Travel Agent Blog Post Ideas – 123 Thoughts Just For You!

Thinking of a blog post is never easy. Before travel bloggers and travel agents post on their blog sites, it takes a ton of thinking and research before they can come up with a compelling post that can catch the attention of their target audience. Because at this present digital-nominated world, having a blog associated with a travel website is a very essential tool in online marketing and is your gateway to lure more traffic directly into your website and eventually draw more and more clients and customers get to know your brand and offer better.

The major struggle here is either you have no idea what to write for your blog, you can’t find that motivating power to get you started, or you just don’t have time to write content. But the fact is even if you know exactly where to find your target topic or content there are oodles of concepts scattered out there, yet, they are distributed across a lot of diverse sites making it even harder to find. So, if you need ideas for your travel blog posts this article has collected them for you.

The following ideas are categorized into diverse areas and focus, which can supply you with loads of content ideas for your blog site. Several of these concepts are for blog posts that will take no less than 5 minutes to generate and post, some are for contents that will take days, weeks or even months, but all of them will create value to your travel blog site, and your clients if achieved with enthusiasm and dedication.


Alright, so be ready to be chained to your desk, get yourself a cup of coffee or tea and start dissecting and absorbing the tons of ideas which will eventually keep you inspired to continue writing your blog posts and enhance your marketing ventures.

LET IT INSPIREMake a post that inspires your audience and tends to make them dream of traveling the world. If you’re specializing in specific areas, this is the ideal opportunity to highlight the locations you’re traveling to and make viewers truly appreciate it far more than you do!


  1. 10 Ways to Become a Frugal Traveler
  2. 20 Places You Have to See in Asia
  3. 100 Best Cities to Visit around the World
  4. 15 Best Spots to Surf
  5. 30 Ways to Identity a Travel Blogger


  1. Top Restaurants in Australia
  2. 48 Hours in California
  3. South America vs. North America – Which Will You Choose?
  4. Visiting Europe on a budget
  5. Top Attractions in Germany
  6. 50 Things Not to Miss in Mexico


  1. A Photo Diary of a Day in Italy
  2. Must See detail in Pictures
  3. Malaysia – in 50 Shots
  4. A Round the World Trip in 101 Photos
  5. A Photo Diary on Safari in Africa


  1. A Perfect Sunrise in a California Beach


If you are not working with particular locations but more general things like gap years or travel insurance then you can just use these kinds of posts to showcase that you have the expertise in that location and could be the most helpful business out there for the viewer to talk to and buy off.

If you’ve persuaded viewers of the best locations to visit with your interesting contents, then this is where you can convince them that you’re the pro in those fields and give them the greatest perspective of making them let you book their travel.

18. How to See Dubai on a Budget

19. How to Travel Around South America with Kids

20. How to Travel Safely in Morocco

21. How to Save Money on a Round the World Trip

22. How to Make Friends in a Hostel


23. The Ultimate Checklist When Choosing Travel Insurance

24. A Checklist for Every Sight You Have to See in Rome

25. A 10 Point Packing Checklist When Going on Safari


  1. Gap Years – The Ultimate Guide
  2. The Ultimate Guide to African Safaris
  3. The Ultimate Guide to Travel in Canada


  1. The Pros and Cons of Visiting South America Alone


  1. 21 Places in Tokyo You Won’t Find in a Guidebook
  2. The Best Off the Beaten Path Spots in London That Only the Locals Know About
  3. 15 Ways to Get Cheaper Travel Insurance You Won’t Find Anywhere on the Web


  1. 1 Week in Seoul – We Tell You Our Dream Itinerary
  2. A Singapore Break – Hour by Hour
  3. Our Recommendations for the Perfect 2 Weeks in Thailand


Just as the posts above will show off your knowledge and experience, the following types of posts will showcase off your depth of understanding about specific fields. These kinds of contents can also be valuable for inviting more search traffic and improving your brand’s visibility to a wider pool of readers.


