What It’s Like To Be A Travel Blogger: Hear Them Out Now

Once upon a time, traveling felt like a forever-journey due to the scarcity of transportation. But things have changed nowadays as technology swiftly dominated the travel industry. In fact, the once simple hobby is now considered a stable career and lifetime profession by many whom they call themselves – travel bloggers. They take a global jaunt to collect bits and pieces of materials so they can write something about their travel, share it with the world through blogging and eventually generate an income out of it – both online and through off-line sources.

Travel bloggers are both freelance and full-time writers who explore the world and compile their experiences into a story which they share with their avid readers and audiences. They either publish their content on their own website, vlogs, and blogs, or can even share their content on other relevant websites. But, if you are to ask what it’s like to be a travel blogger, my guess is they will tell you that what and how you see them on their blogs and other social media platform –the happy, excited and energetic person – is just a façade, because travel blogging is not all that attractive.

Even though travel bloggers love what they are doing, it takes a lot of tears, sweat, and blood to come up with engaging and information-loaded content. It’s not easy to write content; it sometimes takes weeks to get it to fly, plus the tons of editing works and photo sorting. The travel blog profession becomes more like a “work” thing than pleasure because every travel that you do is like having an assignment to be done where the completed report is submitted at the end. But if you apply passion into it, you won’t see it as a job.

So, what do travel bloggers have to say about their nomad lifestyle and about choosing this as their career? Here are 15 travel bloggers who wanted to share their purpose for travel blogging and some words of wisdom to inspire you to become one.


  1. Renee the Wanderess

She talks about being a travel blogger while working remotely at the same time. She’s still working as a freelance writer and manages to travel so she can keep her travel blog updated. She usually travels out of the U.S. every third of the year but this year her goal is to travel abroad the whole year. Exciting! She also shares various tips on how to earn remotely and genius tips for succeeding in the lifestyle of a travel blogger. Her main goal is to show everyone that it is possible to earn a stable income while fulfilling your traveling goals. It’s a lifestyle everyone would love to try, if only they had the proper ways to make it happen.

  1. Rolling Along With Kids

This blog is merely about how to travel with kids to the beautiful country of Bali. Often, traveling with kids is really challenging, but this family will be giving tips on how to deal with it the easiest way. From hiring a driver with car seats, nanny service to help take care of kids, and many other things. Since the family loves Bali, they centered their story about the good and bad experiences they had when traveling with kids. Their blog showcases the best accommodation venue, the wide range of villas and resorts in Bali, and a lot of exciting places to visit without going through all the hassle of planning. Because exploring Bali can be overwhelming sometimes because it offers a lot of jaw-dropping places, making you feel that you shouldn’t miss a thing. Their goal is to inspire families to bring their kids along with them every time they travel because it’s one of the best ways to make memories with your entire family.

  1. DeeGees Life

This blog is about a couple who experienced ups and downs during their travels. Their travels involved living a luxurious lifestyle for a time. However, it was not always possible. That experience and the lessons they learned, encouraged them to create a website that provides tips to travelers on how they can enjoy exploring a country even when on a budget, learn to track their expenses and how to adjust their itinerary to reduce travel spending. They created tables and charts to present a more detailed and presentable budget report. What they were trying to do is help fellow travelers, especially the noob ones, avoid experiencing the negative effects of spending everything on travel. It’s better to become a simple traveler because it’s the experience that you are after; not exhausting your bank account.

  1. ManTripping

This blog site is dedicated to all the men who love to travel. The man behind this amazing website wanted to level up the recognition of men’s travel in a more optimistic way. He was determined to make his blog well-known and soon had left his corporate career and become a full-time travel blogger. They have organized a lot of activities that are specifically structured for men’s welfare and interests. The mind behind this travel blog showcases unique adventures around the world that will not only be favored by men but by women, too.

  1. Adventures Around Scotland

Scotland is one of the most prevailing countries around the globe. This simply means that there are a lot of blogs and websites that talk about and highlight the amazing places to explore when you are in this country. The Adventures Around Scotland blog is created by a local of Scotland and aims to illustrate the famous attraction the country is known for and provide a local perspective to its audience as well. Instead of further exposing the well-known spots around Scotland, this blog unfolds the many hidden gems of the country which the world is not yet aware of. The blog site offers a lot of new ideas to readers and tourists alike to try. Even those who have already visited Scotland before will surely be amazed. Since the blogger is a local, the website is definitely worth following.

  1. A Suitcase Full of Books

You might find this blog interesting, especially if you love to read novels or if you are simply a bookworm. This blog aims to create real-world relationships and invites every book lover to learn deeper the history and story behind their favorite writers and novels. The blogger basically explores countries that are centered within literary pieces, and it includes houses of historical authors and writers, places that were introduced in famous novels, as well as monuments, statues and places that were designed and built out of the famous books and novels. Every travel that the blogger makes intends to share every experience, book and novel reviews, and other various literary-related ideas that will inspire and invite visitors and readers to appreciate the book itself more than other printed pages. This blog is also open to all bookworms or novel readers to share their insights or comment about a particular novel that they have read and started building an interactive forum that can be shared between family and friends.

