The Best Travel Blogs In 2019: Travel Blog Awards 2019

Traveling is a passion almost everyone, a profession for others, and an energizer for most. If you’re searching for the best travel blogs to follow compiled here is the detailed list of Best Travel Blogs for 2019. This colossal travel blog database will surely inspire not only you but even those who aspire to be a travel blogger!

These notable Travel Blogs that have coherently been the influential beacon in the industry for time out of mind. These travel blog award winners who are considered outstrip in their scope and gurus to up and coming blog materials. There are a lot of travel websites that you can consider a go-to and all the recognized travel blogs for 2019 are on this article

The element of truth, you will never fall short of travel bloggers to follow globally. A list has been culled presenting the most amazing and engaging travel blogs found on the Internet. Categorically, these are the Awarded Best Travel Blog of 2019.


  • Top 3 Best Travel Blogs
    • This category includes all travel blog types with various topics as well as the top travel authors and writers. This list range from business travel, to leisure travel to almost anything in between.
  • The Best Business Travel Blogs
    • This is for the hardcore travel grinders. Those who take the risk of exploring the road. The ones of travels almost every single day for the sake of their jobs. There are less whom blogs about such business travel experiences but there are a lot of them out there.
  • Travel Bloggers, You Seriously Have To Follow
    • These are bloggers who post interesting and information loaded blogs. it has everything and anything about traveling and they are all awesome.
  • The Best Solo Female Travel Blogs
    • These are the best female bloggers who travel alone showing the world that women can do anything. Girl travel power at its finest.
  • The Best Couple/Duo Travel Blogs
    • You will find here a list of couples or duos that makes travel blogging the center of their career life. It’s just amazing how they take their entire life with them as they explore the world together.
  • The Best Family Travel Blogs 2019
    • This is a list of bloggers who takes the whole team with them and sharing their travel experiences with their kids.
  • The Best Vlogs (Video Blogs)
    • This video blogging is a huge deal nowadays and these ‘vloggers’ are simply the best at it.
  • The Up and Comers
    • These are the new breed of ‘worth following’ blogs that surely make it big in the travel blogging world.

So, let the awarding begin.


Top 3 Best Travel Blogs Award

There are a lot of travel blogs on the internet who has the highest potential being awarded as ‘the best’, but these three blog sites are simply the leads in their industry.

  • Nomadic Matt
    • Matt simply sets the bar for all web travel blogs. He passes all the requirements: meaningful content, appealing website, very influential, and his authenticity flows through. By far, he’s one of the currently most effective and influential travel blogs. His blog is essentially one of the most widely read travel content around.
  • YTravelBlog
    • Their travel blog is more like a general travel blog, a lot more centered on family travel blogging. Their site is sleek, well-organized, delivers a well-written, vibrant, and genuine travel blog content.
  • Everywhereist
    • The person behind this award-winning blog site is Geraldine DeRuiter, a notable author and globally distinguished public speaker. Her content involves feminism, dessert, and filmography of Jeff Goldblum. Her private travel blog has a distinctive, amusing design that is both neat and visually attractive, and the narratives are diverse and detailed.

A Few Special Mentions:

  • A Dangerous Business Travel Blog
    • Before anything else, this is not a business travel blog, although their name has it. Furthermore, it is a fantastic compilation of fantastic stories of spinning travels shared by Amanda, the brains behind this travel blog site. They’re full of dynamic images and an enthusiastic tone.
  • On The Grind
    • This is an excellent option for the best travel blog list because it is really a compilation of dozens of localized travel bloggers presenting insights and reviews of local restaurants and neighborhoods. The blog content is flawless and constructed from a local viewpoint that is always best. Visit their site to experience its awesomeness yourself.
  • HandLuggageOnly
    • These two university friends are traveling the globe together and sharing their experiences. Their blog is neat and clean, excellently-organized and remarkably visual. Amazing stories, hacks, and so on. Not to mention, they also have a humongous brood of followers on social media. Add these guys to your list of favorite blogs.
  • Expert Vagabond
    • Created and managed by Matt Karsten, this insightful travel blog contains a lot of information about travel adventures and photography.