  1. Tips for the Enticing Singapore Chicken Rice
  2. How to Make an Authentic Italian Lasagna
  3. A Guide for Making A Chicken Parmesan


  1. The Best Festivals in Germany
  2. Surprising Facts About the Inhabitants of the Galapagos
  3. 15 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About the Italians
  4. The History of Malta in 17 Sound bites


  1. 12 Facts About Canada That You’ll Never Believe
  2. 10 Surprising Facts About South Africa
  3. 25 Interesting Facts About Paris Aside From The Eiffel Tower


Create a content based on commonly asked customer inquiries

  1. Our Answers to 10 Customer Questions from July 2019


Myths about your chosen niche

  1. 20 Facts About Hong Kong Which Are Actually Lies


  1. The Lowdown on a Stay at Australia
  2. Review of a Weekend in France


  1. Survey – take the results of a survey and turn it into an interesting post
  2. Do some research or pull it together from 3rd parties and present in an interesting way – article/infographic etc.


  1. 20 Simple Tips to Learn Arabic in 3 Months


Clearly, not every piece of information will be important to you, but when something significant arises it is an excellent chance to connect your brand in a beneficial manner. Be it occurrences in specific locations, modify to tour regulations or site-specific news, there are always informative things occurring in travel. With that comes improved awareness in the region and an occasion to expound on it and achieve more traffic and brand recognition through search and social media platforms.

Comment on the latest travel news with a twist for your audience:

  1. French Air Traffic Strike – Does it Concerns You?
  2. The Alps Plane Crash – 3 Important Lessons for the Travel Industry
  3. Greek Financial Crisis – What It Means for Your Holiday


  1. Every Event You Need to Know About in Paris for 2019
  2. The Best Things to See in Melbourne in December
  3. Seasons – Best Things to Do in London in Summer
  4. 7 Events Not to Miss This Month in Sevilla
  5. Celebrating World Earth Day in Brussels


  1. Write a reaction post to someone else’s blog post
  2. Write a follow up to a post you wrote previously


  1. An Open Letter to the New Zealand Tourist Board
  2. An Open Letter to Tourists in Barcelona


People love all kinds of amusement. Be it a funny road anecdotal story, short quotes to fill a boring occasion or a real-time story of a journey you’re on, exciting your audiences will always go down well and you’re assured that they will keep on coming back to your blog site to be updated about more of your posts.

Tell a first-person story from the road in a narrative format…

  1. The Time a Monkey Left Me in an Asian Hospital
  2. Tales from Running the Marathon des Sables

Can you break down something into a series of multiple posts?

  1. Tripping Entire Europe in 45 Days – Part 1 Day 1-15
  2. Tripping Entire Europe in 45 Days – Part 2 Day 16-30
  3. Tripping Entire Europe in 45 Days – Part 3 Day 31-45


  1. Publish a popular travel quote within an engaging graphics


  1. The A to Z of Asia


It has been confirmed that exciting emotion in individuals improves the possibility of communicating travel agents blog content on social media, with the most intense feelings usually resulting in the most sharing. The diverse fields of emotions like making people angry, sad or laugh are just some of the extremes which amass the most focus, but if you can inflame any kind of emotion with your blog post you are more likely to see it achieve more drive on social platforms and other virtual interactions. How intense you want your blog to totally depend on you and your style!


  1. Technology in Travel – There’s Nothing to Like
  2. Why I Hate African Game Hunters


  1. 30 Funny Things You’ll See in Taipei
  2. 15 Places in Yellowstone That Scared Other Tourists
  3. Memes
  4. Cartoons – have a mascot who visits different countries and you put into cartoon format


  1. 100 Tips on to Live Your Dream Travels
  2. Discover How Traveling $50/day is Possible
  3. How a Blogger Helped Change the Lives of Hundreds on His Travels


  1. 50 Reasons We Don’t Visit Russia and You Shouldn’t Either
  2. Japan’s Deteriorating Community in Photos
  3. 10 Reason People Can’t Stand Simon Calder (sorry Simon!)


It’s incredible how efficient it can be to make a change into other peoples’ lives. Do anything good or charitable for someone else and at some level down the line, they will return the favor twice as much. These kinds of blog posts deal entirely about providing something back to other peeps, whether they’re readers, viewers, bloggers, other business traveler or just anyone else out there who wanted make a difference and experience something different! But don’t expect anything in return, just do your part genuinely and let good karma reward you with what you truly deserve.