  1. Full-Time Explorer 

Nepal must have been one of the countries around Asia that has the least information online. So when the blogger of this travel site get to visit Nepal and experience its uniqueness there’s no other place on earth that he wanted to travel most and showcase more on his blog site, but Nepal. He was deeply captivated with the many secret spots and interesting cultures that was never discussed or mentioned online. It even came to his surprise that there are almost 125 diverse languages and cultures within the country. What he’s trying to say is that there is no single room for boredom when you travel Nepal simply because each local that you will be meeting is distinct from the others. He also emphasizes how warm and accommodating the locals are that they will invite you into their humble homes as if you are considered a family member. It’s the kind of hospitality the blogger had never felt and experienced before which made Nepal the only country he would like to travel back to. There seemed to have a connection which he also wanted to share with every traveler and visitors that will bump into his travel website. For him, it was that single country he really felt passionate about and wouldn’t want to choose any other niche but the hidden wonders and beauty of Nepal. And because there is little information online about Nepal, the blogger intends to be the voice of this country and is inviting everyone to set aside what is written about Nepal and seriously explore the country by heart.

  1. Quirky Globetrotter

The blogger of this website was ignited by her curiosity to explore beyond what is listed on the top destinations to travel around the world or the travel book guides and bloggers guidelines. She instead looks at travel in a totally different perspective and soon found her passion in a particular type of jaunt – the one that is least discussed anywhere on social media or the blogging community and is mostly disregarded. She had experienced learning the different cultures and teaching of various countries and has seen a diverse world within the eyes of the local. That’s when she began writing and blogging about it. The locals became like her main source of information, like a pinnacle of her new knowledge and motivation to show the world about breathtaking views, best spots to try local dishes, and places where you just wanted to escape and let time slip away on its own. She began to talk about diversities and imbalances in society – in general. She slowly imposes change and dares everyone with her advocacy through her travel blog.

  1. The Ninja Gypsy

Now, this travel blog focuses on the various ways to stay safe while traveling, martial arts, and the blogger’s first-hand experiences in traveling the world. She showcases safety from a different perspective and approach, unlike the common “safety tips” you commonly see on the internet and other travel blogs. She chooses to become keener about her niche and prepares her audience about the things they should do to stay safe and be safe every time they travel. She also utilizes other social media platforms to spread awareness to women about how they can defend and stay safe wherever they are around the globe.

  1. World For A Girl

The blogger of this site travels the world with her young kids and is encouraging other parents to do the same. It is also a blog site that supports and promotes feminism as it features the influential, inspirational, and powerful women of the countries she had traveled to so far. She also presents landmarks that highlight the presence of a woman in the world and their great and immeasurable contribution not only in history but as well as the current stature of the global community.

  1. Out Chasing Stars

This travel blog is created by a couple who travels the word neither on air nor land, but over water via sailboat. And for the past four years, the couple had already been to 29 countries with more than 30,000 nautical miles. Their goal is to reach the Caribbean after crossing the Indian Ocean heading to South Africa. Some of the best experiences they had about their traveling style are that they get to visit and discover more areas that are not as accessible as the others. They have dealt with sluggish travel and have decided to move their home together with them anywhere to go. The only drawback about their travel style is that they have to basically rely on themselves alone to survive when things go south.

  1. The Gone Goat

Another different style of traveling is what the blogger of this travel site is using. Bicycle travels and hiking is slowly changing the way you commonly explore and reach different places. The travel blogger appreciated this kind of transportation even more because he gets to see various landscapes, get to know different people and locals, and challenge your limits. He uses bicycle touring and hiking to reach remote regions and discover new places around the world. His conventional, yet a special vehicle made him travel the world frugally and have influence people to appreciate and love bicycling even within their own country. A true traveler does not have any problem with how they can reach their destination – they just do.

  1. Kosovo Girl Travels

A Kosovo native travel blogger just wanted to show the world how amazing her country is contrary to what has been a stereotype of the country because of the very limited information about Kosovo or most of the time are just misleading information. Just like the blogger who finds Nepal as a promising niche and country, this Kosovo travel blogger what to share to the world how wonder her country is that there many hidden gems yet to be discovered. She also wished to emphasize that traveling may not be easy, but rather is a privilege that takes a lot of time; research and monetary resources just to reach your destination and create a story about it.

  1. Wandering Crystal 

The travel blogger here focuses on two varying niches: one is about traveling and moving to the United Kingdom, while the second niche is about dark tourism or the hidden darkness of history. Totally opposite but she was able to nail them both. She’s up to share what she loved about the UK and about her moving to that new country. In fact, she’s passionate about living abroad and experience the different cultures those countries have. While regarding the dark tourism niche, because of her interest in history, she was able to dig into some dark secrets of ancient tourism and the underlying terrible events. Overall, you will learn so much from this double niche travel blogger.

  1. Around The World With Her

A scuba diver and writer sum up what kind of travel blogger this website has. Because of her passion for diving, it becomes her blog topic and eventually thrived in because of the many people who started trying diving and get hooked to it too. Although you can find a lot of information about diving and divers online, people still prefer a point of view coming from a real person. She discusses the many diving destinations around the world as well as some great tips on how to become a professional diver.


When you have finally convinced yourself that being a travel blogger is what you really want to do, you must be prepared to find your niche and should not have any limitations or hold back any information. Your goal is to impart essential information, not just about traveling and awesome destinations, but as well as how to deal and communicate with other people you have never met. You should be open to a lot of “first-time” events in your life because your experiences are what you will write about for your audiences to read and visualize the scenarios in their imagination until such time that they can visit that country and experience what you have experienced as well.

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