Best Business Travel Blogs Award

Though travel blogging is also considered a business, it’s just baffling why there are a few posts talking about the actual business travel. Nevertheless, here are the best business travel bloggers who are leading the game in this day and age.

    • It’s a website that hosts anywhere around 40 + best travel blog sites around – some excellent, some wonderful, while others not quite. Basically, it’s a suite designed for business travel blogs. There are actually a lot of experienced travel bloggers who are into business and produces a lot of awesome contents.
  • Business Travel Life
    • This business blog site produces loads of efficient business travel trivia and information. They showcase a neat, easy website, packed with helpful practical details that every industry traveler can benefit from – with a specific focus on productive travel.
  • Road Warriorette
    • The genius behind this earnest biz travel blog is the professional Sarah who knows a lot about this field. She provides much-needed advice, practical help, and fine dining tips for those who spend a vacation in certain hotels than they do in their own bed.
  • Stuck at the Airport
    • Travel blogger Harriet Baskas did a great job in creating a travel business blog with such an aesthetic charisma. She was able to execute her ideas tremendously presenting it with a great deal of content which will greatly benefit business travelers on their everyday work.

A Few Special Mentions:

  • Frequent Business Traveler
    • This is a well-established business travel blog with outstanding and robust content. Although it might need a little tweaking but setting aside its looks, it’s an amazing, beneficial content, which is way more important if you are in the business sector.
  • The Military Frequent Flier
    • The Military Frequent Flier is run by several vets who understand how to travel. While they no longer actively serve, their years of travel during their service have provided them a distinctive view about travel blogging.
  • Travel After Five
    • If you wanted to read a blog about life on the road, this one is for you. The sleek site, awesome images and amazing tips to do after 5 pm which is a struggle for most business travelers. They even provide a traveling handbook which you will find it very useful.
  • Business Travel News
    • Actually, the guys behind this amazing business travel site have the potential to become the best when it comes to standards. However, they happen to use it as a hub for their business too. Still, it possesses substantial tips, ideas about program points, business travel news, and a lot more.
  • Travelling for Work
    • Another great blog related to work and business, this blog site shares their ideas about setting up a travel game while exploring the world.
  • The Points Guy
    • It’s a flavorful blog about earning points and travel miles.

Best Female Travel Blogs Award

The list of best and top female and solo travel bloggers that will show you how fierce and badass they can get while enjoying wanderlust.

  • Be My Travel Muse
    • Created by a SOCAL native and video game expert, Kristen loves traveling on her own making here the top solo female traveler in the blogging world, so far.
  • GlobeTrotterGirls
    • This solo female travel blogger, Dani will always land on top of any travel blog list. Not only because she’s awesome, but she’s also creative, fun, adventurous and her blog is stuffed with practical and incredible travel tips and details.
  • Luggage and Lipstick
    • Boomer Blond, whose name is Patti, is an awesome professional writer that also collects awards and recognition for her photography stints and blogging websites. She caters an immense travel blog that is jammed with lots of content information from the viewpoint of a certified Baby Boomer.
  • Dreams in Heels
    • Olga is a Latina influencer who documents her comprehensive jaunt adventures in her blog site. She also presents stable travel advice and tips based on her experiences.
  • Tiffany’s Travels
    • Tiffany has been publishing excellent blog contents detailing her travel adventures and experiences since 2016.

The Best Video Blogs or Vlogs Award

This is a new category since there are a lot of aspiring vloggers coming out of the spotlight, but for now, here are the best in their craft.

The Best Couple Travel Blogs

A list of ‘couple’ travel blogger who wanted to share their love while exploring the globe or just duo’s who wanted to share an adventure as partners.

