your readers, you need to have a system which you will follow religiously.

  1. A travel blog template you will really find useful

Almost everyone is into blogging; regardless of the topic or subject, people just do it – or so it seems. You have been following other bloggers who are into the same industry as yours – travel blogging. But what makes a travel blog or any other blog posts so engaging that you always seem to go back to their blog instead of others?

Here are the parts of the template:

  • A very distinctive image.
  • A title that will catch your audience’s attention.
  • A compelling content introduction.
  • Interesting headings.
  • A substantive body.
  • Number points or bulleted lists (if necessary).
  • Invite your readers to do something by the end of your post.
  • People love sharing posts that invite others to take action too.
  • Having multiple images can make your post-SEO-friendly.
  • End your post with a conclusion that will give your readers something they bring with them.
  • You can leave them with a question or invite them to comment about your post.
  1. A Slideshow blog post template

Sometimes getting used to one or two templates makes you feel like you needed something new or like a refresher. You’re like looking for something that is more pleasing to the eye. Therefore, if you have been used to an all-text blog posting, try a different approach or style.

Try making a slideshow post instead. Here are some slideshow ideas:

  • Some places to go to when in Bali.
  • The historical Basilicas In Europe
  • Camping in Canada
  • The best restaurants in SanFo
  • The making of a great tasting wine

There’s no limit to what you wanted to put on your slideshow post. For as long the photos are attractive and presents a story without even saying it, you can always put them into a slideshow to attract more readers and maintain your audience.

  1. The Hot Topic technique

You can add a variety to your blog by injecting some hot topics may be every month. Hot topics are issues that have people talking. It could talk about current events, politics, fashion, entertainment, sports, or something that went viral. A lot of bloggers are doing this too which encourages followers to share and comments their multitude of reactions about the topic.

This is commonly known as ‘newsjacking,’ making use of the most talked about issues to draw attention to a business or organization. But in this case, it is also found beneficial to blog sites drawing traffic and more audience.

Here are tips to Newsjacking:

  • Pick the most relevant story.
  • Know the proper timing.
  • Think how impactful your topic would be.
  1. Audio Travel blog

Do you know that podcasting is also one of the best options to showcase a travel blog? In fact, many travel bloggers are into podcasting, too. One advantage of this type of format is that your recordings can go directly into your blog site and, at the same time, you can also share them with other podcast sites and online radio stations.

  1. Video Travel blog

Another fast-rising blogging format which holds a more popular term nowadays is the ‘vlogging’ format. Now, this type of blogging will totally depend on the types of videos that you wanted to present, you can either create one – which a lot of people are doing, and it can either be a simple blog or a series-type of content. There are even more complex yet really substantial ones.

This type of format will great require a significant amount of time but can also become one of your best contents showing how versatile your posts can be. This can impress your readers and greatly increase your audience, especially if your content is really worth their time.

After discovering the best travel blog formats – which are also applicable to another niche, you can now confidently construct your blog without wasting so much time in thinking about how it’s going to look like or what type of content you will be posting this time.

But Why Is Blog Formatting A Huge Factor?

Here’s an important fact, even the best blogs in the world are lagging behind, too; it’s inevitable, and you are just beginning your blogging career so any sloppy post will result in a decrease of your followers. Not only that, people prefer checking out sites that don’t take much of their time, has something interesting that they really wanted to know about, or if they find it fun to interact with.

Here are the major factors why followers tend to leave your site instantly:

  • When they find a post insignificant.
  • It’s too long to read on mobile
  • If the page sends an incomplete instruction about what to do next.
  • The design of the page is unattractive.
  • If the page takes years to load.

Why Formatting Matters

Although other factors may contribute to why people drop off your site, maintaining a pleasant and appealing traveling blog site provides you with a lot of benefits.

  • Helps You Save Time

Like what was previously stated in this article, making use of a formatting template helps you save time in creating your post since you will no longer spend time thinking about it. This alone can give you more room to create or edit your site in general.

  • Helps Your Post To Be Read Easily

Granted that your topic is entirely fitting to the interest of your readers, a great blog post format provides convenience to your followers and that more people will find your site highly interesting regardless of what device they are using. This can clearly take you to be the next notable travel blogger on the internet.

  • It Elevates Your SEO Standing

Having the right formatting template means that your title, keywords sections, sub-headings, tags, and other blog post elements are in their right places and forms can elevate your search potential and performance.


The future of your blogs depends on you and to give your work a brighter future, here are some basic, yet the best formatting practices bloggers like you should follow.

  • Sentence Length: Limit it to no more than 25 words per sentence.
  • Paragraph Length: Keep it to three sentences or less for every paragraph.
  • Word Count: Though per industry has its corresponding length of the post; it doesn’t matter how long considering that you are making a point.
  • Image Placement: It is best to have one attractive image for every 300 words.
  • Lead Magnet Placement: Aim to have your opt-in forms easily located. It’s best to have them at the beginning or end of the content or make use of an aesthetic pop-up.
  • Links: Have your links open in a new window, so your audience will not lose what they are reading at that moment.
  • Header Tags Utilization: It’s ideal to use a single H1 header for the headline, H2 format tags for the sub-headers, and H3 tags for other items under your H2. While the remaining H4 to H6 can be used in moderation.
  • Stream Of Information: Make your introduction, body, and conclusion clear and concise.


Writing, just like other skills, takes a lot of practice and is a magical form of art. And although you are deeply in love with what you are doing (traveling), there will always be challenges and flaws that you need to overcome to reach your goals. Practicing and embracing a blog format can do great wonders on your blogs, and this will be your best passport to be a successful travel blogger. It’s never easy to be in this kind of career, but again, if you are truly passionate about something, you will do whatever it takes to improve it and make things even better. Just remember the many readers and followers that are looking forward to your every post. Just keeps that fire burning in you and everything will fall into its rightful places.

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