  1. Ultimate List of Resources for Travel in Peru
  2. Ultimate Collection of Brazilian Travel Blogs
  3. Ultimate Set of Links for Cheap Travel and Accommodation


  1. The 10 Best Australian Blog Posts from April of 2019
  2. Best FB Pages I Found This Month
  3. My 30 Blog Posts Favorite in 2018
  4. 15 Favorite Tweets This Week


You might have phases when you haven’t had as much time to spend on your blog because you’re traveling or you have other responsibilities. An extremely good way to solve this is to ask other individuals for quality content or use materials that require viewers’ time than yours.


  1. Offer a competition which people have to register to qualify.
  2. Giveaways and Perks


  1. Offer to host guest posts from travel bloggers
  2. Ask clients/guests to write about their experiences in that country or city.
  3. Ask other complimentary travel companies to write for your blog to get another view of your travels.


  1. Interview a notable or a newbie travel blogger
  2. Interview lots of travel bloggers on a specific topic for one post – 25 Travel Bloggers Share Their Travel Do’s and Don’ts
  3. Interview industry specialists – 7 Travel Agents Share Their Insider Secrets


Run a poll and then post a blog post with the results.

  1. Which of these travel destinations would you most like to visit?

A. Bahamas
B. France
C. Sri Lanka
D. Iceland


  1. Which is Your Perfect Travel Destination?
  2. Which City is Describes You?
  3. What Type of Traveller Are you?


Find influential figures in your niche (businesses, reporters bloggers, celebrities) and ask them the same question.

  1. The Best and Cheapest Country in the World According to 25 Travel Gurus
  2. 29 Tips from the World’s Best Travel Photographers
  3. 10 Travel Bloggers Tell Us Their Favorite Places in the World
  4. 20 Travel Journalists Tell Us Their Hottest Destinations for 2018
  5. The World’s Best Surf Destinations According to the World’s Best Surfers


A special approach makes all the difference in creating a relationship with your readers, viewers, and clients and the more awareness you can offer to your business and the distinct people behind it, the more probably your blog post will be impressive and more people will trust you when they book a travel or vacation package or buy your products.


  1. Upcoming company activity
  2. Personal insight from company personnel
  3. Latest news from the company


  1. Write a post for each individual item on your bucket list as you do it
  2. Write Your Exciting Bucket List


  1. Write a case study of a particular clients trip and include testimonials from them to give readers an insight into real trips that clients have been on
  2. If you don’t send people on holidays to write a case study on someone who used your product – e.g. someone who got travel insurance with you and then had to use it to illustrate its importance


Not all of your blog posts should be limited to 500-word parts of the text with a few pictures or videos. Varying formats retain your customers interested and contribute to amuse various types of viewers and clients who prefer a specific kind of content. They can also be your excellent way to reproduce all the ideas in your post to give rise to more than hundreds of articles and blog contents by applying a distinct format!


  1. Activities – Paragliding from the mountainside in Rio
  2. Destination Guides – Vancouver in 1 Minute on Canada Day


  1. Record an interview with a travel expert in your company answering regularly asked questions
  2. Record an interview with a client who has been away on one of your trips
  3. Interview a blogger


Create infographics for interesting stats in your niche:

  1. The Top 50 Most Visited Cities in Asia
  2. A Map of the Most Endangered Animals in the World
  3. The Top 25 Most Downloadable Travel Apps
  4. Everything You Need to Know About Malaysia


So there you have it! 123 amazing ideas for your business travel post, technically, you can always customize and change how each item are made and formed, yet these post ideas are almost everything you can do and can set up to efficiently promote your travel blog posts and offers.

What needs to be done now is to make your move. These ideas will just be useless if you won’t use them or try them out. So start setting up your calendar and assign a daily idea for you to put into practice. Always remember that QUALITY IS EVERYTHING! Use engaging blog post titles, but if they won’t serve its purpose, your readers and clients will not waste their precious time to go over your post and see what travel offers you have or what products you are selling that will actually benefit them. Never over a post and better yet schedule your posts to maintain the traffic and keeping the quality at its finest.

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