  • Executive Thrillseekers
    • They showcase how they travel while on a budget yet reaching wonderful places and at the same time shares their love as a couple while exploring the world.
  • Dream Big Travel Far
    • This exciting pair gives a distinctive view of their journeys and helps fellow travelers dealing with diabetes.
  • A Couple for the Road
    • This pair promotes their craft as a cultural travel blog celebrating history, global art, music, language, culinary traditions, and ancient architecture.
  • Our Kind of Crazy
    • Their SOCAL-based travel blog centers on the travel/lifestyle of a couple with a perspective on Life, Love & Adventure. What makes their travel blog more exciting is that they just recently got engaged and will soon spend their lifetime blogging and traveling together.
  • Life of Doing
    • Join them as they explore through life and travel across the globe.
  • Cultures Traveled
    • A Slow Traveling Couple sharing their adventure all over the world with a special focus on Mexico & Latin America.
  • Time to Go Everywhere
    • A young couple exploring the globe together and sharing their journeys and travel advice.
  • Expedition Wildlife
    • An excellent duo specializing in bird classification and wildlife photography. They strive to take our wild journeys to readers through their journeys, videos, pictures, and blogs.

The Best Family Travel Blogs Award

They say that a family that travels together, stay together. And that is the most exciting part because you get to take your entire hood with you, especially the kids, better to start them young.

  • The Travelling Twins
    • A delightful family detailing their trips with twin children, along with how they teach their kids using regular school modules while on a jaunt. Fascinating!
  • Our Family Passport
    • They say that the family that travels together stays together. Follow this Massive family that wants to share their amusing voyage with their followers and audience. They write about fresh locations, safety tips and much more.
  • Growing Up Two
    • A well thought-out-compiled blog with a bunch of engaging visual motivation. Follow these family adventures and learn a lot from them.
  • Family Road Trip Guru
    • This family is traveling somewhat distinct. Rather than offer wide sweeping, generic thoughts about what to do while on a journey, they do remarkable jumps on locations, exposing them in excellent detail and decisively.
  • A Winter Escape
    • A family travel blog that represents useful and eloquent facts about traveling with children and just how important it is to do this too!

The Must-Follow Travel Blogs

They are not new in the industry but they deserve to be followed and supported because these blogs showcase almost everything they experience and discover in every travels they make.

The Rising Stars – New Travel Blogs Award

They simply represent the new generation of travel bloggers. These fresh travel blogs have all various kinds of vows! Keep a close eye on them as they might just set a new breed of travel blogging style and culture!

The Top 10 Travel Blogs of Various Categories

  1. Nomadic Matt
  2. YTravelBlog
  3. Everywhereist
  5. The Points Guy
  6. Expert Vagabond
  7. Be My Travel Muse
  8. Diana’s Healthy Living
  9. HandLuggageOnly
  10. GlobeTrotterGirls

Rules To Be Added to the Best Travel Blogs List

  1. Of course, you must be a travel blogger.
  2. Create compelling content. Ideally, your Domain Authority (DA) percentage should be no less than 25 and you should rank as “good travel blog” at least.
  3. Ask the experts and learn from those who’ve been on the list.


Perhaps choosing the best travel blogs among the gazillion bloggers out there is a lot. But nevertheless, it’s a great move to have a list like this that will show you and everyone else who are aspiring and wanted to become a travel blogger what the expected life would be, what kinds of niche or topic you will be showcased to avoid being compared to the existing travel bloggers, and perhaps share to the world what you are capable of exploring and how authentic your material will be. Regardless of how growing this industry is, you should even be more motivated to do what you love and what you wanted to share to the world. Many individuals never get the chance to explore different places and countries, and they would appreciate seeing, watch, and read things about how wonderful and majestic the universe is. Through the power of social media and the internet, of course, you can be part of this advocacy of spreading the beauty of the world. With this uncontrollable issue of global warming, it is also a great means to make people aware and realize what is happening, changing, and what everyone will be losing if no one will be brave enough to protect every piece of wonders around you. Again, travel blogging is not an easy profession, but if you have the passion and determination, you can do it like you were born ready for it.

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